Shower Wall Material Ideas : Things You Should Know About Walls In Showers

The walls in shower areas are different from those found in other public areas of the home. For instance, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other dry spaces require any wall covering to work.

Showering can be a hazardous activity, as water comes from all directions. However, there is one saving grace for those using showers–backsplashes protect important areas in the kitchen while not protecting walls in a shower room.

Moisture can lead to problems in your shower walls, especially direct humidity from the tub or shower. Fans are helpful but won’t eliminate moisture problems.

For this reason, you must choose an appropriate material for your new surfaces.

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Best Shower Wall Material Options

royale cream with wainscotting shower wall material ideas

Choose a shower wall that is waterproof, stylish, and easy to clean. When it comes to buying the walls for your bathroom, don’t make your decision until you’ve seen all of your options. Please browse our list below and then evaluate which choice is best for you.

Glass Tiles

glass subway tiles for shower wall material ideas

Glass tiles have been popular among homeowners for some years. There is no shortage of ways to add some flair to your home’s showering area with many color options and shapes. And it looks even better when used on shower enclosures.

Glass tiles are perfect for small bathrooms because they reflect light and give the room a feeling of greater expanse. The translucency in glass tiles lends depth, as well as color.

Installing glass tile can be a little tricky. Glass tiles are more brittle than porcelain or ceramic, so it’s generally recommended that you have them professionally installed if there will be a lot of cutting required during your fitting.

If you’re looking to save money on your shower wall, one option is to integrate some select glass tiles into your porcelain or ceramic tiles for an interesting accent.

The large surface area of glass tiles means they are relatively easy to clean – just soap water and a cloth will suffice. However, because this abundant space doesn’t hide soap build-up well, covering them regularly is necessary.

The surface is naturally tough, so it’s unlikely to scratch or blemish, but the damage will show if it does. It’s therefore not recommended to use anything more than a soft cloth on your glass tiles when trying to clean them.

Bathroom glass tends to be slippery, so it may not work well for shower floors. The mosaic glass might provide some traction on the grouts between tiles, but this is a safety concern that should only be considered with someone who has trouble staying upright.

Glass tiles offer greater aesthetic appeal, but they also typically cost more than ceramic or porcelain and are harder to install. If your budget can cover both the higher installation costs and the additional expense of glass tiles, then go for it!

Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles

ceramic and porcelain tiles shower wall material ideas

Wherever you want to install tiles, ceramic or porcelain is a great choice. They provide water-resistant surfaces and are often favored by those looking for higher-end finishes. That being said, the trickiest task will be choosing from this vast range of styles and designs.

Ceramic wall tiles are typically a little less money than porcelain, which is softer and more water-resistant. Still, both ceramic and porcelain fit the bill with a normal life expectancy of decades. They’re more likely to go out of style before they degrade.

This type of tile is water-resistant and stands up to wear without staining. Its grout, which completes the water-tight surface by filling in cracks between tiles, can be easily cleaned when discolors over time.

You should try to keep your grout clean and have a shower room with decent ventilation so you can extract excess moisture from the air.

If one tile gets broken, cracked, or falls off, it is relatively easy to replace the single tile.

Intended meaning: It’s relatively easy to replace a single flooring tile if any break or fall off.

Remnants from the job will vary in color, so it’s recommended to keep a few tiles even after completing some work.

Installation is more complex than simply tiling a wall. Tiles are especially messy and may need to be cut with any awkward corners. However, many simple DIY projects are eventually manageable by confident do-it-yourselfers.

Acrylic And Fiberglass

acrylic and fiberglass shower wall material ideas

Installing tiles to a wall can take an inordinate amount of time. Cutting and fitting around pipes or tight corners is annoying, not to mention the extra work involved in the grouting.

One method of waterproofing your shower is to install prefabricated acrylic and fiberglass panels. These sheets can be installed in a single piece on the wall, making an inexpensive option for those looking for a stylish appearance without expensive budgets.

Installation is simple – all you need is some heavy-duty construction adhesive, and the entire sheet goes up in one go. Much easier than tiling!

If you only have one person available, they may need some help with the tiling project.

