Get Inspired To These Beautiful Walk In Pantry Ideas

In many old-fashioned farmhouses and vintage houses, walk-in pantries were once popular. They fell out of favor with homebuilders for years as they focused on kitchen cabinetry around the sink, refrigerator, and stove-rather than actual storage space in the pantry itself.

Many older homes had walk-in pantries torn out in favor of a new powder room, as the rooms are similar sizes, and their proximity to sink water lines made them common kitchen renovations.

Walk-in pantries have been returning in popularity lately. With many new homes including this amenity in their kitchen design, homeowners are following suit.

Is A Walk In Pantry Necessary?

Determining if you need a walk-in pantry depends on your storage needs and your cooking/shopping habits. These days, most homeowners expect to have some dedicated pantry space, whether that is custom-built or pre-existing cabinet space.

Stocking up on life essentials like canned goods and water is necessary for survival during hard times. However, a walk-in pantry can be your best friend when space is limited with many items to store.

If you have trouble keeping track of all your supplies-like cooking utensils or groceries-a bigger, more organized table is a great way to stay on top of things.

Although the walk-in kitchen pantry seems to be nearly everyone’s favorite, it is not right for every homeowner. Consider these pros and cons of a walk-in kitchen pantry before deciding if you want one in your house.

Walk In Pantry Pros

  • There is often more space for storage, enough to store cooking utensils, pots and pans, large platters, small appliances such as cookbooks.
  • Acts as a standalone area for non-perishable food storage
  • In most cases, walk-in pantries can be fitted from the floor to the ceiling if they need more space.
  • A walk-in pantry can incorporate a door or open entry (no door)
  • Allows you to mix and match storage options, be they baskets or containers, and build custom-made storage.

 Walk In Pantry Cons

  • One of the main features of walk-in pantry designs is shelves, making them easier to fall out of the organization.
  • Shelves are not always the best for storage because it is difficult to continue stacking things at the back, and often people use up a lot of space in corners.
  • It typically takes longer to get ingredients from a walk-in pantry than it would if you had pulled them out of a cabinet pantry.
  • Homeowners who plan on using their pantry for cooking should make sure that there is sufficient space for this. In many cases, the kitchen’s food prep/cooking space is more important than an additional walk-in pantry.
  • One of the cons of a walk-in pantry is its location. Walk-in pantries are typically located close to the main kitchen, which takes up some space. Many of the kitchen’s supplies are located outside the main cooking quarters, which can be a problem when cooking and, for some people, might even be inconvenient.
  • Additional to the above point, stacking items can lead to food wastage as items might become obscured and out of sight.
  • Large homes require more maintenance to keep them clean (like another room in the house, so walk-in visitors sometimes bring dirt into your home with them, leaving dirty footprints behind).

How Much Space Do Walk In Pantries Need?

A walk-in pantry should be at least 5×5 feet or 25 square feet. This offers plenty of space, so you can afford to build walls around the outside with an additional 6″ to 12″.

Most pantries use a U-shaped design. Sometimes the door is the full width of one of the pantry walls, providing easy access to the entire interior space, although some approach it with an open layout.

Pantry organization is your choice and depends on how tidy you intend to keep it. Most pantries have open shelving, but if the area extends past 25 square feet, there will be cabinets with a countertop and upper shelves.

The lower shelves should be deep enough to accommodate large items, like bulk food storage bins and small appliances. The smaller spaces on the upper shelf can be used for canned goods and other less-important objects.

Shelves for spices, coffee, and small kitchen items can be just 6 inches deep. Generally speaking, a pantry in your kitchen will take up quite a lot of space, but most people consider them an invaluable addition to their home.

How Do You Go About Adding A Walk In Pantry To Your Home?

So, if you’re like me and love these ideas about making your kitchen more efficient but don’t know where to start with implementing them? Well, adding a pantry is a major renovation project.

Doing it right will require high-quality custom cabinetry, shelving, and styling to make the area seem like it was meant for your own kitchen. The major expense comes in with the need to redesign the layout of your entire home located in an expensive neighborhood.

Unless you have a large walk-in closet that can be converted as a pantry, or your kitchen has high ceilings with lots of spare space to add an extra cupboard, reorganizing the layout of your kitchen is probably inevitable.

When remodeling, you may need to move walls and buy appliances to fit your desired pantry.

What Should Be In A Walk In Pantry?

Not all homes have a walk in pantry, but if yours does, you will notice that it houses many things. Items like appliances and partyware can be stored away neatly. There are even shelves of cereal galore!

With all the storage potential of a sizable pantry also comes the opportunity for clutter. A beautiful space can fill up in no time (especially if you have small children always looking for food).

The organization is key to keeping your pantry from becoming a disaster, so here are some ideas to stay on top of it.

