Amazing Small Pantry Ideas To Organize Your Pantry

The modern kitchen balances ergonomics and aesthetics. You need storage and smart displays with the right colors to find a perfect balance between these two elements.

There are many ways you can expand your kitchen storage options. Some people like glass-door cabinets and open shelves, for example, because they create a light, cheerful atmosphere.

Others may prefer cabinets with wooden doors and kitchen island units that make practicality a priority. But, an often-overlooked but delightful space is the pantry. It can be small!

A small pantry can give you all the storage space you need, and it’s easy to customize with a variety of shelves, drawers, and other organizing gadgets.

Although they tend to be smaller, we have seen huge pantries in some extravagant homes that are the size of a bedroom or even kitchen. A tiny pantry can still provide impressive storage by focusing on vertical space.

Small Pantry Organization Tips

Condensing your small home kitchen pantry can be time-consuming and frustrating, but with the right strategies, it doesn’t have to be. With a little organization, you won’t need your pantry space for food, saving money and time.

Use a Bin System

Stay organized with easy storage options for your small pantry. Use bins, baskets, or containers to store similar items together - like jars of couscous, rice, and chai seeds.

By putting things back in their designated place after you’re done with them, everyone will know where to put the item. This makes it easier for you to determine what needs to be purchased at the store and saves money.

A storage system for pots and pans makes it easy to grab an entire set of items, whether you want to move them or take them over to the countertop. If you have bakeware that you don’t use often, consider using those pans as makeshift storage. You’ll get a two-for-one in

Utilize Vertical Space

Shelving units are typically installed to allow equal spacing between shelves, but food containers come in all shapes and sizes, leaving a lot of unused vertical space.

When packing a space that is small and has similarly shaped items, stack the containers together. Containers with inconvenient sizes should be re-packaged to be swapped easier between each other to save space.

Consider using a double-tiered shelf by putting in a second-level shelf, which will allow you to store twice as much. If you start from scratch when designing your small pantry, look for adjustable shelves like our wire pantry shelves.

The floor and high shelves are horizontal spaces. They’re often neglected, but they can be great storage places. Use them for items that you don’t need or use every day (or even week). Get a step stool to store in your kitchen pantry and use it to reach the highest shelf.

Take Advantage of Wall or Door Space

You’re not using space just because it’s there. If you have an unused upper shelf or wall on a pantry, install racks that provide additional storage space. Make this surface magnetic and then use small magnetic containers to store spices and other items.

You can use twine to collect items, such as chips or onions, and hang these off of surfaces with the help of clothespins. You can even create a hanging “bin” for packaged products with mesh laundry bags.

Maximize Your Pantry

When organizing a small area like a pantry, an organization can be achieved with careful planning and strategic placement. When you need the best solutions for maximizing storage space in your home, call Harkraft for assistance.

Organization Ideas for Small Pantries

Pantry organization is difficult for many people, and everyone benefits from a detailed system. There’s nothing wrong with keeping foods in their original packaging as well if that’s what works best for you. What matters most is that your pantry serves the needs of your household.

With in-home pantry storage becoming a more popular option, it is important to organize your kitchen not to lose items. Place baskets on the floor of your pantry to hold items like produce and small appliances instead of placing them against the wall or dangling from hooks.

Keep beverage cans and bottles in a stacked dispenser for easy access. A lazy susan-a rotating platform-can store tall or awkwardly large items, like kitchen utensils.

Pantry organization begins with labeling those containers. Keep things straight by labeling them according to who makes what, where the contents come from or go into, and any recipes needed during a cooking session.

Keeping a small pantry organized can be challenging. Here are some tips to simplify the process:

Turn Pantry Doors Into Chalkboards

Add some chalkboard paint or contact paper to your pantry doors so you can use them for grocery lists, reminders, and as a writing surface.

Make It an Attractive Space

One way to make an unsightly pantry closet seem more inviting is by installing cheerful temporary wallpaper, which could motivate you to keep it tidy.

Consider Shelf Height

No matter which start-from-scratch or adjustment option you take, think about what items are frequently stocked and measure out shelves accordingly. Adjusting shelves should include standard-size racks as well as 16 and 20-inch racks to accommodate larger drinking cans.

Fill Drawers With Labeled Containers

If you intend to use your storage cabinet as a place for food, make sure to pack it with spare napkins, utensils, and containers of cooking supplies. Label each container on the top such that you can easily see what’s inside without having to search deeply.

Arrange Baskets High and Low

Utilize vertical wall space by scattering baskets on high and low shelves. Place seasonal items in higher baskets (for example, Christmas cookie cutters) and essential eating goods in lower ones (such as child-friendly crackers).

Swap for Pull-Out Drawers

Instead of leaving that space under the shelves empty, fill it with wire pull-out shelving units for storing favorite snacks and lunch supplies.