For those interested in adding a shower or bathtub, two-part kits are available for purchase. If you would like either of these items but not the other, they can also be purchased separately as standalone items.

These prefabricated wall sheets will keep you grounded with an innovative project that is easy to complete for anyone who can handle DIY.

There are various design options to choose from in sheets, including plain white with matte or glossy finish, textured and stone-effect finishes. There are even color choices as well as patterns so customers can create the desired impact.

Although acrylic and glass look similar, you should note a few key differences when considering your shower wall options. Acrylic finishes have a high gloss and are more durable than fiberglass (which scratches easily).

Fiberglass might be the cheaper option, but if it’s cared for and not left to deteriorate, it can provide a beautiful patina.

Cleaning a shower with a sheet wall is easy because it doesn’t have many nooks and crannies for mold to invade. But make sure you pay attention to the corners of the wall where mold can still grow.

One of the drawbacks with wall sheets is that they don’t know age and more conventional tiles. Wall sheets tend to yellow, scratch, and show their damage more quickly than tile-based surfaces. Holes on the surface can be patched up but are unlikely to become invisible even after repair.

But if you’re focused on price and convenience, shower wall sheets are a good choice.

Stone Tiles

stone tiles shower wall material ideas

Choosing the perfect tile to put in your shower is a puzzle – one that you won’t be able to solve on your own. Luckily, we can help you out! Tile for your house comes in many styles, sizes, and colors. You will have to decide how you want the look of your house before deciding on a tile design. The possibilities include marble, granite, travertine, and slate.

Stone is a lot less uniform than glazed tiles, but this makes it the perfect addition to your home décor if you are looking for non-conformity.

Stone tiles are a practical design feature for many residences because of their natural patterns and colors. Travertine, in particular, feels textural to the touch—almost exotic as it adds variety and interest to your shower wall.

Stone tiles require more care than other types of wall covering. The sealant needs regular re-application to keep it working at optimum levels and avoid grime that gets into the grain of the stone from being sealed off.

There are many things to consider before you choose a stone for your home’s floor or wall. Marble is gorgeous but stains easily; slate can be tough to install but lasts forever; travertine looks incredible but scratches easily.

Though stone looks elegant, it’s expensive and not always as long-lasting as other types. Bathroom renovations are usually pricey, so take extra care about whether you want the additional cost of natural stone added to the final price.

PVC Panels

shower wall material ideas with pvc panels

The rest of the affordable shower wall materials entail PVC panels. While these smooth and sleek surfaces are a tough material that prevents mold from growing on and behind the shower unit, it is not seamless, so you should expect to see seams on its surface where it joins wall or ceiling tiles.

Since PVC panels do not require any maintenance, they are ideal for people who don’t like to take on DIY renovation projects. These panels cost less than most other shower room finishes and come in various colors that will match your décor.

If your PVC panels get damaged, they are both affordable and easy to replace. These panels work well on both the walls and the ceiling of the shower.

Stainless Steel Sheets

shower wall material ideas with stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel is a modern shower wall material that requires no maintenance. It requires pre-fabricated sheets to be installed over concrete boards, which make up walls and ceilings of the shower area.

The versatility of this material allows it to fit any shape shower. It is also incredibly durable and provides a long-lasting alternative to tiles on the shower walls.

If you plan on installing stainless steel sheets for a shower, always ensure the seams are sealed with silicone to prevent rust and water leaks.

List Of Shower Wall Material Ideas

An Ornate Gray Shower Wall Tile Design

an ornate gray shower wall tile design ideas

The shower tiles here stand out among traditional patterns and bring an old-school vibe to the bathroom. At the same time, the gray nuance of his walls in combination with the dark wooden flooring creates a beautiful design from studio Louise Walsh.

Classy Marble Tiles for Your Shower Wall

classy marble tiles for your shower wall material ideas

Marble is a timeless material that can be used for many different surfaces. This bathroom, designed by Michael Habachy, mixes rich materials such as marble and glass with black and white accents, wood flooring, textured brick wallpaper, and more to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Shower Wall Tiles That Match Your Floor Tiles

shower wall tiles to match your floor tiles ideas

If you want to try making the most out of a small space, wall tiles that match the floor can look nice. If you choose one color or pattern for your shower, like the dark brown in this example by Jonathan Lake Architects, it provides an even more minimalist feel.

