Bedroom Door Ideas: Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom Door

Have you ever been walking through the bedroom and felt like your door sits there as a bland piece of furniture? Don’t worry. It’s a common feeling that way, even if you have an awe-inspiring bedroom interior. Yet you can find ways to decorate your bedroom door by exercising some degree of creativity.

One of the elements often forgotten when decorating a bedroom is the door. You can add spark to your room design through easy and affordable tricks with which you can decorate your door and bring up your bedroom decoration’s level by one stage.

So, you no longer have to put up with the mundane doors in your beautifully decorated bedroom. Thus, you can design a door for your room that fits seamlessly into the interior decor without having to spend money replacing it!

Advantages Of The Bedroom Door

wooden bedroom door

There are various types of bedroom doors. Each type has its own benefits and disadvantages, but here is a full list of what to expect from each door.

Easy to Install

Installing wood or metal bedroom doors doesn’t require many tools. Wooden and steel doors can be installed with relative ease, and a novice could do it themselves with the right tools in place.


Like most steel products that are not exposed to rust agents, steel bedroom doors do not rust because of their durability. Installation is a breeze, and they won’t succumb to existing rusting damage due to the lack of moisture or outdoor elements.

Moderate Hardness

Another advantage of bedroom doors is that they are easy to knock on. To prevent physical discomfort, make sure the door has a metal alloy made from aluminum. Aluminum handles can withstand time but also be gentle on the hands when someone knocks.

Durability and Extensive Use

One reason people are drawn to different materials for bedroom doors is that they have a long lifespan. Materials like wood or metal will not come apart in just a short period of time and can last you years before any noticeable damage starts to show.


Like other door types, bedroom doors are solid enough to provide ample security. Most of the materials used are strong and dependable, protecting your bedroom.

The Standard Bedroom Door Height And Width

master bedroom door design

Various factors affect the size of a bedroom door, but you can ensure your door is not too small by making sure it measures between 24 inches and 32 inches in width.

It is important to keep in mind that the height of a door should measure at least 80 inches. Otherwise, it can be difficult for tall people to pass through. That being said, there are no set standards when it comes to interior design.

Even if you opt for a bedroom door that’s somewhat different in proportions from the common size, this will work.

The width of the door, like the height, also depends on what is available in terms of space. A home with small rooms will look awkward if the bedroom’s door is 32″ wide.

Even if you are still inclined to choose a wider bedroom door in a small home, there is an option of sliding doors. The slider on the door will make it less prominent in size.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Size Of Your Bedroom Door

glass bedroom door

Type of Home

When deciding which bedroom door to purchase, you should base your decision on the style of home you are in. For example, if it’s a traditional penthouse, there need to be tall doors since they usually don’t fit into a low-rise house.

Height of Bedroom Ceiling

The height of the ceiling determines bedroom size. For instance, it would look odd to have high ceilings in a small bedroom. A bedroom door should complement the dimensions of a room; for example, it shouldn’t be too big on such a small space while maintaining privacy for you and your family, or you can install sliding doors.

Height of Dwellers

If you have someone very tall (5’9 ft. or taller), then you might want to consider that person’s size when furnishing your bedroom door because they are likely to visit from time to time.

If a tall person is the bedroom owner, it’s important to choose a bedroom door that will give them enough room for easy movement.

Available Space

The size of a bedroom door is proportionate to the amount of space in the room. You want your room to have an aesthetic appearance, so it’s important not to let the door cut off any part of it on either side.

Number of Dwellers

Many homeowners often overlook this detail when choosing the width of a bedroom door. Make sure to consider how many people will be entering at once to determine the best size for your room.

This is particularly useful for homes with multiple dwellers. You don’t want a door so small that two or more people cannot pass through simultaneously.

Popular Bedroom Door Ideas

This post will explore some creative ideas for bedroom door decor. More than half of these tips can be done on your own and cost-effective. Let’s begin!

Conventional Bedroom Door

This door is fairly conventional with a design that makes it look equally at home in a traditional house as it does in the modern one. It has strong timber frames and well-crafted paneling, which will later be repainted grey to match the other doors in this room.

