Creating The Perfect Outdoor Party Space With Built In Grill Ideas

If grilling on your patio or in your yard is one of your favorite outdoor activities, consider installing a built-in grill so you can make a delicious meal out in the fresh air.

Grills can help make a backyard party easier by getting everyone outside. Your friends and family will feel more relaxed because they’ll be able to really kick back on lounge chairs in contrast to being confined indoors with little space for entertainment.

Everybody will enjoy the smells and taste of grilled foods when they are cooked over an outdoor grill.

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What Does a Built-In Grill Usually Mean?

outdoor counter area with built in grill ideas and red umbrella

Usually, a built-in grill is installed into a counter area that has other kitchen features. This differs from freestanding grills, which are not typically built to be mounted directly into a cutout counter space. They need a stand to cook on it and such; the built-in grill can do without for simplicity’s sake.

When installing an outdoor built-in grill, you are essentially creating a home outdoors. Consider the kinds of dishes you want to prepare and serve from such an outdoor cooking space.

A typical food prep counter usually contains a sink but can also have wine or beer refrigerators, brick ovens, prep stations, and other accessories.

Types of Built-In Grills

Make sure that your needs are considered.

When deciding on a grill, consider the dimensions of your patio, how many people usually eat there, and how often you entertain. A smaller grill would be best for small families who don’t often entertain, while those with large patios that host lots of big parties should look for grills with prep space and multiple burners.

If you are installing the grill directly into your counter space, its size will be important. It won’t be possible to switch out grills as the cutout of the countertop easily will only accommodate one specific size.

Second, you need to consider the type of built-in grill that will suit your needs.

Charcoal Grills

charcoal built in grill ideas

For many people, the thought of BBQ always brings back childhood memories. While there are many reasons to choose gas grills over charcoal, it is important to consider whether you prefer the taste or family nostalgia when deciding on your next grill purchase.

Charcoal is an easy and convenient choice for many because of the heat regulation achieved by airflow combined with coal bed. They have a convenient grill and vent system that also requires little work in the cleanup.

Charcoal grills are one of the most popular choices for those looking to add a built-in grill.

Gas Grills

outdoor kitchens with built in gas grill ideas

The other gas grill that some people prefer to use for their outdoor setups is those with built-in grills.

Gas grills are often preferred because of their range of temperatures, quality, and sturdiness. When comparing gas grills, please pay special attention to the number of burners it has and any accompanying warranties that might set one apart from another. Options for a gas grill include natural gas or liquid propane.

When purchasing a grill, be sure to consider the needs you identified earlier. Measure the cooking surface area and ensure it’s large enough to meet your requirements.

Compare to features such as gliding drawers, rotisseries, and pull-out grease trays to see which function is most important for you. What accessories might be necessary varies depending on your grilling style.

You also need to make sure that you will be able to maintain and clean these grills. The charcoal grills may require more attention, but the benefits outweigh a lower potential for cons.

Combination Grills

wooden outdoor kitchen ideas with built in grill ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to pick just one. A combination grill allows you to get the best of both worlds by cooking with either charcoal or gas. These options also offer an emergency heat source if you run out of one fuel type, making a big difference when grilling.

Although these options require a little more maintenance and tend to take up more space, in the long term, they have many advantages.

How Do You Buy The Best Built In Grill Ideas?

modern stainless steel for built in grill ideas

After reading this article, you will no longer have to stress out about which Built-In Grill Ideas are best for your needs. We’ve already researched for you and compiled a list of the top options, in our opinion.

We’ve come up with a list of questions that you might be asking yourself.

Although we’ve done our best to provide you with the information, that doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility to do more research on your own. You might want some of these Built-In Grill Ideas questions answered before purchase:

  • What are some good Built-In Grill ideas available?
  • What are the benefits of investing in built-in grill ideas?
  • What are the benefits of owning a built-in grill?
  • When shopping for a built-in grill, what factors merit consideration?
  • Is it worth buying Built-In Grill Ideas?
  • Where can you find information about Built In Grill Ideas?