Wall Space

If your door opens inward, don’t completely block the wall behind. You may not have space to install shelving and storage for food, but you may have room for hooks to hang aprons, utensils, and paper towels.

ELITE Storage has a wide variety of wall storage solutions. You could put up your family calendar or paint part of the wall and use it to write your shopping list and dinner ideas in chalkboard paint.

Opt For Wood Shelving

When it comes to walking pantry shelving, choose wood over the wire. Wood racks allow small food containers to fall through, making way for disorganization. Wire racks allow food crumbs to fall through therefore requiring less maintenance cleaning.

Wood shelves are an easy way to keep things organized and maintain a neat appearance. I recommend investing in these for your next project.


Between your main counter and the shelves, install a hip-height countertop. Using this space for things you don’t want blocking the work area on your kitchen bench is an easy way to ensure that items remain easy to reach without cluttering up open surfaces.

The bench space within the pantry also comes with useful advantages. It’s helpful when unpacking bags and storing directly a bread box, toaster, kettle, coffee machine, or even a microwave.

Space For Appliances

The pantry is a space in the kitchen that provides extra storage for items you regularly use, freeing up your other cabinets.

It’s easy to forget about the things you don’t use regularly and leave them in your kitchen cabinets. Store these devices in your pantry to allow for more space in both rooms while also keeping everything organized.

Open Cabinets

Open cabinets are great when organizing large walk-in pantries because they divide the space across open shelves to make for better categorization.

In one part of the cabinet, you can store baking ingredients, and on the other side will be all of your pasta ingredients. It may seem like a small thing, but that divide between two cabinets actually helps keep things organized.


When pantries lack sufficient lighting, they can become small and dark places. Skylights or windows provide an excellent natural light source, but they may not always be the best option for those who have limited floor space.

Instead of changing fluorescent lights, install some natural white LED downlights. These last for 25 years without needing to be changed and can even come on automatically when someone enters the pantry or if the door is opened.

Walk In Pantry Ideas

When you’ve determined which house design is right, it’s time to start applying. Below are some inspiring designs that might help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Barn Door Walk In Pantry


A farmhouse door charmingly twists a typical swinging door. Up the edge with black paint, it provides an edgy contrast to the white kitchen behind it. Basket organizers complete this charming rustic look.

Adding Subway Tiles Inside Of Walk In Pantry

We upgraded our kitchen cabinets by installing white subway tiles around the walls. The lighter color makes the interior of our pantry brighter, sleeker, and easier to clean while providing ample storage space with open shelves for cooking necessities.

Small And Efficient Walk In Pantry

Customizable storage spaces can be found in this pantry with an adjustable shelving system. An open wall shelf, a sliding barn door, and a floor plan all contribute to the efficiency of this pantry.

Elegant Grey Walk In Pantry

This sleek modern pantry design complements the modern minimalist interiors of the kitchen. The wall of floating shelves provides an ample amount of storage without taking up too much space. The frosted sliding doors and front wall give a posh and chic look to the kitchen.

Walk In Pantry Ladder Up

Ever wonder how to get items from the top shelves in your pantry? Consider installing a ladder on one or both sides of an adjacent wall. It will make it much easier for you to access hard-to-reach items and could help you avoid accidents.

Walk In Pantry With Vintage Shelving And Hardwood Flooring

A walk-in pantry is a blessing. It’s far easier to decorate the space, and you can accommodate more wares and supplies in it. Plus, you have more room to move about freely in this type of nook.

The following walk-in pantry designs come with a vintage style, including hardwood flooring and shelving. To maximize the function, the spacious walk-in pantry includes an under-mount sink.

Small Walk In Pantry Glassware Organizations

Walk-in pantries take the pressure off the main kitchen by providing hidden storage to minimize clutter.

If you wanted to remove the dry goods from the main kitchen, plenty of space could be used for other things - such as equipment, crockery, or glassware.

Modest Walk In Pantry In Your Kitchen Corner

Many people find it challenging to make use of the kitchen corner. The truth, a fitted pantry in your kitchen doesn’t require much space at all!

Even a small corner can provide maximum storage space. Installing shelves or hooks near the ceiling will help keep your kitchenware and food supplies in place. Make sure to install lights for adequate illumination in the room.

Farmhouse Pantry Idea With Tidy Organization

If you’re dreaming of a tidy kitchen pantry, custom farmhouse walk in pantry ideas are a good way to go. This cabinet has open shelving and pull-out drawers for various storage options.

A white pantry is ideal for several reasons. A white background makes it easier to find food supplies and other items, and the light bounce can make it so that you don’t have to turn on the lights as often!

