Amazing Pool Shade Ideas That’ll Help You Create The Perfect Summer Sanctuary

For many people, the first thing they think of when they hear the word “pool” is lounging in the sun while water laps at their feet. For a growing number of pool owners and enthusiasts, finding some shade has become a priority.

Adding shade over a pool is not about seeking sun protection or avoiding sun damage. It’s important to find a place to escape the hot midday sun and avoid too much UV exposure.

Installing a structure around your pool can provide several benefits in addition to UV protection and cooling the area. Shade pools are great additions to any property, giving you aesthetic appeal and enhancing the home value of your house.

Main Benefits Of Having Shade Structure Over Your Pool

Protects Your Pool:

These structures protect your pool from leaves and other debris that may fall into it, which would necessitate pool maintenance. Quality shade sails with UV protection can withstand harsh weather conditions and should be installed for protection.

Keeps You Cool In The Summer:

In some places, the sun is hot in the summertime, and you will appreciate taking a dip in a pool with shade. The shade offers more protection when there’s intense sunlight midday.

Shades Are Modern And Aesthetic:

Having a pool cover can make your outdoor space look more elegant and classy. A pool cover is also perfect for people that enjoy swimming outdoors because it will provide shade that keeps your family safe on hot days.

They Add Value To Your House:

Pools and other backyard amenities, such as a covered sitting area with shades, will give your home design and an elegant appearance while increasing the value of your property. That means you can sell it for more money than homes without these features.

How To Measure For Swimming Pool Shade Structures

Choosing the right pool shade structure can be difficult, and it’s not helped by the multitude of options to choose from. To help you make your decision, stand or sit next to your pool area and consider the surrounding landscaping. Consider also where you’ll most want to enjoy yourself with friends or family.

First, measure the spot you’ve chosen for your pergola and compare it with the different kits we offer. Imagine yourself sitting under a backyard poolside structure that can add dimension to your landscape.

Residential pools are a modern-day staple of family life, especially during weather permitting swimming for most of the year. You can build your own personal resort at home to spend hours with friends and neighbors, even on days when it may be too cold or rainy to enjoy it outside.

Adorning your pool area with permanent shades is a great way to spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

Smart Pool Placement

If you already have a backyard pool, that’s great news because you’ve solved your problem. But if you don’t, the location of your new pool can make for huge shade variations throughout the day.

Place your pool for optimum shade by taking note of where the sun lands when you anticipate using it. Remember, however, that this all changes at different times of the year as the sun’s angle varies.

When installing a pool, one needs to plan to install any exterior features, such as decorative landscaping or new fencing.

As a part of your planning process, you might want to take advantage of any existing shade on your property. For example, if you have mature trees nearby, you might want to build the pool deck on that side of the house or place the pool close to the house so that an awning can be extended from your roofline.

Pool Shade Comparison

Before deciding on which one to choose from, we will explore a comparison of a Pool Shade Cover Sail with an umbrella and a pergola.

Pool Shade Cover Sail Vs. Umbrella

When comparing pool shade sails to umbrellas, there are a few tips to keep in mind. A sail is great for permanent placement and can’t be blown away by the wind like an umbrella.

Many homeowners have found value in installing shade sails, which can protect from wind and rain, and the sun, depending on the material used. Installing them is very easy.

Patio umbrellas cost a little more than sail shades, but they are much easier to set up. They often come as part of a patio ensemble bundle with tables and chairs, making it an affordable yet reliable buy for your outdoor space.

Umbrellas can be moved about with ease, and many are presented in a tilted manner, so you’re always able to adjust as the sun moves across the sky. On occasion, umbrellas have been known to fall over during heavy windstorms or thunderstorms that produce strong gusts of powerful winds.

Pool Shade Cover Sail Vs. Pergola

Determining between a sunshade sail or pergola is difficult because they each have benefits that the other does not. A shaded sail can be put up anywhere and takes no ground space, whereas obtaining enough ground for a pergola will be challenging.

You can get a sail for your backyard pool or patio that will liven up space. Or, you can build a wood or synthetic pergola in earthy colors.

Sail shades cost significantly less than a pergola. If you build your own pergola, it will still be more expensive than sail shades. Sails provide shade from the sun, wind, and rain, while a pergola only provides relief during certain parts of the day.


List Of Pool Shade Ideas

There are many references to pool shading ideas. Let’s explore some of the best ones:

Modern Look To A Pool With Shade Sails

Shade sails are increasingly becoming popular options for those who want to give a new look to their backyard. These oddly shaped sails can be placed in various angles, giving the pool an exciting and modern look.

Shade sails pose several disadvantages. They provide inconsistent sun protection, with several shades needed to cover a pool. They might be more expensive than you were anticipating, too.

