Bathroom Towels Ideas: How To Display Them And Make The Space Look Amazing

Adding a towel rack in your bathroom is essential if you want to have an organized and neat-feeling space.

If you’ve just remodeled your bathroom, it’s important to maintain a clean space that is not too loud and free of any clutter. We have some ideas on how to create this environment! But when you go to the bathroom and see that it’s strewn with damp towels, all smelling of sweat and body odor, then it becomes really annoying.

Before continuing, some of the following questions may appear, but don’t worry if they do, as we’ve rounded up the answers below.

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Is It Ok To Store Towels In The Bathroom?

chic bathroom towel storage ideas

Towels should not be left near a bathroom since they are often damp, and this can cause mildew to form. In addition, fungi found in towels may be unhealthy and lead to life-threatening conditions. Instead, towels should be stored on an airy shelf or inside a dry cupboard.

That being said, bathrooms can be a safe storage place for towels if they are dried and cleaned regularly.

How to Store Towels Properly And Correctly?

For the cleanest and quickest way to store towels, you can create floating shelves in your bedrooms or place them inside an airy cupboard that cannot be affected by traces of damp.

How Do I Organise My Bath Towels?

Ensure the importance of your towel is equal to that of your Armani suit. Towels are perfect breeding grounds for spreading diseases and thus must be kept clean during use. Fold or roll them before storing them in a dry, clean location – preferably on shelves or inside cabinets where they can dry out quickly.

How To Store Towels

clean farmhouse bathroom with towels hung on towel ladder and folded towel storage ideas

No matter if your home is a modest apartment or the size of a mansion, bathrooms should have space devoted to drying wet towels–even if it’s just one corner.

In addition to your bathroom, it’s good to bring a few fresh and clean towels as well. If you can spare some space in your suitcase, toss in an extra laundry bag or two so you can put used clothing and towels straight into the wash when they’re required. No matter the size of your space, we recommend rolling or folding clean towels neatly to achieve a space that feels like it belongs in a hotel.

There are many ways to store towels, but the size of your bathroom largely dictates the storage method you can choose.

Assortment Of Towel Storage Ideas

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite towel storage ideas that will help to improve the organization in your room while adding a stylish touch.

Freestanding Towel Storage Units

minimalist white freestanding shelves for towel storage ideas

If you have more space, consider putting freestanding storage units with shelves or cabinets in your bathroom. Though these furniture pieces might not work if you have a compact bathroom, they can be quite useful and aesthetic in larger bathrooms.

Consider shelving units instead of cabinets, which can be bulky and take up a lot of space. Shelves are generally lighter and more accommodating.

A Classic Towel Storage Unit

traditional style bathroom with towels stored in tall narrow linen storage unit ideas in white color

Linens are all about space optimization: stores bathroom supplies without taking up too much room. If you want a towel storage solution that looks nice in your home, consider adding a new linen unit to your bathroom’s floor plan. The unit’s dimensions depend on its intended use, but most models have shelves and drawers for storing different items like towels or toiletries.

Wood And Metal Towel Bar

wood and metal towel bar storage ideas

This miniature towel rack resembling a modern sculpture hides its true potential by only accommodating up to three rolled towels at one time. However, it does keep the counter free of visual clutter, which is perfect for small apartments and homes alike.

This bathroom towel bar is made from a well-worn wooden plank and metal piping. It’s got an industrial feel to it and also produces an aged appearance.

Ladder Racks Take Place As Towel Storage

bamboo ladder towel storage ideas

Ladder racks are a popular option for small or cluttered homes because the narrow frame they provide maximizes vertical space and fits in tight spaces.

A Toasty Towel Warmer

towel storage ideas on white bathroom with silver metal towel warmer mounted on the wall

Towel warmers provide toasty warmth for your towels, so you know they’re always clean and ready. Toweled off or moist, a towel warmer’s heated air will keep them looking (and feeling!) fresh.

Towel warmers are made to be energy-efficient and rust-resistant while still being stable enough for a damp towel. They can either be wall-mounted or freestanding, depending on the user’s preference.

