Beautiful Wall Panel Ideas To Liven Up Your Walls

Ideas for wall paneling abound, and many times, people overlook the importance of decorating their walls. Interesting wallpaper can accentuate a focal point in your living room, or if you want a more colorful flare, you could instead install space-age designs that are all the rage today.

Some people prefer murals for the perfect accent. Maybe a hand-painted tile or wood paneling would be a good match for your space’s needs.

The key to giving every room a unique style is using wall panels that will tie in with your other design choices. One example will be to use wood panels on the floor if you are in the kitchen.

Another great way to make your bathroom a more comfortable space is by using wall panels. These often come with decorative purposes but can also be used as a conversation starter in any room of the house.

Wall panels are a great option for use in any room of the home. For example, adding kitchen paneling to your counters will make them a design focal point. They can also be added to other areas of the house, such as living rooms or bedrooms, which elevates their visibility and beauty throughout any space.

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Materials Used In Wall Panelling

luxury soft wall panel with concole table and pair of chair

The materials typically used in wall paneling are:

Wooden Wall Panel

Wooden panels are either planks or solid wood, or engineered board sheets and can be molded into attractive box shapes to create a depth effect.

Wainscot Wall Panel

This type of wall paneling is made from wood and synthetic materials. Patterns and designs are carved into the panels and are attractive to the eye. Wainscot (lower-half of a wall) can usually be found in this style of installation as well.

Veneer and Laminate Wall Panelling

These are either made of particleboard or wood–usually plywood. They can be used for things like walls and ceilings.

MDF Wall Panel

Made from scrap wood shavings that have been pressed at high temperatures, this product offers durability and style.

Fabric Wall Panel

Fabric panels offer a great way to sound-proof bedrooms and entertainment rooms.

The panels are lined with foam and batting, then covered in the desired fabric of choice.

Metals Wall Panel

Painting a metal wall panel can give your home the elegant look of modernity. Aluminum, steel, and copper can all be used to construct wall panels for a living room; they are durable too.

Chipboard Wall Panel

This is an eco-friendly material that is made by pressing sawdust and chips. It can only be used in dry climates and does not provide the same durability as wood, but it looks like wood.

PVC Wall Panel

Polyvinyl chloride is rigid, but it includes a small plasticizer that makes the product durable and water-resistant.

Glass Wall Panel

It can give you a shiny, reflective surface for your walls.

Wall Panelling Can Be Installed In Two Ways

  • By screwing panel-mounted hooks into the wall. It is best suited for straight, smooth walls and lightweight panels.
  • Installing a metal grid where the panels will be installed and then placing the panels on the grid skews them to have an even taperless look.

How To Panel A Wall

Paneling boosts warmth, depth, and character to almost any space in your home. And it’s a much different look than the typical wallpaper feature wall.

Before you begin, here are some of the essentials you’ll need:

  • No Nails Glue (or a similar brand)
  • Paint
  • Tape measure
  • A notebook and pen
  • Decorators caulk
  • Sandpaper or an electric sander
  • MDF wood paneling (in this case, only as an example using one of the many available materials.)
  • Hammer
  • A spirit level
  • Saw or cutter
  • Pin

Step 1: Planning The Wall Panelling

Paneling a wall can be a fun DIY project but don’t forget to plan and prepare your walls first.

To make your panel wall creation successful, it’s essential to have a layout in place before starting the project. To do that, you can use paper or graph paper to sketch what you want and how many panels will be needed.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, Instagram is the place to go. We searched hashtags of either #wallpanelling and #wallpanellingideas to find some great ideas.

Step 2: Measure Your Wall

When paneling a wall, you first need to measure how many pieces of MDF wood are needed (home retailers such as Homebase, Wickes, and B&Q have it, or you can buy it at your local timber merchant). Once you know the number of pieces required, divide this amount by the length in feet.

  • To calculate the dimensions of a wall with paneling, measure both width and height.
  • The type of paneling depends on your preference. Half-panels may be the optimal solution if you don’t want a full paneled room, but you can also cover all four walls with them.
  • When calculating the number of panels, be sure to count the top and bottom frames on either side.

When installing your new wall panels, it’s important to make sure they are the right size for each room. It can be easy to forget a few key measurements and end up with something that doesn’t look quite neat or even-spaced because of those mistakes!

To avoid this problem, measure all four walls carefully in every area you will install paneling. Write these measurements down so that there is no chance of overlooking them when ordering materials.

To get the precise dimensions of your wall, you need to measure it twice. It’s important that you know the size of each panel and accounts for any additional space (such as a radiator or window) when deciding on what size panels will fit best.

