Convenient And Beautiful Bathroom Door Ideas To Enhance Your Space

People often overlook the importance of a bathroom door, which can make all the difference. I’ve included some ideas you might find helpful to ensure your door provides style and personality without taking up too much space in your small bathroom.

To get a good result in your bathroom design, it’s important to include practical and aesthetic approaches. The materials you choose for your doors range drastically from wood to steel, so pick the option that speaks to you as an individual.

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Things To Think About Before Changing Your Door

curved glass paneled door for bathroom ideas

Even though hanging a door might sound simple, there are some things you may not know if you lack experience. Some of these are only applicable to specific types of doors, but as you gather ideas for what sorts of doors will look best in your home, the decisions that need to be made become more clear.

Prehung Or Simple

prehung or simple bathroom door ideas

Prehung doors are factory assembled and come with pre-drilled holes, which will make installation much easier. Granted, your old frame may not need to be replaced, but installing a pre-hung door is easier than other door installations.

However, if you have something custom in mind that can’t be found pre-made or a prefab door, it may take some time to make your own and fit the dimensions correctly into place.

What Kind Makes Sense

glass bathroom door ideas with wooden frame

One thing to note when installing a new bathroom door is what type of door you’re looking for. When installed, the doors should both fit with the style of the space and offer privacy because, after all, this is a bathroom. You also might want to consider energy efficiency and water resistance due to humidity levels in bathrooms.


steel frame for glass bathroom door ideas

To select a great material for your bathroom door, think about its function and if it should also be attractive. Wood may not be the best choice because it can warp or chip due to moisture in the bathroom.

Wood is an expensive option, but it offers premium aesthetics. Fiberglass may be a better choice for those who want to save in the short term and have a quality product that will last for years.

Frequency Of Use

soft blue bathroom door ideas and wooden flooring

If this bathroom is not used often, it probably doesn’t matter how you design the space. However, if you are looking for ideas for a bathroom that sees more use, there are key things to keep in mind.

You want to make sure your choice is durable and that it’ll hold up under heavy use. It should be functional and easy to use. Things like ensuring the door swings the right way are simple but shouldn’t be forgotten.

While beauty is an important consideration, you don’t want to sacrifice function to make your design look better.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping Bathroom Doors

stripped wood on modern bathroom door ideas

Considering the area where a bathroom door opens and its moisture can make all the difference in materials. The market for doors today ranges from wood to fiberglass to steel, each with its own unique characteristics that you should consider during your selection process:

Only Buy Wood Doors That Are Treated For High Humidityclassic wood bathroom door ideas

If you plan on installing a wood bathroom door, make sure it is treated with respect for high humidity levels. Wood can warp over time if not cared for properly in humid environments.

The only thing to worry about when choosing wood doors in bathrooms without showers or tubs.

Give Steel A Chance

modern minimalist steel frame bathroom door ideas

While they might not seem intuitive, steel doors make sense in the bathroom. Steel is naturally resistant to water damage from condensation or humidity.

Though they have traditionally been seen as strictly utilitarian, these days, steel doors come in various stylish designs worth considering.

Fiberglass Is The Typical Choice

neat fiberglass bathroom door ideas

Homeowners often choose fiberglass doors that look like wood because they’re cheaper than wood or steel yet as durable as steel. They’re also resistant to water damage, making them a great bathroom option.

Style Options For Bathroom Doors

Given that bathroom doors are such showpieces, how do you pick the right design? You could go with a sliding barn door, French double doors, or something else. To inspire you with possibilities for a grand bath entrance, here are several cool options to consider:

French Doors

french doors for bathroom door ideas

It’s easy to make a grand entrance with an attractive design like French doors leading to the bathroom. These types of doors are made from intricate glass and offer a light-filled entryway that can extend into the bathroom itself.

Glass Panel Doors

glass panel doors for bathroom door ideas

With glass panels, these doors are an option that can be customized to your preference. Meanwhile, the five rectangle-shaped glass panels give a stark and modern look.

Sliding Barn Doors

modern farmhouse sliding barn door with mirror for bathroom door ideas

Sliding barn doors are an international trend today that offers a wide variety of designs and styles to fit your home. Slider doors are usually hung over the entrance, suspending in the air, which allows it to slide open effortlessly.