You likely have any questions relating to Built In Grill Ideas. The best way to get answers is by researching as many online sources as possible to compile a broad range of knowledge.

Potential sources could include online reviews, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and buying guides for Built-In Grill Ideas. Thorough research is important to ensure that you buy the best Built-in Grill Ideas possible.

Ensure that you use only trustworthy and credible websites and sources.

We provide an objective Built-In Grill Ideas purchasing guide with authentic information from a variety of sources. AI and big data work together to make sure the information is verified as honest facts.

We created 10 keyword selection algorithms that showed us the best Built-in Grill Ideas currently available to create this buying guide.

The way we put together this list is dependent on many factors, but these are some of the most important:

Brand Value

Every brand of the built-in grill has its own uniqueness to provide. Most brands offer a unique selling proposition that is supposed to provide something different than competitors.

If you already have a type of grill that you prefer, then opting for a built-in is probably your best option. Ensure that the grill brand you love also offers built-in options before making a purchase.


There are three major factors to consider when choosing a grill- its build quality, ease of installation, and durability.


When deciding what specs are important to you, consider how powerful they are measured.

Product Value

Take a moment to dwell on the time you are saving by investing in a Built-In Grill!

Customer Ratings

Built-in grill ideas are evaluated according to their merits.

Customer Reviews

These paragraphs provide first-hand and detailed information from real-world people with opinions about Built In Grill Ideas.

Product Quality

Sometimes you pay for a grill with more features, and sometimes it is less expensive.

Product Reliability

What durability and sturdiness a built-in grill have should tell you how long it will last.

Swarm Of Built In Grill Ideas

We know the struggle of finding a design for your outdoor grill. From basic grill islands to gourmet outdoor kitchens, we’ve got you covered when it comes to built-in grills and grilling stations.

Outdoor Kitchen and Built-in Grill Design Ideas

outdoor kitchen and built in grill design ideas

Some designs are more original than others. This sunken kitchen was created using Celtik Wall to retain a swimming pool, build out the kitchen space, and include a grill, beverage cooler, and refrigerator.

The Angular Look Built In Grilling Stations

the angular look built in grilling stations

These outdoor kitchens have multiple grill stations with countertops in various places that offer ample space for preparation and service and bar seating- a place where the guests can hang out while watching their food being created.

Built-In Grilling Stations On Classic L-Shape

built in grilling stations on classic l shape ideas

With a standard L-shaped station, everything you need is within arm’s reach, and your cooking and clean-up will be fast.

Built-in Outdoor Grill Islands

built in outdoor grill islands ideas

Even if you have minimal space for an outdoor grill, you can still create quality alfresco dining with the right design. The Bristol Series of outdoor grills from Belgard’s Elements Collection includes a bar top to provide seating on the opposite side.

With Arbel® pavers, visual interest is given with the right finishing touches. In this design, we coordinate with the paver patio to provide an elegant appearance.

Built-in Outdoor Grill With Multiple Cooking Surfaces

built in outdoor grill with multiple cooking surfaces


Outdoor enthusiasts with a taste for gourmet cooking don’t settle for just one method–Tandem Modular Grid comes equipped with a wood-burning brick oven, charcoal-burning Big Green Egg, butane grill, and fridge.

Concrete Grilling Station Countertops And Built-in Seating

concrete grilling station countertops and built in seating ideas

This Orange County beach-style backyard includes an outdoor grilling station with concrete countertops and built-in seating.

Built-In Grill Including A Wood Burning Pizza

built in grill including a wood burning pizza ideas

This outdoor kitchen includes fabulous features such as a wood-burning pizza oven, grill side burner with electricity, egg smoker, sink, refrigerator, and serving station.

The Austin Limestone veneers, countertops, and flooring is buff Lueders limestone. The 54″ Java fans by Minka Aire are wet-rated for outdoor protection.

The Grill Is Built Into Brick Outdoor Kitchen

the grill is built into brick outdoor kitchen

This kind of outdoor kitchen is just what Michigander ordered. This comes with plumbing and electricity, which means it can be used for more than just the six months out of the year that it’s warm in Michigan.

