048: Fail Miserably or Not at All with Robyn Sue Fisher of Smitten Ice Cream

We all know the dread of showing up for a job we hate. Pulling into a dimly lit parking lot, wishing we could turn around, and sitting in our cars a fewww extra minutes to avoid walking into that golden prison.

For this week’s guest, Robyn Sue Fisher of Smitten Ice Cream, the idea of being stuck and settled was something she could no longer live with. Instead, she made a vow to herself to make this whole “adulting” thing fun.

But how did she go from one small vow to inventing the first single-serve ice cream machine that runs on liquid nitrogen, and expanding from a one-woman wagon cart to a business owner with 10 stores across California?  Tune into this week’s interview to find out!

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Behind the Boss Babe

  • Favorite pump-up song: How Lucky Can One Guy Be by Indigo Swing
  • Simple pleasure: Going for a run in the Presidio in San Francisco
  • Current challenge working through: Transforming a dilapidated car repair shop into an old-fashioned ice cream shop of the future.
  • Next item on your bucket list: Sliding down a real fire pole
  • Pep talk to your younger self: Don't worry, you won't always feel so awkward! 🙂
  • Life motto: I'd rather say “oops” than “what if”

Favorite Takeaways:

It's not always bad to be backed up against a wall, it might make you work quicker. Click To Tweet
Failure is good, at least you know. - @SmittenIceCream #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet
Don’t learn too much, naive optimism is a hopeful thing. - @SmittenIceCream #TheKathlynHartShow Click To Tweet

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