The bedroom door leads to a simple modernist-style room. The age of the bedstead emphasizes its history, but it is done up with a luxury mattress and sophisticated grey paint on all the walls.

This door style proves that conventional models still make wonderful choices if it fits with the bedroom set.

Add Curtains Instead of a Door

curtain bedroom door

Though it may seem like an odd choice, many people choose to replace their bedroom door with curtains. It is effortless to hang a pair of curtains in the doorway.

You will have a very nice look in that area with these curtains, depending on what you picked out. It is easy to achieve this transformation with no worries about hanging a door.

The biggest concern with this method is privacy. Curtains will not provide you the same level of privacy as a typical bedroom door would, which may be an issue for those who live alone and don’t wish to have their activities in that room private from others in the home.

Some people choose to hang curtains over doors, even if they live with others. Some are against putting up doors for aesthetic purposes.

A closed-door can be interpreted as a way to avoid interaction with the rest of the world. Most people don’t feel that way, but everyone has their own opinions about such things.

Curtains are often used as a simple way to divide a room into different sections. The fabric can provide people privacy when they change and sleep in their bedroom or spare room. While it may not work for everyone, this idea could appeal to you or seem silly, depending on your personality type.

White Bedroom Door

white bedroom door ideas

Let’s get a modern bedroom door. This model of door surrounds your bedroom in a sleek and contemporary aura. The pure white surface gives it a clean feel that also adds to its appeal, while the small handle completes the look with familiar simplicity.

The addition of color to this bedroom on the exterior makes an uncluttered space feel open and inviting. There is not much furniture or decoration inside, so the door leads to space where a bed set can be placed.

The same door style is also present in the next room.

French Doors

french bedroom door ideas

French doors bring an elegant appearance to a bedroom. They can be combined with everything from curtains and ribbons, giving the room a sophisticated look.

However, despite their ornate appearance, it’s best to leave them plain and simple for bedroom purposes. Doors should not be too elaborate or over-decorated with ribbons. Simply installing French doors is considered a wise choice for master bedrooms due to the large size of these doors.

Timber Bedroom Door

timber bedroom door design

The door of this bedroom is made from light and fresh-looking timber. The same material can be found in the bedstead, the round table, and the long bench.

As for the bedroom accessories, there are straight lines on the wall. This is enough to make up for any lack of decoration in this minimalist bedroom design. You can see a workroom when you open the door of the bedroom next to it.

Besides style, the door in the bedroom matches in timber type.

Continental Doors

continental bedroom door

Another great option for bedroom doors is the continental style. These door styles are also useful in other rooms throughout the home and can add elegance to the most important room of all – your bedroom.

You can choose between the single and double continental doors if you have a doorpost of appropriate width and enough space in your bedroom.

Grey Bedroom Door

grey bedroom door


From made of wood, this bedroom door utilizes one blank uncut timber board. This gives the bedroom door a natural and raw appearance that complements the rustic nautical-themed room.

This bedroom occupies a modern space, and it utilizes the door as a natural, unifying element. The rich color of the door matches beautifully with the light gray wall color. Wood is also used for both the bed frame and headboard.

The door in the bedroom is painted a dark grey, which makes for an excellent contrast with other cool colors.

Modern Classic Bedroom Door

modern classic bedroom door


In this bedroom, one of the key Zen elements is the use of neutral colors. The color can be seen on the door to the room. A modern classic style will enhance any bedroom because it incorporates such a timeless color.

The classic look is shown in the layers of the bedroom door. This would most prominently be seen with a typical model of the bedroom door. Furthermore, this borderline has a hint of curved lines that make it very similar to the edge seen on your standard well-designed door.

With the white paint on the bedroom door, we’ve created a connection with the soft side of this room that was not originally present.

Cambridge Doors

simple white door bedroom

If simplicity is your thing, these Cambridge doors may be a perfect choice. Each door panel has two raised panels of different sizes and gives them a modern look.

White is a popular choice for many modern homes due to its good looks and durability. White paint may be available in any color your heart desires to make it possible for you to match the room’s design seamlessly.