Install Frosted Pantry Doors

To conceal the inevitable mess in a closet-turned-pantry, install frosted glass doors. That way, you can get a glimpse of the contents without being able to see everything cluttered inside.

Use Vintage Soda Crates for Storage

If you are looking for a rustic farmhouse style, look at second-hand shops for wooden soda crates. These crates can be good to arrange like objects and similar items in one place.

Small Pantry Ideas

Shelves Ideas for Small Pantries

Shelves are the backbone of every pantry. You can install them almost anywhere, and they function as a flexible multi-purpose piece that makes any space great!

When it comes to space, always look for ways of doubling up on the good stuff. Attach hooks or baskets at the bottom of your pantry shelves for extra storage and easy access!

You can keep your kitchen pantry organized by storing everyday essentials on easy-to-reach shelves. Recycle an old bookshelf or hang wall-mounted shelving to do this project, and you’ll be set for life!

To keep your kitchen space-efficient, invest in a step stool or ladder that suits the style of your current setup. Better to have all necessary items within arm’s reach than hunt for an object every time you need something from high shelves!

Basket Small Pantry Ideas

Have you been struggling with a cluttered pantry? With an open-concept kitchen, there’s nowhere to hide your favorite goodies! One solution is baskets.

Wire shelves are excellent storage options for large items but not so great with small ones. On the other hand, Baskets make perfect partners for wire shelving and work well with hard-to-store items like chips or protein bars.

Mount baskets to your pantry door with shallow and high-sided designs. These will help you categorize spices, baking supplies, and canned goods more efficiently by stacking them accordingly on the shelves so that they are easily seen and accessed without losing time rummaging for items at the back of the cupboard or drawers.

Closet Small Pantry Ideas

Using any closet can make it a pantry. No matter how big or small your space, keep the design simple or create an accent color in the back of your display to add interest and enjoyment.

It’s best to opt for adjustable shelving when possible. It is important to have space for tall items, like wine bottles or mason jars that might not fit in a small shelf area.

Shelves are not the only option for organizing your pantry closet. For even more versatility, install a few drawers or cabinets in your space to store items like appliances and gadgets that you might want easier access to while cooking or baking.

Make sure to hang a door that opens outward from the closet rather than inward, so you have easy access to items stored inside. Sliding doors are another kitchen cabinet design option worth checking out, but they will not affect items inside the fridge if controlled with a string or cord.

Middle-of-the-Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Building a pantry next to your kitchen means more space in your alcove and utility improvements. However, the inconvenience of keeping items like canned goods and dry goods separate is not worth it for many people.

Please choose a color to match your pantry’s exterior so that it fits in with the rest of your cabinetry. Or use a contrasting accent color and unique hardware for more personality. Paint or wallpaper can be used on the inside walls to add design interest.

Adding counter space in your built-in kitchen pantry, or designing a room with an open kitchen layout, gives you more workspace throughout the house.

This includes things like a coffee maker, microwave, blender, or other appliance that doesn’t match the decor of one area.

If easy access is your top concern, then consider going with an open-air pantry. This idea is built on the idea that canned food and dry goods can be stored securely in a central kitchen wall-mounted shelf. To make sure everything is organized properly, it’s important to do thorough planning beforehand.

Wooden Small Pantry Ideas

It’s not wrong for your kitchen pantry to be both functional and beautiful, no matter what type of aesthetic you prefer. Whether you live in a rustic home or have an edgier taste, wood grain will match any style.

Wooden pantry shelves are more susceptible to spills, and a wire shelf will protect against that. However, nothing can replace the sealant applied from the surface of wooden shelves in your pantry.

A small pantry built entirely of wood can become dark. To counteract this issue, use bright white walls behind the shelving and under-shelf lighting or decorative string lights to provide plenty of light throughout the area.

If you want a perfect pantry organization system, don’t underestimate the value of hiring a carpenter. Custom shelves and cabinets will help your otherwise small space function more efficiently.

Corner Small Pantry

Installing a corner pantry in your kitchen is one of the best small space hacks available. With all the space afforded by a standalone or built-in pantry, you should never have to complain about wanting more storage space again.

Wardrobe Turned Pantry

style files

What if you have some unused space in your kitchen and an unused wardrobe? You don’t have a pantry at the moment. What should you do? Here’s a good idea: convert the wardrobe into a pantry!

This converted wardrobe can store jars, mugs, plates, and bowls. Naturally, you aren’t limited to the contents of this list. You could use it for kitchenware, spices, or even recipe books - whatever you like.

Cabinet Ideas for Small Pantries

There are various small pantry organization ideas out there for your home, but most kitchens only have one cabinet to offer. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are trendy choices that can be customized to suit your family’s needs.