Shade Trees To A Pool Area

Shade trees provide welcome relief when it’s hot and is also a nice area for privacy if you’re in the pool. The downside is that it may take years before they grow to their full size. Planting shade trees too close to your pool can also be a challenge because:

  • Water-seeking tree roots damaging the pool structure
  • The pool will be shaded by the tree when it reaches its full size.
  • Bird poop, leaves, nuts will be landing in the pool.

As you plan your backyard shade canopy, make sure to factor in the long-term growth of trees. Even if you plan on planting them yourself (to avoid hiring a landscaper), it’s best to consult an expert to ensure that they are spaced properly and won’t cause construction problems down the line.

Conic Shade For Swimming Pool

We start with the classics. A cone-shaped shade structure can supply the perfect amount of sun protection for your pool.

This fabric canopy is positioned over four supporting bars that can provide shade in many different areas. The size of the mesh depends on what you want the hut to cover.

In addition to preventing it from getting scorching heat, shade vents can also protect you from rain and wind. To avoid damaging the fabric, however, a tensile fabric is recommended.

In addition to protecting against blistering temperatures, less vulnerable cloths such as synthetic materials are beneficial when seeking protection against the elements like rain or wind.

Pool With Shade Pergolas

As an alternative to shading the pool itself, a shade pergola can provide a barrier from direct sunlight for those who want to lounge by the water. Shades of blue-green and yellow are popular colors because they look good with shallow pools.

You can have all the fun you want while enjoying the views from on top of the water. Once you get too hot, retreat to this comfortable and shady area to enjoy conversation with family and friends.

Cantilevers Provide Shade To Poolside

Cantilever poolsides provide shade to the end of the pool and some parts of it. You should decide where you want a cantilever before installing one, as there are support posts involved, and they need to be driven in the ground.

Screen Room Enclosure Pool Shade

A screen room incorporates care for the pool and deck area by surrounding it with an aluminum frame, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round.

Screen rooms were originally devised to keep out tropical insects, and the screen material helps diffuse sunlight. This results in a cooler pool temperature and cooler ambient air temperatures, making you feel more comfortable outside.

You can further reduce the heat with a solar reflector visible from the inside of the house. Solar shields will still allow a lot of light to filter in through them, and they serve as an excellent way to cut down on temperatures.

Retractable Pool Enclosures

A large-scale solution with a lot of flexibility is a retractable enclosure. These enclosures are skeletal structures constructed from arched trusses that nest into each other when retracted.

Retractable curtains run the length of each section of the enclosure, providing more or less shade as desired at any moment of the day.

Retractable Fabric Shade Canopy

Retractable fabric awnings are great for transforming your outdoor pool into a covered area that is essentially an indoor pool. The canopies come in two models, one to cover the entire length of your pool and one with multiple support beams to provide you with more flexibility on size or shape.

Unable to find any negative points, its best feature is the retractable canopy that can be removed when not required. This provides adequate resistance against winds and rain as a cone-shaped shade would.

Pool Shade With Cabana

Cabanas are tents that are typically used at upscale beaches and resort area hotel pools. The one side of the cabana that faces the water is usually left open, while the three other sides have some closed fabric wall or barrier.

The interior furnishings can vary but commonly includes rugs, permanent flooring, small tables, chaise lounges, and day beds. Hotels may offer cabanas with perks like privacy for their guests to make their stay more comfortable; however, you can easily install one in your home.

Cabanas offer not only protection for inclement weather but also feature resort-like amenities in your backyard.

Swimming Pool And Pool House

The proposed design for the house had to have an upscale appearance that complimented the property, while its main goal was to be a utility that complemented the pool.

We added a swimming pool and pool house as an aesthetic addition and space for summertime outings.

This simple but elegant design features a hip roof and graceful, understated curved eaves. The living room is on axis with the large fireplace, equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, separate dining space, and a sleek wood finish.

The room’s three mahogany bifold doors, each with a glass light, open the entire area to the pool deck below.

Yellow Striped Shade Near Swimming Pool

This white pergola stands out in the backyard, supported by tapered columns and featuring a yellow striped shade canopy.

The ShadeTree retractable pergola canopy makes controlling the amount of light coming into this space easier. The shade level on the front and back can be adjusted as needed by adjusting how much shade is required.

To enjoy the sunset, you can lower window shades. They can also be raised for a chat with friends and to take in the morning light.

Cover Pool With Motorized Awnings

Motorized awnings for pools can be automatically extended when you need them and retracted when you don’t, which is practical if you want to add shade to your pool right away.

Motorized awnings make outdoor living more of a breeze. The best ones have water-resistant and mildew-resistant fabric, so you can use them to shield your patio from the sun or wind without worrying about the elements spoiling your furniture.

Use Patio Shades To Expand Outdoor Seating

When taking a break from swimming, it is important to find shade for your family. Patios offer full coverage against the sun’s mercury and UV rays that can harm the skin. The patio also offers more room to lay outside without walking into the house wet after a swim.