Pocket Doors

pocket doors for bathroom door ideas

The greatest benefit of pocket doors is how they store away into the wall, making for efficient floor space utilization. Whether you are short on time or room, a pocket door can help make the most out of your available space.

Panel Doors

panel doors for bathroom door ideas

Panel doors are the most common interior door type, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t special if you choose them for your home. This choice is one of the more popular choices because of its versatility and classic appeal.

Frosted Glass Doors

frosted glass doors for bathroom door ideas

When you need a door that creates an open, airy look but still offers privacy, try the frosted glass option. Frosted glass is available in many styles and helps let more light into the bathroom while maintaining some level of seclusion.

Stained Glass Doors

stained glass doors for bathroom door ideas

The intricacies in stained glass can be found on bathroom doors and create a real “wow” factor, capturing the eye with its complex patterns. Designs are as basic as repeating patterns or ornate comparable to picturesque scenes.

Mirrored Doors

mirrored doors for bathroom door ideas

Maximize space in your bathroom by combining multiple functions with a mirrored door. Choose a design that includes a large mirror on the front and side panels of the door to save time while getting ready each morning.

Bifold Doors

bifold doors for bathroom door ideas

Installing bifold doors can be a great way to screen off the inside of your home, opening it up when you need light and privacy.

When the bathroom isn’t in use, you can easily push the bifold doors back to connect with the adjoining room. If you want privacy for a private moment in front of the toilet, you’re pushed them closed.

Bathroom Doors Alternatives

There are many ways besides the traditional bathroom door to contain privacy—check out these alternatives.

Bead Doors

bead doors alternatives for bathroom door ideas

A beaded door won’t afford much privacy in a bathroom, but the style can work to your advantage if you’re not living with many other people and want something different. For young couples, it’s an interesting choice that doesn’t cost too much money.

The bead door is a perfect addition to any bathroom. It holds the privacy of your bedroom without closing off conversations with other family members.


door curtain japanese linen cotton bathroom doorway

A curtain is an easy way to create privacy in a small room without adding any permanent fixtures. Furthermore, if you use a curtain as the door for your bathroom, it should be made of material resistant to mold.

Aside from the fact that curtains are an imposing presence, they’re also easily accessible. One other thing to note when purchasing a curtain is that it should be water-resistant and long-lasting–choose carefully.

Shoji Doors

shoji doors alternatives for bathroom door ideas

The shoji door, made of a wooden frame and hard fiber paper, will make the bathroom feel more traditional if you install it in front of the bathroom’s door. The shoji door can be used for decorative purposes as well.

Alternatively, a shoji door can help change the atmosphere in your house. This door option is an undeniably different approach from a typical bathroom door.

Hidden Doors

hidden doors alternatives for bathroom door ideas

If you enjoy unordinary or playful ideas, one option is to install a hidden door. Hidden doors aren’t common among homeowners but are worth exploring if you would like something different and fun in your home.

To make an otherwise plain bathroom seem extraordinary, install a ‘secret’ door that’s disguised as a bookshelf or cabinet.

This idea is not so welcome as the main entry for bathrooms in general because it must be accessible to all occupants of a home. However, this design could be appropriate for primary-connected bedrooms.

You can use doors like this anywhere in the home, but it might make guests feel uncomfortable if your house doesn’t have an obvious bathroom area.

List Of Bathroom Door Ideas

Framed Mirror Door On The Bathroom Ideas

framed mirror door on the bathroom ideas

Mounting a mirror on the back of a bathroom door is good, but when you combine it with a full-height mirror in one frame, it’s like something else. The door becomes your framed bathroom and must open or close as needed.

Master Bathroom With Bi-fold Glass Doors

master bathroom with bi fold glass doors

This master bathroom features a custom walk-in closet fitted with cabinets donning bi-fold glass doors.

Beige And Beautiful Bathroom Door Ideas

beige and beautiful bathroom door ideas

This bathroom is full of a variety of brown hues. The counters and the floor are granite, while cabinets along the walls are wood that has been painted to match. The door window trim, as well as your shades and selection of light fixtures in each room, all come together to create an intentionally harmonious look for your room.

Glass Panel Doors On Modern Bathroom

glass panel doors on modern bathroom

Glass panel doors make a great addition to any bathroom. These new replacement panels offer two options–privacy with frosted glass or visibility with clear. Clear panels are often arranged in pattern form, allowing users to see through the glass.