Etageres Open Towel And Linen Storage

elegant etageres for open towel storage ideas

Open shelves in the bathroom are a great way to store towels and extra sheets. Towels can be neatly folded on one shelf, for example, and linens put away on another. In addition, the shelves can accommodate other shower gear, such as soap dishes or shaving tools. The alternative idea is to stack baskets next to one another so that the clutter looks minimal from above while still retaining organization.

An Ultra-Stylish Towel Ladder

towel storage ideas on modern bathroom with a towel ladder

Towel ladders are a great way to hang towels for easy drying and storage. They’re ideal for places with limited space because they can hold several more towels than towel bars, plus they offer versatility with multiple rungs.

These gorgeous towel ladders come in various natural and painted wood finishes so that they would fit right in with Scandinavian, farmhouse, and traditional bathrooms. Choose one that has metal details to match a rustic or industrial bathroom style.

Black Ladder Shelves for Bathroom Bathroom Storage

bathroom ladder shelf for towel storage ideas

Ladder shelves can help you maintain a clean-looking bathroom while freeing up space in overcrowded areas.

Ladder shelving is designed in two types of shelves – those for larger, bulky items like towels that go on the lower shelf and thinner top shelves that can store hand towels or other smaller decorative objects.

Wall-mounted Towel Storage Cabinet And Shelving

wall mounted metal shelving unit for towel storage and other bathroom supplies Ideas

Wall-mounted cabinets or shelves provide a great surface to hang your towels. To mimic the hotel experience, roll your towels tightly and display them on the shelf with an exposed look.

If you don’t want your folding work to be on display, opt for a wall-mounted cabinet. Wall-mounted cabinets won’t take up any floor space, so they’re a good choice if you need to keep the bathroom from looking too overcrowded.

Wall-mounted cabinets take up more wall space, so if you have a small bathroom, we recommend open shelves.

Woven Towel Storage Baskets

wicker storage baskets holding towels idea

Baskets and hampers with a weaving design are the perfect storage choice for breezy coastal bathrooms. Even though these storage baskets come in different sizes, their soft and textured appearance makes them feel bulky when put into a small space.

Baskets that are easy to move around also take up less space. Their lightweight means you can carry several full baskets in one trip to and from the laundry room.

Use A Stool For Versatile Towel Storage

stack towels up on a stool for a laid back look and towel storage ideas

For a towel storage idea that looks good and is versatile, try to find a stool. They come in different shapes and sizes, folding or fixed frame, so it’s always ensured you have the perfect piece of furniture with you at all times.

Wiry Baskets For Towel Storage

wiry baskets towel storage ideas

So far, we’ve seen lots of wicker baskets. But what if you prefer metal? These wire baskets are discreet, and they allow air circulation so towels won’t stay damp.

For those who don’t have space to store more than one or two clothes in the bathroom, it may make sense to place baskets over the toilet; if there is no room in your bedroom for storage, choose an option that provides some significant storage.

A Colorful Shelf Holds Towels For Use

colorful towel storage ideas in standing shelves

Towels can be stored on a simple shelf inside the bathroom. This doesn’t need to be mounted to the wall and can instead stand in a corner neatly, which would add elegance to your bathroom decor.

If space allows, this is my recommendation. Using the top of the shelves for a floral design and the bottom shelves for towels in a neat pile will help you save valuable shelf space.

Over-the-door Towel Storage

over the door towel storage ideas

If you have a tiny bathroom and an over-the-door storage rack will save you from having to leave your towel on the floor — or even worse — your bed. This one not only looks cool but uses space that is somewhat useless without an extension such as this rack.

Coils and Coppers Towel Racks

coils and coppers racks for towel storage ideas

Towel racks can be as simple as installing a rail so that it securely attaches to the wall. However, you could give this project a little more pizzazz by using curved copper tubes instead of straight ones and arranging three different levels in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Towel Storage Use An Antique Rolling Toiletry Table

antique rolling toiletry table for towel storage ideas

To make bath time more convenient, adding casters to your side table will provide you with a place for all of your supplies.