A Warm And Welcoming Wooden Shower

a warm and welcoming wooden shower wall ideas

In this case, the building was designed to complement its surroundings. The house’s exterior inspires in-home styling and interior design colors, shapes, textures, and materials.

The wooden pattern gives the shower and bathroom, in general, a warm and welcoming feel.

Square Wall Tiles For Shower Room

square wall tiles for shower room ideas

The designer had to convert this warehouse space into an apartment and add a fresh, modern twist. One of the most inventive features is the bathroom shower area. The tiles on the wall are square with different patterns, while those on the floor are different.

Classic Subway Tile Pattern With Golden Accents

classic white subway tile pattern with golden accents

Shower walls with the classic subway tile pattern can be arranged in a variety of patterns. The one featured here still retains some of its simple and timeless charms while also having a bit of an unexpected twist. Golden accents make the space look very elegant. This was designed by studio moss Design.

Bold Focal Shower Wall With Grain-matching Stone

bold focal shower wall with grain matching stone

The newest trend for bathrooms is to use a focal wall. Homeowners often invest in beautiful fixtures and finishes, but using a bold focal shower wall to highlight their space’s beautiful details makes it stand out even more.

To create a striking bathroom wall, try matching the grain of your stones, selecting an intricate tile pattern, or using backlit glass as the backdrop.

Light Colored Shower Wall Tiles

light colored shower wall tiles ideas

A light color palette is often best for shower tiles with glass walls, creating a seamless transition between the two. A Scandinavian-style design may work well for those who prefer clean lines and simple spaces.

Stylish Hexagon-Shaped Shower Wall Tiles

stylish hexagon shaped shower wall tiles ideas

Hexagonal-shaped tiles – now that’s interesting. Besides the shape of the tiles, curved wall patterns, and golden finishes, the bathroom looks elegant with its glass shower booth, large mirrors, and clean white accents. This design is by Lenka Míková

Timeless Subway Shower Wall Tiles

timeless subway shower wall tiles

Subway tiles are a timeless trend and make for stunning wall decor in the bathroom and the kitchen. Installing them on just one wall or all four walls will give you a different look, so choose based on your preference.

An example of this is Espacio en Blanco.

Shower Wall Material Ideas

shower wall material ideas

For numerous reasons, marble is often considered top-of-the-line for shower walls. Marble slabs and tiles can be found with all sorts of designs or veins, allowing you to find something no one else will have.

Marble can be used to add elegance and class to a bathroom, but it’s important to remember that marble is more difficult to maintain than other materials.

It’s easy for stains like hair dyes or makeup to get on the surface of marble, making it more susceptible to ruining the appearance altogether.

Marble, as opposed to other types of shower material, also requires more care. However, with a high budget for the bathroom, Marble is one of the best choices for shower walls.

Prefabricated Acrylic Panels Shower Wall Material Ideas

prefabricated acrylic panels shower wall material ideas

Acrylic shower walls are the easiest to install because they come in a giant sheet – you need strong construction adhesive. They’re on the less expensive side of wall materials but still very sturdy and easy to clean.

One of the disadvantages of using acrylic panels is that they are likely to become discolored after a few years and need to be replaced.

You can buy acrylic panels in kit form that include either the shower wall only or a complete multi-shower unit.

One-piece units are difficult to install if you only need to cover one linear section of the shower and walls (or just with the walls).

If you want to change up your shower without replacing the bathtub or pan entirely, a multi-shower kit is your best bet. It generally includes some of the basics in one package, such as an acrylic wall or tempered glass enclosure with a shower pan or bathtub liner.

Painted Ombre Shower Tiles

painted ombre shower wall tiles ideas

There’s no need to use a neutral color scheme in your bathroom when decorating if you want to add some colors variation in the shower. House Mix shares this fun omxvre shower tile makeover that uses a pretty coral coloring ideal for beach house or summer theme bathrooms.

This is a great way to spruce up the tiles in your bathroom without spending too much money. Paint over them with this bold and vibrant pattern when you get bored of the white ones.