Bathroom With A Curved Door Design

bathroom with a curved door design

Most doors have plenty of design versatility. For example, many interior door designs feature just as much variation as those with curvilinear details, such as decorative panels and windows.

Playful Chalk Doors For Bathroom

playful chalk doors for bathroom

Add chalkboard paint to your bathroom doors for playful ideas. Use designs and interesting artworks, or ask friends to leave messages on the door.

White Door On Neat And Narrow Bathroom

white door on neat and narrow bathroom

This small bathroom prominently features blue hues. Multiple shades of blue are applied in this space, from the patterned backsplash to the diagonal tiles flooring we see.

The door and cabinets are painted a simple white color that matches the baseboards, moldings, and ceiling. The result is an impressive appearance for this tiny bathroom.

Classic Touch Bathroom Door Ideas

classic touch bathroom door ideas

This room is warm and cozy. It only uses browns and peaches in different textures, so the owner opted for a simple white door to counter all that color. Six panels add some appeal without being too distracting.

Bathroom Ideas With French Doors

bathroom ideas with french doors

French doors make great entryways to bathrooms, as they create an elegant atmosphere and let a lot of natural light in. The use of glass creates the possibility of seeing beautiful sights from inside your bathroom.

French doors are the perfect solution for bathrooms that need easy access between rooms. But if you’re looking for more privacy, add a screen, and let the stylish moldings take care of your decor needs.

Simple Panel Bathroom Doors

simple panel bathroom doors

Panel doors are the perfect bathroom door ideas because they are both simple and stylish. A panel door consists of square or rectangular panels arranged in a grid pattern. Patterns can sometimes be seen within the frame of the door for added design interest.

The style of the bathroom door is up to you – there can be a few smaller panels or one larger panel. All come in different styles. If simplicity and relaxation are what you’re after, go with a small paneled door for your interior.

Pocket Door In Small Bathroom

pocket door in small bathroom

If space is limited in your bathroom, you can create the illusion of more space with a pocket door. Slide it out of the way when not in use.

The calmer parts of the home are easily found in this space. In addition to white wainscoting and sand-colored walls, the room is decorated with a framed mirror that adds depth to any area it inhabits.

Metal Bathroom Door Ideas

metal bathroom door ideas

The white subway tiles give the bathroom a modern touch, while patterned floor tiles complement its atmosphere.

A black steel door is an attractive contrast to the white walls. It’s joined by a white towel bar for a stylish industrial edge.

Sliding Doors On Either Bathroom Side

install sliding doors on either bathroom side

Here’s a sneaky way to take advantage of under-utilized space — install one sliding door on either side of your small corner sink. This genius picks by designer Kim Lewis save both floor space and the number of doors in your home at the same time while letting you enjoy the eye-catching design.

Bathroom Doors That Conceal The Passage

bathroom doors that conceal the passage

If you want to hide your bathroom, consider installing a set of doors into a large wall unit. Having these doors be the only way into the bathroom will keep it from being noticeable in any way.

Rustic Bathroom Door Designs Pictures

rustic bathroom door designs pictures

The bathroom has soothing light beige floor tiles and white walls with a modern finish. A floating wooden cabinet provides minimalist appeal to the room.

The sliding door is constructed from two reclaimed wood planks. The rusty metal hardware adds the rustic look we wanted.

Tucking The Toilet Behind The Bathroom Door

tucking the toilet in a nook behind the bathroom door

One thing to worry about with ensuite bathrooms is the toilet. Depending on where the toilet is positioned, your partner may be able to see you from outside of the bathroom. This toilet solves that problem by tucking it behind a closed door.

It’s a white wood door set into a grayish-green painted wall. The color of the paint on the wall matches that of the shower tiles.

Bathroom Entry Doors

bathroom entry door ideas

White and gray combine very well in this full bathroom. The neutrals create a soothing environment that is clean and serene.

A farmhouse-style sliding entrance door saves space, and wrought iron pieces bring country charm to the home.

Litty Bitty Bathroom With Textured Glass Door

litty bitty bathroom with textured glass door

One trick to make a small bathroom seem larger is to paint everything in white. In this bathroom, the door and floor are bright white, while the walls are ashen gray that still appears as if they’re white.