I love the brick style of this kitchen, and the exposed wood ceiling is amazing. You can use it all year long, and add a flat-screen TV if you decide. I also like how close the grill is to the kitchen area.

Curved Outdoor Built-In Grill Station Design

curved outdoor built in grill station design ideas

Outdoor kitchens don’t need to follow the same linear rules as indoor cooking spaces. Get creative! Curvy designs, countertops with different levels, and a diamond-shaped embellishment can make your outdoor kitchen more interesting. Installing an umbrella stand will help protect from sun and rain.

Outdoor Bar Kitchen An Built-In Grill Design Ideas

outdoor bar kitchen an built in grill design ideas

The traditional look of brick has a modern twist when used in this built-in grill and bar station. A copper vent adds style, while ample seating ensures guests can drop by to visit with the grill master.

Outdoor Built-in Grill With Tv

outdoor built in grill with tv ideas

The homeowners added a concrete countertop with an integrated grill and garage door-style sliding barn door to conceal an outdoor TV for a bit of extra outdoor space.

Built-In Grill With Parasoleil Backsplash Panels

built in grill with parasoleil backsplash panels ideas

The table is from Restoration Hardware, and the string lights are LED. The panels used as a privacy screen behind the grill are parasol panels.

Built-In Grill For Outdoor Kitchen Station

built in grill for outdoor kitchen station ideas

At the San Pasqual Valley location in California, this dream comes true for anyone who entertains! There’s plenty of room to hang out and eat with family or friends. This space includes a lounge area, kitchen station, and even an excuse or pizza oven!

Built-in Outdoor Grill Design With Flatscreen TV

built in outdoor grill design with flatscreen tv ideas

Some homeowners want an outdoor kitchen with all the convenience and “creature comforts” of indoors. Tandem Modular Grids were used to build this outdoor kitchen, consisting of multiple cooking surfaces, outdoor appliances, a built-in flatscreen TV, and a sound system.

Built-In Grill And Pergola Kitchen

built in grill and pergola kitchen ideas

This outdoor cooking space in Minnesota features mature pine trees as a sheltered canopy. Visitors can cook and dine around the large kitchen island with grill stations that also include an area for storage of food items and prep space, along with dimmable pendant lighting overhead.

A pergola provides a focal point for space; it is made from Dekton. A casual firepit lounge within conversation distance helps to continue outdoor entertaining.

Outdoor Built-in Kitchen Set-up With Grill

outdoor built in kitchen set up with grill ideas

Outdoor kitchens or loggias are perfect for those who love to entertain. The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, grill, dishwasher sink, and drink refrigerator, in addition to open counter space.

You should only use appliances rated for outdoor usage when building an outdoor kitchen set-up, like this one. Once the cooking starts, guests can relax inside the outdoor fireplace and watch TV while waiting for their food to be ready. After preparing it outside, they can enjoy a nice dinner outdoors.

Mediterranean Style Patio Kitchen With Grilling Stations

mediterranean style patio kitchen with grilling stations ideas

A Mediterranean-style patio offers a built-in kitchen with room to grill, ample space for prep work, and an outdoor pizza oven. A pergola provides shade for this outdoor patio.

Built-in Grilling Station On Spanish Revival Style Patio

built in grilling station on spanish revival style patio ideas

A Spanish revival-style patio in San Diego features spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean. The design also includes a built-in grill station with beautiful views and an extra table for guests arriving after mealtime.

The table is two individual tables put together. They are 89 inches by 39.5 inches from Teak Warehouse, and the pergola integrates an overhead heater for added warmth from the cool ocean winds.

Built-In Grill For Outdoor Entertaining Space

built in grill for outdoor entertaining space ideas

This outdoor entertaining space merges seamlessly with the indoors. The outdoor kitchen includes a grill and counter space that can be used both for cooking and as an appetizer table.

The durable teak furniture welcomes you with a comfortable seat. The cabinet doors are made from recycled old redwood fence boards that provide a polished edge, while the countertop is rough for your convenience.