Put the towels for after bath time on the bottom level: place wine, candles, and your cell phone on top. When you’re finished, move the side table to empty wall space in another room.

The Classic Closet Towel Storage

the classic closet for towel storage ideas

If you’re not sure how to store your clothes, try the “classic” route. This closet provides plenty of storage space and lets you fold laundry as you want to, free from dust or water.

Individual Wooden Crate For Towel Shelves

individual wooden crate shelves for towel storage ideas

Wooden crate shelves can give your bathroom an easy, rustic touch. In this case, the modern-looking wood and white paint complement each other to create a unique contrast.

These small units show gray and off-white bath products and towels. The stainless steel towel holders go well with the black flooring. This makes for a masculine bathroom.

Layers And Levels towel Storage Ideas

layers and levels towel storage ideas

This bathroom manages to look sleek, with its dark walls and natural-toned flooring. For storage, it features a wicker basket at waist height as well as two dining stool-style seats. Towels can be placed around the towel rack on top of the stools for drying purposes before being folded and put aside.

Open Vanity and Shelving Creates Space

open vanity and shelving towel storage ideas

A room with limited storage and open shelving, and a ladder shelf provides all the space you need. In addition, the sink is built into one wall to give more floor space for movement.

Shelf And Stool Towel Storage

shelf and stool towel storage ideas

Sometimes a tiny bathroom requires small solutions. For example, this bathroom uses an open shelf instead of bare counter space, and it helps provide a place to put your towel without using up much more valuable surface area.

Wooden Wash Basket Towel Organizer

wooden wash basket towel storage ideas

You can save money and declutter your bathroom with an old Western-style wash basket converted into a towel organizer. This rustic wicker wash basket towel holder injects a charming touch to the bathing space. The photo and large ribbon add a restrained charm. On the toilet tank, faux plants and white ribbons decorate tissue rolls.

Bright Towel Storage With Whitewashed Wicker Basket

white wonder towel storage ideas

In the white bathroom, brick tiles are painted in matte paint. White wicker baskets and a shelf provide additional snowy touches throughout the space.

Here’s a creative and inexpensive weekend DIY project. You can find these shelves and baskets at junkyards, storage units, and garage sales. Afterward, add white paint to finish it off.

Wood And Rope Towel Display

wood and rope towel storage display ideas

This hanging towel rack is reminiscent of a treehouse ladder. Since the unit hangs from the bathroom door, it saves your precious floor space. If you’re looking to save some cash, it is easy to use natural jute rope and wooden sticks or tree branches to assemble your own towel holder.

Here, the towel rack is inspired by treehouse ladders. It’s a practical and visually appealing addition to any bathroom.

Master Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

master bathroom towel storage ideas

These glass towel bars maximize small space in the bathroom, and you can store many clean towels on them. In addition, the items create an airy feeling that will leave you refreshed every time you see them.

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas With Old Chair

bathroom towel storage ideas with old chair

The homeowner cleverly transformed her old French country dining chair into a charming towel holder. She added three hooks to hang the towels on, converting it from an outdated look and feel into a hint of timeless elegance.

This whitewashed chair towel hanger, mounted on the wall, is perfect for any room with a floral background. The faux red flowers lend a vibrant touch to any bathroom.

Maximize Space with Corner Shelves

maximize space with corner shelves and towel storage ideas

Corners are often some of the most awkward spaces in a room, but they can be aesthetically pleasing with corner shelves. The reclaimed pipes we’ve used to update our bathroom make a bold statement perfect for space.

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas With Open Shelving

bathroom towel storage ideas with open shelving

If you live in a small home, try this solution for storing your bathroom towels. The pantry-style open shelves come in cedar, making the space feel more stylish, comfortable, and spacious.

Moreover, open shelves provide valuable storage in a farmhouse bathroom. In addition, they sit above the bathtub with space for towels, glass containers, and baskets. They also hang nicely against white shiplap walls.

