Simple Shed Door Ideas That You Can Build Easily

For some people, a storage facility is just an outside place to store tools and other items. Their appearance doesn’t matter as long as it does its job well enough.

However, some sheds are valued more than others. If you are currently experiencing this problem, it is time to make the plan and decisions about maximizing the visual appeal of your shed.

To ensure your shed always appears attractive when facing a potential customer or someone passing by, you must be aware of these factors before making any final choices.

How To Choose A Shed Door

There is an overwhelming variety of options for shed doors on the market today, and it all depends on what you want to use your shed for. If this is a designated space to keep your car safe in, you may be interested in purchasing a door that can accommodate the size of your vehicle.

For some purposes, like storing gardening tools or other materials, a simple door can work.

If you need ventilation in the shed, go for a Dutch door on the building. The bottom of it is taller than the top, and they are separated. You can close the bottom while keeping the top open to provide better airflow within the shed.

If you’re utilizing hazardous chemicals in your work environment, this door is an ideal choice as it offers adequate ventilation.

Hinging swinging doors are one of the most popular types of doors. This type of door often requires more space to swing and is easier to install. A Dutch door closes more tightly than a regular door, making it better for cold weather.

There are many shed door designs to choose from – below is a detailed guide on making one for yourself.

How To Choose Shed Door Hinges

When choosing shed door hinges, the first decision is whether or not you need them for decoration or security?

In this guide, I will only cover normal utility hinges. Ornamentally designed hinges may break the same design principles. Still, ornamentally designed items cost more and are not guaranteed to meet other hinges’ same strength or corrosion resistance standards.

The standard door style for utility sheds is boarded and battened, which doesn’t have a frame. Hinges from this type of door must be mounted on the outside of the shed because it opens outwards.

The most common type of shed door hinge is the ‘T’ hinge, which has a short cross to the T and a long strap across the door’s face.

The major problem with surface-fixed hinges is that fixing brings exposed and accessible fixtures targeted for intruders.

There are several ways to make this style of hinge more intruder-resistant. A simple way is by using screws with different head types, including a mix of slot heads and Philips head screws or Torx head screws.

Installing a hinge can make your locker less attractive to thieves, but crowbars and other tools intended for removing hinges will not be stopped by the hinge’s screws.

Step-by-step Guide For A Custom-made Shed Door

Take Measurements

To calculate the dimensions of a door, measure the space in your doorway where the door will fit. Ensure there’s enough room on either side for the door to open without hitting anything or getting stuck. Next, account for height and width; most interior doors are between 25 and 45 inches wide and 5 ½ to 7 feet tall.

Use The Measurements To Purchase Materials For The Door

You should know what to do before you start building the shed, but it is not too late. You can construct a door with plywood or beadboard – make sure that it matches the style of your shed.

Buy The Necessary Equipment

When installing paneling on your doorframe, ensure that the paneling is thicker than 1.5 inches and is long enough to extend past the height of your doorway with one foot hanging down below the bottom edge of it. The board should also be in proportion to the width of your doorframe; if it is too large, you can just cut it down (rather than not having enough).

Cut The Paneling

Leave an additional 0.47 inches of space to either side of the paneling to account for the door opening.

Cut The Longboards To Size

You need two equal-length pieces of wood per side… These should be cut to be the same height as the doorframe (you can use a saw to do this).

Glue The Boards

To create a door frame, apply wood glue in line with two boards’ top and bottom edge. Press them together until flat. Then secure each side by screwing long screws into the joint at intervals while leaving around six inches between each screw head.

Measure The Space Available

To get the best product, it is important to maintain the order of boards throughout cutting to be aesthetically pleasing. Once you cut two lower boards, they should be even and measure as long as you need. Cut all of the other boards for the upper and lower door frame, then wipe or sponge down with water only because this will allow the glue.

Place A Diagonal Board On Your Door

Attach a diagonal board to the frame. Cut it so that it fits outside of the frame, and glue it to strengthen stability.

Make Measurements For Installing The Hinges On The Door Frame

The base should be approximately 11 inches from the bottom edge of the doorframe and around 7 inches from the top.

Screw The Hinges In To Secure Them

Take your time and screw all the hinges in securely.

Ask For A Friend’s Help

The door should line up with the frame. Make sure you measure correctly to avoid leaving gaps in which a door could be hung- if your measurements are correct, there should be 0.47 inches (1 cm) space between the outer edges of the frame and the edge of each panel of your doors; this will allow them to open easily.

Attached The Hinges

Attach a screw on the top and bottom of each hinge to secure it. Ensure that screws are tight enough to support the weight of the door.

Test The Door

If it can be easily flipped open and closed, then the job is done if you struggle with flipping it open or closed, sand down its edges.

List Of Shed Door Ideas

Have you considered building a new shed door? How about replacing the current one? I had little experience constructing these doors, but once I began, it all made sense. Installing a door on your shed can be challenging if you are not sure what to do.

If I had known what to do before starting my own shed door, it would have saved me many potential errors.

You’re looking for ideas on how to make your own shed door but aren’t sure where to start? Take a look at these shed door design ideas!

Colorful Theme Shed Doors

A shed should never be something anyone would consider an eyesore. While the color scheme you use will depend on your needs and desires, colorful sheds are more fun to look at. Plain walls don’t have to stop you from painting the doors a bright color that will put a smile on your face.

Sliding Wooden Shed Door

How do you get a garden shed door that can swing? You don’t need to have room for a standard swinging door. There’s a much simpler way.

Black Wood and Glass Shed Door

When you need a place to escape and relax away from the rest of the world, make sure that your shed has plenty of light and ventilation.