A Complete Built-in Kitchen With A Grill

a built in kitchen comes complete with a grill ideas


In Mill Valley, California, a house is slathered in natural pathways and a pergola for shade, with integrated heaters and strings of lights around the perimeter to bring it all together. Concrete flooring creates seamless transitions, keeping the space easy to maintain.

This home comes complete with a grill, plenty of counter space for food prep, and a dining table that seats up to 8. Beautiful gardens surround this outdoor living space with additional seating for TV viewing or relaxation.

Covered Outdoor Living Space With A Built-in Grill

covered outdoor living space with a built in grill ideas

This roofed outdoor living area in Seattle protects against the elements, while skylights help bring natural light. Integrated heaters extend the season of this outdoor entertainer’s space.

One of this kitchen’s most exceptional features is the built-in grill and ample space for preparing food. The deck floor, made of composite lumber in dark hickory, measures roughly 400 square feet.

Beautiful Covered Outdoor Kitchen And Built-In Grill

fantastic outdoor kitchen design with built in grill ideas

This Pensacola, Florida space offers a spacious outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, an island, and cabinets. NatureKast makes the cabinets for easy cleanup.

Select-grade Cumaru decking provides a comfortable and attractive outdoor space, with the dining area either at the island or the teak table.

Wood And Stone Built-In Grill

wood and stone built in grill ideas

You can enjoy the beauty of both wood and stone when you add an arbor to your backyard space. This addition filters light, making it perfect for outdoor living spaces, and adds color to your design ideas.

Built-in Grilling Station Is In An L-shape

built in grilling station is in an l shape ideasThe bbq has an L-shape for grilling. The short side is 3’x6′, with the long side measuring 3’x10′. The dining furniture, chairs, and cushions were sourced from Restoration Hardware.

The outdoor upholstery fabric is Sunbrella in the color of Pacific Blue. The flooring material was concrete and had a light brush finish called Mesa Buff by Davis Colors.

A Cozy Patio In Scottsdale With Built-In Grill

a cozy patio in scottsdale with built in grill ideas

The Scottsdale, AZ patio offers a set of string lights for ambiance and an intimate dining table surrounded by lush gardens. Along the wall is a custom-built grilling station with an accompanying pizza oven.

Built-in Cabinetry And Grilling Stations

built in cabinetry and grilling stations ideas

This covered patio is made for entertaining, featuring built-in cabinetry with a cooktop, grill stations, sink, and plenty of prep space.

The Gramercy offers diner-style table seating and cozy lounge seating around a fireplace with a mounted TV for live entertainment.

Fabulous Outdoor Space With Built-in Grilling Area

fabulous outdoor space with built in grilling area ideas

Montana is home to one of the best outdoor spaces for spending quality time with friends and family. Nestled next to the Yellowstone River, Montana offers unforgettable views. Just past the built-in grilling area, stairs lead down to a patio and a bridge over a creek.

The barbecue structure is made from CMU, and RAB Lighting Inc manufactures the outdoor spotlights.

Built-in Wall With A Grilling Station

built in wall with a grilling station ideas

This outdoor space features a built-in wall complete with an outdoor grill and plenty of countertop space, as well as an impressively large fireplace. The earthy hue of the furniture pairs beautifully with the warm lighting from Cafe String Lights above our patio.

A Contemporary Mountain Home Showcases With Built-in Grilling Stations

a contemporary mountain home showcases with built in grilling stations ideas

This contemporary mountain home features an inviting outdoor patio with a built-in kitchen, grilling stations, pizza oven, and ample counter space. The counters are soapstone, while the ceiling is pine wood and stained to tiny stain. The stone flooring comes from a Tennessee crab orchard.

Contemporary Patio Features A Built-in Grill

contemporary patio features a built in grill ideas

This contemporary patio includes a fireplace, bluestone hardscaping, and custom pergola. It features a built-in kitchen with a countertop made of HearthStone; barstools from Pier 1 Imports in bright red.

As A Final Observation,

If you love grilling and are looking for ideas to make your space more entertaining, the article above should help! There are plenty of tips on cooking at home in a small area.

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