No Door at All

doorless bedroom design

You can also save on space by not having a door in your bedroom, which will either be good or weird to others based on preference.

This is more common for people who live alone and don’t need privacy. Doors can be an easy way to avoid having unneeded clutter in the house.

Doors keep the outside world out. It is no longer necessary for many people living alone to have doors when there’s nothing or nobody on the other side of them. Doors are strictly a personal preference and lifestyle choice rather than a necessity, but they give comfort to unwanted guests for some people.

Most people will want to sleep in a bedroom that includes a door. Privacy is a normal human desire, but some choose not to include doors for their bedrooms.

If this is a cost-effective solution for your door needs, then you might be able to avoid any expenditures whatsoever. This won’t have the financial benefit of not having to replace your bedroom door, but it will at least only require one purchase.

Minimalist Bedroom Door

minimalist bedroom door


At first, we were tricked into thinking that the bedroom door was part of a wardrobe. The bedroom and wardrobes share the same material, color, and texture.

You can see that the door adjusts to fit with the whole bedroom. It is characteristic of an attic bedroom, but it makes for a more comfortable living space.

The bedroom informs us to create a cohesive bedroom model while including the door for harmony in design.

Craftsman Doors

craftsman bedroom door

Craftsman doors are unique in many ways, including the size and dimensions. Craftsman doors also have a different style than other types of doorways – they’re usually wider with white or beige trim.

The panels are on both sides; they could be fitted with ornate glass. No matter the size, craftsman doors are perfect options for bedrooms, especially a master bedroom and other rooms in the home.

Pocket Door

pocket door bedroom

Installing a pocket door for your bedroom is an innovative idea. A pocket door slides into a recess rather than swing open and requires less floor space when opened. This can create more space to move in and out of the room.

Pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and attractive appearance.

Installing a pocket door would be the best option. This makes it elegant and perfect for your home’s look.

Doors come in a variety of styles, and you’ll have plenty to choose from. It shouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits your personal sense of style. You may also want a door with versatility; in this case, consider a pocket door.

Installing a pocket door is by no means an easy job. In fact, it can be quite arduous to install. However, if you have the skills to do such a task yourself and are patient enough, this is something worth considering doing on your own at home.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional bedroom door, consider installing a pocket door. They work great and can make your home more unique.

Dual Bedroom Door

double door bedroom design


Some bedrooms have a dual-door style, which allows more air and light to enter the room. Use this design if you can’t afford windows or you’d prefer not to install them.

Given the traditional tone, the bedroom selects a timber-made door. The door seems raw and traditional. This gives the bedroom a traditional vibe but not overly rugged.

The timber door brings out the natural feeling of the room with its earthy tones. This is in line with the benches, the plants, and the decorations.

Black Arch Double Doors

double black arch bedroom doors

These black arch double doors to a master bedroom provide classic style with matching brass doorknobs. Entering the room, you will find an eye-catching and stylish interior.

Sliding Bedroom Door



The bedroom door slides shut to open and close. The room also has a coat of yellow paint, which lends it a cheerful appearance.

The bedroom door alone doesn’t give a whole picture of the area it separates. The door has the power to make you feel like you’re living in that room itself. From this example, we know that we have a bit of freedom to remodel our existing doors.

Even seemingly simple tasks such as repainting the bedroom door can do a world of good.

Chic Bedroom Doors


A very comprehensive range of bedroom doors providing many styles and finishes. This includes panel, flush, and glazed style, all in various finishes. Some of the most recent manufacturing techniques are used to create unique designs.


A typical bedroom door includes the minimum height and width of a standard doorway and other factors such as size. The average variation in sizes depends on who manufactured the door, what year it was created, and any changes that might have been made over time.

Whether you opt for a standard or average bedroom door size depends on several factors, including the style of your door, the height of dwellers, and more.

So, before buying a new home or getting a place to rent, you must know the factors listed earlier. Bedrooms are our last resort for relaxation and restful sleep after each day’s activities. It’s important to make the bedroom as appealing as possible.



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