The best features of a pantry cabinet are its pull-out shelves. If you plan to have other storage options, consider using removable bins. One way to use your cabinet doors is with a mounted spice rack or another type of storage solution.

If you have an unsightly cabinet pantry, you can hide it behind a simple door. Alternatively, install a custom sliding pantry that is adjacent to your fridge or in another kitchen nook. Or repurpose a freestanding china hutch or sideboard as an additional small pantry for storage.

Most homes come with deep cabinets that are hard to navigate. Adding risers can provide visibility and keep every item in your cabinet within reach, while puck lights can light any dark corners of the pantry.

Small Pantry Under the Staircase

 Aloha Home

Spaces below staircases are often unused. If yours is, convert it into a pantry! Besides giving you more storage space for your belongings, converting an otherwise unused area can help make the most out of a space that would otherwise be wasted.

If you have limited space, a pantry under the staircase maybe your best option. While unusual shapes can be challenging, as long as you’re creative, you’ll find plenty of ways to make them work.


DIY Pantry From Lockers

Apartment Therapy

The pantry can be made from storage lockers. We’ve shared a couple of different ideas for this area before, such as an armoire pantry. Next up is a DIY pantry, which is both simple and functional.

Lockers can be a blessing for those who lack pantry space. They’re portable, so you can move them as your needs change, and you won’t sacrifice style whether or not you paint the exterior or not.

Free Up A Bookcase

A bookcase is commonly chosen by those looking to create a pantry. Free up your bookcase by moving your books to walls with wall-mounted shelves or desk organizers.

If you don’t need a bookcase, you can also find one that suits your needs and budget. Personally, I like ones with slim proportions that can be tucked into a corner of my small apartment.

Create An Open Pegboard Pantry

When there’s no space for a small pantry, turn to the walls. A pegboard will have enough room for a makeshift kitchen. Shelves are cheap and give plenty of organization that can be both cheap and beautiful.

There are several ways to use pegboard. For example, you can hang hooks, baskets, and boxes from the pegboard according to your needs. This idea allows for more flexibility since all you need is a blank wall to start.

Build A Small Countertop Pantry

If you’re not interested in making a complete kitchen overhaul this year, try these space-saving small pantry ideas.

Its three-tiered design maximizes space in even the tiniest of kitchens. It also enables you to organize groceries better, and its attractive style will look at home anywhere.

Use An Over The Door Storage Rack

If you are short on space and want to have room for a lot of food, this design is perfect. The top-rated system allows you to build a pantry in the kitchen by utilizing vertical space, which can be tough for living in small spaces.

You can also use this spice to add flavor to your existing pantry.

Small Pantry Ideas With Oak interior And Shelf Lighting

The small pantry cabinet is perfect for storing food and cooking supplies. The light oak interior will make it easy to find anything in a hurry, while the shelf lights are great for when you need a little extra illumination or want some mood lighting before dinner.

Clear Out A Cabinet


Though you might not have enough space for a full-sized pantry in your small kitchen, corner cupboards or innovative shelving solutions make this design detail possible.

Out of all the pantry organization ideas, this one really stands out. Not only can you bring a multitude to life with it set up in your cabinet, but also help yourself during a hectic cooking session by getting food within arm’s reach!

To make an efficient small pantry, try reorganizing your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and shelves and clear out anything expired to donate.

Small Pantry Ideas Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Place Cleaning Products In A Pantry?

To be safe, place your chemical cleaners in a safe place (especially items with dry goods or products that are not airtight). Keep them all on the bottom shelf to prevent any potential leaks from contaminating food.

Detergents, household cleaners, and other chemicals should be stored out of the reach of small children. If you plan to keep these hazardous products in your home, invest in a childproof locking mechanism.

How Do You Light A Pantry?

A good pantry design includes electrical outlets and light fixtures, so you should always include these features in your space. These will make it easier to cook or read a recipe by yourself without having to move around the countertop, trying not to touch anything that can be electric-related!

Puck lights or LED strips are a great way to brighten up the clutter in your pantry. Mount them under your shelving, and they’ll run on regular batteries that can be purchased at any store!

You may think that your pantry has sufficient lighting, but the new lights will make it faster and easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Can You Store Non-food Items In A Pantry?

Cooking can be messy and complicated, but luckily you have your kitchen pantry to store all the cookware. You’ll need more than just space for food in there, though, so make sure that it’s designed well enough not to create clutter!

Pantries provide an excellent place to store odds and end like paper towels and garbage bags—things that are needed more often than we might think! Keep those everyday essentials front and center, so they’re easy for everyone to access at a moment’s notice.

Wall-mounted hangers are convenient because they keep everything organized, and most of them can be installed in a matter of minutes. They’re also perfect for the messy kitchen or workshop!

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