These openable wood and glass doors will allow plenty of light into the room on any day and can offer plenty of fresh air on a warm summer day.

Home Wooden Shed Door

If you take the time to build your garden shed from scratch, why not also have a nice wooden door built.

Shed door designs like this one are effortless to build if you have the right tools and materials. The best part is that it’s customizable, which means it can meet your needs.

Long-Lasting Vinyl Shed Doors

You added vinyl siding onto your shed to make it blend in better with the outside of your home. It also helps protect it from the weather.

Installing vinyl doors that match your siding will complete the professional look of your shed and ensure it stays secure for many years.

Shed Door With Two Way Entry Vinyl

Instead of installing a single vinyl door, why not install two to give your shed more storage and accessibility.

Add a door entry to your shed for easy access. Choose vinyl doors, and they will guarantee excellent weather protection.

Double Entry Vinyl Into Shed

Invest in a pair of vinyl doors for your shed if you plan on adding any of these to it. The extra width will make the whole process easier and is sure to last you a lifetime!

Simple Gray and White Wooden Shed Door

Here we see a simple wooden door with a window that you can quickly build while constructing your shed.

Your shed door should be functional, but you’ll also need a lock to secure the shed when it’s unoccupied.

Light Blue Garden Shed Door

This shed door provides a charming addition to your backyard. Simple and functional, the simple design of this door is painted with a color that complements or matches your shed.

The built-in window helps add more light when working on large projects and letting you see who’s at the door without opening it.

Classic Red Color Shed Door

Red is a classic color for barns and sheds alike, as evidenced by this shed door. Standard design features include a window purchased at nearly any discount lumber warehouse store for a very affordable price.

Installing a built-in window on the east side of your shed will let your workspace get natural light from the sunrise.

Painted Black Shed Door

Painter your shed or cover it with siding? Why not have a matching door to any colors that you choose.

Black doors are elementary to maintain because the black surface often hides scuffs and marks on people’s shoes.

Tall And Split Shed Door Ideas

Ok, so no one has a pet giraffe at home, but these extra tall doors are perfect for anyone who wants to store large and special items outside. The two-door design lets you open the top half of the door when cool air and daylight reappear.

Rock Shed Wooden Door

You can’t place a rock door on the wall of your shed in the same way you would create walls out of rocks. Placing a wood door with an easy-to-build design is one way to finish it off.

His and Hers Shed Doors

If you and your spouse plan to share the shed, consider a matching set of his and her doors. Ideas like this can come from the strangest places but are just what you’re looking for.

Elegant Shed Door

Why not add some elegance to make your shed extension look more like an original part of the house?

Putting a barn door on your shed is not just for aesthetics. It keeps your belongings safe from thieves.

Red and White Color Shed Door

On this barn-door style design, you can actually choose any color you like. Imagine the fresh air flowing freely through the top half of the door while keeping animals and children out with the bottom half closed.

Simple White Customized Shed Door

This is an easy do-it-yourself door design in the world that can be put together in less than an hour.

If you want a more secure door for your interior, then installing a hasp or deadbolt will do the trick.

Creative Artwork Shed Door Design

You never know what your shard door is going to look like until you start decorating.

You don’t have to be an artist to create a stunning shed door. All you need is (a) few paints, (b) a brush, and on viola! You can enjoy your new shed door right away.

Warp Wooden Shed Door Ideas

These large wooden doors are the perfect fit for your large garden equipment shed. Space this big needs a strong door, so choose resistant materials such as 2 x 6-inch lumber or metal hinges to prevent break-ins.

Natural Wooden Shed Door

Since you have gone through the trouble of building your own wooden garden shed, why not really go all-out.

Most wood shed plans include instructions for building your own doors. This saves money, not to mention produce a professional-looking design as well.

Church Like Shed Door

Countless chapel doors around the world inspired chapel-style doors for a small shed. The curved peaked top gives you a different type of rustic charm when paired with a door that’s large enough to move taller items in and out.

Traditional Metal Shed

Most metal shed kits come with a ladder ready to hang for easier access.

Building your own metal door also comes in handy when you assemble the shed from detailed plans, which is useful for entry and security purposes.

Red Door Into Rustic Looking Shed

If you want to build a rustic-looking shed, customize it from the ground up to satisfy all of your needs and preferences.

Go ahead and add a heavy wooden door. Paint it red or any other color that suits the location and your personal tastes.

Big Express Style Shed door

This type of door might remind you of what you see at old railway stations, but the sky is the limit in terms of functionality and design. These doors can be either sliding or hinged, and they can vary in size. Since these doors are made from wood, they are easy to build and fully customizable.

Artistic Soul Shed Ideas

You don’t need to stick with the tried and true methods for your art. From a wide variety of materials, choose either one to use on its own or combine varieties.

Looking through your garden, you might find a surprising amount of inspiration and items that are just waiting to be creatively dispersed. And the doors will transform with your own creative touch.

Big Warp Wooden Shed Door

Like the one pictured above, large wooden doors should take no more than an hour or two to be completed on top of the usual building time. They offer the most accessibility.

With inexpensive lumber, a few screws, and hinges, all you need to do is add a locking mechanism of your preference.

Big Yellow Color Shed Door

If you paint your shed a bright color, should you choose an eye-catching door too? For example, if you select red for the walls of your shed, how about a yellow door like this one to contrast with it?


If you feel competent enough to build a shed from scratch, there is no reason why you cannot build the doors too. It may be more challenging than building the walls or roof, but you can do this yourself without much difficulty with some basic knowledge of measurements and cut-outs.

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