Nicely Organized I-Shaped Walk In Pantry

An I-shaped pantry is a space-saving way to design your kitchen as it provides ample room for movement. This minimalist walk-in pantry has white open shelving and hardwood floors, giving it a luxe look.

Pantry doors that have double-hinged glass make the pantry more conducive and attractive. Frosted glass overlaid with wooden frames gives an outwardly appealing look to the interior while also providing a wide opening for easy access.

Tiered Shelving To Expand The Storage

Narrow spaces, like those in kitchens, can be difficult to work with. Walk-in pantries are a great way to maximize the use of vertical space while minimizing the need for horizontal space.

Shelving is divided into shelves with progressively lower heights, enabling you to access things on the highest shelves. The more shelving available, the more storage options are available. To light up your pantry, consider giving the wall and shelves a white coat of paint.

White Walls And Cabinetry Walk In Pantry


The large walk-in pantry is equipped with a white wall and is furnished with white cabinetry. The countertops are smooth, ceramic marble.

Checker Flooring Walk In Pantry

This large walk-in pantry offers a variety of cabinets and shelves, as well as sleek white countertops. The black checker flooring adds to the style.

Hardwood Flooring Walk In Pantry

This pantry’s hardwood flooring, white walls and cabinetry, and shelving in white all tie together.

Large White Walk In Pantry

The white cabinets and flooring make this room perfect for any kitchen. The fridge blends in like a seamless part of the design, making it easy to know where your food is located.

 Walk In Pantry Featuring Beautiful Backsplash

This kitchen pantry features a beautiful, cleanly designed backsplash. The shelving and marble countertop combine to add style to this room.

 Walk In Pantry With Reddish Tiles Flooring

The pantry is large and has reddish tiled flooring, along with walnut-finished cabinetry. There is also a wine cellar on the side of the room.

Hidden Walk In Pantry

This kitchen features raised panel blue-gray cabinetry with brass hardware and hardwood flooring. The pantry is hidden behind the cabinets, but you can tell it’s their thanks to those little windows near the bottom of each door.

Octagonal Walk In Pantry

A striking walk-in pantry with a dark gray octagonal recessed ceiling and glass chandelier. The floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets offer easy access from below, thanks to the ladder that leads up to the top shelves.

Walk In Pantry Hidden Behind Cabinet Doors

A cream-colored pantry door is positioned beneath dark gray shaker-style overhead cabinets, opening into a walk-in pantry equipped with stacked wooden shelves and drawers.

Walk In Pantry with Labeled Glass Snack Jars

In its constructed kitchen pantry, this design has made the white space sleek and organized. Accents of an organization are given through labels for snacks, bins with a Lazy Susan, and tray shelves that long-lasting containers can rest on.

Vintage Metall Pull Out Pantry Vegetable Bins

The well-organized pantry is a staple for any home. Built-in shelving and an L-shaped custom countertop are features that make this space so special. Vintage metal racks provide easy access to your kitchenware, making it the perfect place to store your most essential items.

Small Walk In Pantry Shelving System

These spaces are perfect for small-sized walk-in pantries and contain storage space for food and countertop space for other appliances such as toasters.

A specialty beverage center turns this small pantry room into a multifunctional space serving both a butler’s pantry and a traditional walk-in pantry.

Custom Walk In Pantry with Gray Cabinetry And Shelves


A gray walk-in pantry is framed by gray floor-to-ceiling cabinets and gets its illumination from a vintage brass Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light. Gray stretch shelving sits above sleek lower cabinets with shining brass hardware.

Walk In Pantry with Steel And Glass Door

The pantry’s interior is a rich gray with a steel and glass door that leads into the mirrored backsplash. The walls are finished beautifully in a stain-resistant, odor preventing coating.

Pretty In Pink Walk In Pantry

A Montreal eco-friendly home emphasizes color, particularly the soft pastel pink hues from this beautiful pantry. Don’t let the narrow space fool you because there’s plenty of storage in this well-designed area.

Bright And Airy Walk In Pantry

Adding a walk-in pantry, even if it’s small in size, can relax the load of food items and appliances you would otherwise have to store or move around your kitchen. This space gives room for movement and prevents the inconvenience of going back and forth from your home to storage spaces.

Spacious Storage Walk In Pantry

This spacious, pristine house from Masters of Flip stars Dave, and Kortney Wilson is the ultimate pantry space. From the marble countertop to all shelving options, these homeowners have more storage than they know what to do with.

The window in the pantry is a bonus due to its welcome light and warm atmosphere.

Tall Walk In Pantry With A Cabinet

Conceal a walk-in pantry with an eye-catching cabinet that resembles a tall pantry. Just as classic but trending forward, utilizing the appearance of the cabinetry to cleverly conceal the entrance to your in-home convenience is both streamlined and custom.

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