The shower is fitted with a textured glass door and coping with maximizing natural light for your bathroom.

Salvaged Wood For Bathroom Door

salvaged wood for bathroom door

Decorators who enjoy going the extra mile typically love salvaged wood. Look no further than this master ensuite bathroom. Using an old barn door for a sliding door, there’s no need to reach too high, but it makes the room “pop” since everything else is rather minimalist in décor.

Mixed Palettes Bathroom Door In Brown

mixed palettes bathroom door in brown

The color scheme in this bathroom is a bit peculiar. There are black, gray, and brown tiles on the showers with dark wooden cabinets. The flooring also has light brown wood and black baseboards in between two brown doors.

Simple White Door Calms Down This Eclectic Bathroom

simple white door calms down this eclectic bathroom

This bathroom has a variety of shapes, textures, and colors. It features an oval vessel sink and speckled shower tiles. The toilet is also unusual because it combines a round cistern with the curve to create a cubed shape.

The floor of this eclectic bathroom is a mosaic of endless greens and blues. A simple white door offers some respite from the visual complexity.

Swinging In Bathroom Door Ideas

swinging in bathroom door ideas

With many bathroom designs, doors take up an odd amount of space. This bath design proves many options to work around the problem with a clever door: it swings in to create a large partial wall between the vanity and bathtub area.

Also, the door does not contribute to wasted space because it leans against a partial wall. It blocks daylight from the tub window so that an alternative might be better.

A Sliding Barn Door On Small Bathroom Ideas

a sliding barn door on small bathroom ideas

As you search for small bathroom ideas, know that there are plenty of ways to save space and add charm. For example, a sliding barn door can open up the room.

From farmhouse to modern interior design, a sliding door will look oh-so-chic, and you’ll be able to dodge swinging doors into your bathroom. We particularly love the fresh white door that Emily Henderson has chosen.

Eye-catching Two Barn Doors For Bathroom

eye catching two barn doors for bathroom

For a twist on the traditional bathroom door, consider double sliding doors. This look gives your bathroom an “entrance” that is more striking than a standard option. Coupled with these steps from Thalita of The Learner Observer, you can DIY them in no time.

Brightly-pained Bathroom Doors

brightly pained bathroom doors

The bathroom door should stand out regardless of the size or style. Paint the door a bright color such as red, yellow, or green and use similar colors on the inside décor.

Transparent Glass Wall And Door For Bathroom

transparent glass wall and door for bathroom

When separating the bathroom from the master bedroom is not a matter of privacy, there’s no need to build solid walls. However, you do need partitions to contain moisture and offer some sound insulation between areas. Transparent glass is a viable option for these sorts of dividers.

Bathroom Door Ideas FAQS

Does A Bathroom Need A Door?

As a general rule, bathrooms in the bedroom, like master or en suite bathrooms, don’t need doors. However, some people prefer to have a door for privacy with guests or go to the bathroom during the night.

However, there are many different choices when it comes to front door ideas. These options offer the privacy you need and aren’t traditional doors.

Should A Bathroom Door Swing In Or Out?

The answer to this question all contingent on your personal space constraints. Hanging most doors to swing out is the best course of action for small bathrooms, as it limits the amount of usable space in a bathroom and maximizes flexibility when drilling fixtures into the wall.

Large bathroom doors can swing in without causing any problems unless there’s something it may damage by swinging into.

There is no definitive way of determining which direction your door swings will be best.

Different door styles can make space feel more open and complete. For those who have no swinging doors in the space, consider pocket doors or other “non-traditional” options that may work for your design scheme.

How Wide Does A Bathroom Door?

The standard door width for a bathroom is 32 inches. But if you’re working with a small space, then you may need to bring it down to 28 inches and, in some cases, as low as 24 inches – but anything less than that isn’t advised.

In Closing,

What kind of bathroom door you choose is up to you, but the more space-efficient options like sliding doors are typically better suited for small bathrooms. Perhaps you’re looking for something a little less traditional – such as stained or frosted glass?

Unique solutions like curtains, beads, and steel doors can make your space one-of-a-kind as they suit you if you want the bathroom to stand out.

Installing a new bathroom door can give your bathroom an entirely new look.

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