Classic Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

classic bathroom towel storage ideas

This dark wood shelving unit is an affordable accent and a perfect addition to your bathroom. It displays both folded and rolled white towels, but the edges are sharp and cleanly line the shelf like no other. It’s stylish for modern or contemporary bathrooms, too.

The tall, narrow shelving unit holds a lot of coastal-themed items without occupying much floor space. The rectangular tray has neatly displayed containers for your shoreline necessities.

Hanging Wicker Towel Baskets

ascending trio hanging wicker baskets for towel storage ideas

A wicker towel storage system keeps these bathroom shelves free from clutter. Towels are stacked in ascending order, with the largest on the bottom and each successive one around it getting smaller.

These tiered wicker baskets hold rolled towels of different sizes. Furthermore, they imbue the bathing space with a farmhouse feel instantly.

Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas With Wooden Ladder

bathroom towel storage ideas with wooden ladder

Anyone who has a wooden workman’s ladder can turn it into a charming towel rack. To create this unit, you would place the gift on top of the toilet tank and lean it against the gray wall in an elegant manner.

The dark-toned ladder towel rack features an attractive design that takes up little floor space.

Open Wardrobe Towel and Linen Storage

open wardrobe towel storage ideas

If you keep an old wardrobe, you can turn it into a perfect storage spot for towels and linen. All you have to do is remove the glass and replace it with chicken wire to provide more air circulation. Plus, chicken wire adds a rustic appeal that complements the wood finish.

Schooner Chic Suspended Shelves Towel Storage Ideas

schooner chic suspended shelves shelves for towel storage ideas

This shelf unit with three shelves is designed to make your toilet or bathtub feel more luxurious. The boards are made of glossy, white wood, and the strands for suspension make it look rustic-chic.

The unit’s design doesn’t allow it to bear too much weight, so it can be used for the storage of items that are used most often.

Recessed Bathroom Towel Niche

recessed bathroom towel storage niche ideas

When considering small bath towel storage, you should consider building it into the wall. This saves space and is also stylish.

The bathroom’s niche features unfinished wood shelves with ornamental pieces and towels. The units give the space an outdoorsy vibe as well as a welcoming atmosphere.

Ship’s Deck Block Inspired Towel Shelves

ships deck block inspired towel storage ideas

If you’re looking for a rustic approach to storing your bathroom towels, this towel storage is a good idea. Inspired by ships’ deck blocks, these shelves are narrow but highly functional. They hold the patterned box, towels, glass jars, and decorative items.

The white beadboard wall panels contrast nicely with the unit, maximizing the space while bringing the outdoors in. The clever design also allows for towels and other pieces to shine.

Hanging Baskets For Towel

hang on wicker baskets for towel storage ideas

There’s no need to be complicated. What you really want is something that looks great and works well – like this simple but elegant hanging basket for a towel storage container. It can hold all your bath essentials, plus it has a few extra pockets for any extras!

Built-In Bathroom Towel Holders

built in bathroom towel storage ideas

The two tall white shelves provide ample storage for all your towels. It fits great in a small bathroom and will help you display your grand bath towel collection style.

These recessed towel shelves conserve space with minimal impact on the bathroom. They both amplify and maintain the feel of light and air in a small space by allowing brightly colored towels to stand out against the walls while providing another storage option for items.

Toiletries And Towel Display Rack

toiletries and towel storage ideas with display rack

Why not reuse old metal baskets and a sturdy ladder to make an upcycled rack for your bathroom? The unique combination can decorate your bathroom without taking up too much valuable space.

The rack is made of wood and leans against the brown painted wall while utilizing baskets of different sizes. It holds towels, bath products such as soap and shampoo, magazines, and tissue rolls.

The rustic display rack matches with a wicker plant holder and shabby chic picture frame also the sign reminding visitors that it’s a place to relax.

The Bottom Line,

Towel storage ideas can help you to organize the bathroom with little investment. So what are you waiting for? Start work immediately. If not one of the aforementioned items, keep in mind anything that was once a storage location in your house (such as water or clothes) can work for storage now.

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