Retractable Shade Canopies

Retractable shade canopies are a good choice for poolside shading, capable of providing complete shade to a certain pool area.

These movable sunshades typically run along beams that span between support posts on each side of the pool, giving homeowners a stylish way to protect their swimming pool. The retractable option is a necessity if not designed with a retractable design. Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with an indoor pool.

In-pool Umbrella

Not every homeowner foresees the benefits of integrating a patio umbrella into their pool decking, but it can provide a great solution to shade your pool even on hot days.

You can install the shade by using an umbrella-pole sleeve, typically used to hold up the umbrella. If you’re in the middle of a remodeling project or other construction job, it may be worth installing sleeve supports into one of your pool structures. Most often, they are installed into either tanning ledges, Baja benches.

This arrangement of getting out of the hot sun while still being partially submerged in the cold water is a great way to stay comfortable.

Orange Pool Umbrellas

Umbrellas have been used for years to protect patios, yards, and even swimming pools. There are many different models with features like adjustable angle, height, and more. And since they don’t have to be hammered into the ground, you can move them around as you please.

If you want additional protection from the sun, it is best to either buy a bigger canopy or place multiple umbrellas side by side to create continuous shade. There are many different colors and patterns available.

Freestanding Canopies As Poolside Shade

Freestanding canopies are popular for giving your pool the shade it needs. The two-post system is made of commercial-grade aluminum.

This design allows for rain and sun protection at any time. The weather canopy in quickly or deploy next to and the has pool two. Positions. One option also makes deploying it flexible as yawning can retract the shade fully, while either other side is when retracting desired. It across the open space to provide sun and rain protection where we need it (or leave at least one side of it still opened), depending on needs.

Clean White Color Of Pool Shade Pergola

This space dedicated to a serene oasis is visually stunning due to the pool’s clean lines and steps echoed in the pergola.

Considering the beautiful views beyond their pool, the owners decided to design a clean and simple swim area that would allow guests to indulge in panoramic vistas without being interrupted by detail.

 Cantilever Umbrellas For Shade

You can buy cantilever umbrellas for your pool deck that provides shade over the surface of the water. Just like bright, freestanding umbrellas provide sunshade at our swimming pool, these types of umbrellas move with the arc of the sun around your pool.

Because they extend out towards your pool, flexible umbrellas provide more shade than other designs.

Motorized Pergola Canopies To Go From Sun To Shade

These versatile canopies come with a remote-controlled Somfy motor and are ready to plug in anywhere, offering flexible installation options. They’re designed to attach to the structure or be installed below it for an even more integrated aesthetic.

With 10 standard fabrics and hundreds more to choose from, these polyester 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics will look great for years without any need for additional maintenance.

Triangular Pool Shade Sails

Next, if you want an elevated look for your patio or pool, shade sails can be used as a design element. These come in triangular and rectangular shapes of different sizes, and they attach to posts, trees, or buildings with hooks and cables.

Palm Springs Umbrella A-Go-Go

When seeking shade during the summer, it is important to “go back to the basics” and think about how you can incorporate trellises, palm trees with a canopy of leaves, or organic shapes like umbrellas that provide sun protection and a sense of privacy.

A nice vintage-inspired umbrella with an earth tone, the zigzag design that matches the pool tile is perfect (can you see how it is a good idea to have)?

Tanning chaises were custom designed by Joel Dessaules Design Inc. and are made of powder-coated stainless steel to protect them in the water. Santa Barbara Umbrella created the umbrella, and the white woven metal chairs are vintage. The bench and sun canopy chairs are from Trina Turk (1/1).

Poolside Pergola With Custom Shades

When designing a home’s backyard, it is important to find ways to create shade. Designer Dian Garbarini considered the sun’s angle and used this information to design a Roman fixed shading solar panel that provides filtered shade.

Phifer fabric is reportedly 90% sun resistant. This shade may be useful near your pool- if it heats up, hose it down every day.

Hanging Cantilever Pool Shade

This is an outdoor shade structure for the children’s pool area of this neighborhood clubhouse. One feature is a cantilever design which provides unobstructed space underneath and protection from harmful UV rays through the fabric.

Stylish Ivory Shade Sail Above the pool

Ivory-hued sails frame the pool, shaded by stainless steel accessories and black posts against cream walls, with a sharp contrast provided by the blue door.

Conclusion To Conclude

If you have so many options, it should be easy to pick a landscape design for your pool but remember that cost may limit the choice, and all ups and downs are welcome but ideally not too drastic.

We recommend finding a professional who will customize your business structure to meet your specific needs. This way, you can save and not spend on features/services that you don’t need.

With this, we bid you farewell. But before that, here’s a piece of quick advice - use pergola and canopies to create the ultimate relaxing space near your pool.

See you!

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