There are many colors to choose from, and turquoise or green would also look great in this style.

Add A Splash Of Color With Green Mosaic Shower Tiles

green mosaic shower wall tiles to add a splash of color ideas

This architecturally interesting shower nook has a good level of privacy, despite the lack of enclosure and openness to the rest of the bathroom. Green mosaic tiles stand out on its wooden flooring and gray walls.

Add Texture With White Subway Tiles

add texture with white subway tiles for shower wall material ideas

We’ve already looked at subway tiles but look at this design from The DIY Playbook. These elegant white subway tiles would work in any modern home and add a sleek and stylish touch to your room.

You can either use these subway tiles in your shower or put them on the bathroom walls to increase space. We love that they created a small ledge, so finding a place for toiletries is easy while you’re taking a shower.

Installing bathroom tiles yourself can be a fun way to save on labor costs and be installed within a day or two if you feel adventurous.

Pastel Colored Shower Wall Tiles

pastel colored shower wall tiles ideas

Adding color to your shower can be easy and subtle, as seen in this green pastel makeover from Sugar & Cloth. Using minimalistic touches of green adds a modern touch to your bathroom without being overwhelming.

The splash of color in this apartment’s bathroom is enough to make you want to run out and paint your own bath like it’s going out of style. Your best bet? Pick any pastel shades, such as light blue or pale pink.

To bring more color to the room, add matching accessories around your vanity for a cohesive look.

Marble Monochrome Shower Wall Tiles

marble monochrome shower wall tiles ideas

This luxurious bathroom was designed with a monochrome theme that continues with its marble shower tiles. Marble is a splendid option for bathrooms in both contemporary homes and apartment spaces.

This herringbone pattern creates a stylish and stunning appearance, perfect for the museum’s walk-in shower. The glass in the shower will allow you to admire these beautiful tiles while using the other bathroom features. A bold gold accent complements this space’s vibrant color scheme.

Patchwork Tile Design for Your Shower Wall

patchwork tile design for your shower wall ideas

One of the best things about this tile design is that it feels like you are in a stone bathroom but has an elegant simplicity to the colors. The shower enclosure of part solid wall and part glass provides privacy while not making the space cramped.

Shower Wall Material Ideas FAQs

What Are The Cheapest Shower Wall Options?

According to one shower stall expert, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) panels are one of the cheapest options available, but your area and need for labor will have a big say in the final cost.

To save on your design budget, shop at wholesale outlets, ascertain the total material cost of building a custom piece upfront, and factor in shipping costs when negotiating a quote.

Do you have a creative streak? Visit construction sites, collect some broken tiles, and then pick up some spackle to create an original free-form mosaic.

If you’re not feeling very creative, try substituting polished river pebbles or shards left behind by stained glass projects. Galvanized steel roofing, screws, and washers can create a unique shower wall that is waterproofed with a clear sealer.

What Is The Best Shower Wall Material To Use?

A study of contractors suggests that acrylic makes the best shower wall material because it is easiest to install, safest, most durable, and fastest to cover a surface with.

When comparing acrylic to porcelain, many people might think that the latter is a closer match. However, there are some benefits to purchasing an acrylic tub because it won’t chip or crack. In addition, if you choose this option, your bathtub will never lose its color clarity or patterns with age.

Acrylics come in various grades so that homeowners can find the right balance of quality and price.

What Are Shower Wall Panel Kits?

These products offer convenience due to the simplistic nature of their components, a variety of configurations, and instructions that come with them so you can complete the project in an appropriate amount of time.

Standard kits for building a shower usually include two back panels, two sidewall panels, and one or two batten strips. They may also contain corner molding.

Standard-sized shower surround kits are available for any size of the walls, and shower kits include a base, three back panels, and up to three end panels. Some corner showers enclosures that have been pre-designed can be purchased as part of these packages.

As A result,

Shower walls can be difficult to clean yet need attractiveness and functionality to turn your shower into a relaxing escape. A prefabricated acrylic or fiberglass panel fulfills these requirements if you are looking for an affordable option.

There are many factors like your personal preference and budget that go into making an important decision, so you must take the time to weigh them all up before selecting a material.

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