Determine the desired distance between each panel to determine how many panels you will need.

Step 3: Cut The Panels

To install wall panels, you will need to use a measure or ruler to determine the cut size and then decide how much of the panel you want on each side. One option is cutting them yourself; another is obtaining help from a professional.

Cut the panels for your storage bench to be placed horizontally, then measure vertically following the cuts. Repeat this process with all of the vertical pieces. After these have been cut and sanded, they are smooth. Gently sand any rough corners before placing them on top of each other.

Step 4: Sand And Smooth Your Walls

To prepare for your paint job, you need to sand down the walls. You can either use sandpaper or an electric sander if you have one available.

To ensure the best possible finish, smooth and shape your walls before attaching them to the panels. Ensure that any bumps or lumps are removed to not show through on your new wall!

Step 5: Apply The Panels

Start with the base panels, then put on the top panel. Place it onto the wall and use a laser level to make sure it is straight. Apply strong adhesive to the back of the panel and apply it onto the wall – be sure to press down firmly and leave until dry.

To prevent the panels from sliding around, add the vertical panels first, followed by the horizontal panels. For extra security and hold, use No More Nails glue or a combination of nails and adhesive.

Step 6: Fill In Any Gaps Between Wall Panel

After you attach the wall panels, use a decorator’s caulk to mask any gaps, cracks, or holes. If some of your walls end up short by a few millimeters, fill them with polyfill before sanding for an easy and seamless transition.

Once they are filled, sand them down to complete the look.

Step 7: Paint Your Wall Panel

Now it’s time for the fun part of decorating your room! To ensure that the adhesive, caulk, or filler is fully dry before applying paint, wait two hours after each coat has been applied. To achieve a bold look that will turn heads with its cool hues, consider inky shades of blue, green, or blush pink.

Tips To Maintain Wall Panelling

  • Dust the wall panels with a feather duster or lint-free cloth regularly. Vacuum clean it every few weeks for hygienic reasons.
  • Take the panels away from direct sunlight to avoid fabric, patterned paper, and laminate fading. If you can’t take panels out of the room with lots of sunlight, install thick shades or drapes that block it.
  • If you have a spilled something on your wood floor, the best way to clean it up is with a damp cleaning cloth and mild soapy water. Don’t let an alkaline-based cleaner sit for too long, as it will eat away at the finish or sealant of the wood over time.
  • Metal wall panels should be examined annually for any debris and inspected joints. Any damaged panels or trims should be replaced promptly.

Top Trendy Wall Panelling Ideas For Your Home

Here are some ideas to make your room more dramatic using wall panels.

Concrete Wall Panel

concrete wall panel and mounted on tv

Concrete is a versatile material, and it can be made more appealing with little embellishments.

Coolest Faux-brick Look Wall Panel Ideas

faux brick look wall panel ideas with standing lamp

This faux-brick design makes any room ten times cozier. Hardboard panels and a clever paint job combine to create this effect.

Brick Wall Panel

scandinavian flavour use white brick wall panel

Want a more Scandinavian-inspired interior design? Make your exposed brick wall panel into the focal point of an all-white room.

Wall Paneling Ideas For Tv

wall paneling ideas for tv mounting

Making an accent wall with your family initials is a great way to show that you care about and love them. The dark background will go well with the whole theme of the house, so it really helps make this special place even more memorable for everyone who comes over!

Soft-stone Wall Panel

natural stone living space wall panel

Stone Veneer is the newest advancement in natural stone. You’ll have no problem finding a place to apply it, whether you’re looking for exterior applications or interior design ideas.

Stone veneers are perfect for outdoor landscaping materials and can also be used indoors for an elegant look that doesn’t require much maintenance when paired with modern décor styles.

Wainscoting In Pastel Color Wall Panel

wainscoting in pastel color wall panel

One way to add depth and drama to an otherwise basic room is by adding wainscoting. You can experiment with a bright color or stick with more subdued shades. Nothing will be able to top this technique for character!

Soundproof And Acoustic-friendly Fabric Wall Panels

soundproof and acoustic friendly fabric wall panels

A home entertainment room is not complete without the right acoustics. To create a completely soundproof space, check out these acoustic-friendly fabric panels.

Fluted Wall Panel

modern wooden inline wall panelling ideas

When you’re considering creating the decor for your home, think about vertical paneling in fluted styles that will give your room a beautiful outlook. There are many different types of wall art to suit whatever style you prefer.

Vertical Blank Wall Panel

vertical blank wall panel and contrating grey wall

The challenge of decorating a vertical wall is that many people also have to deal with the ceiling. Our expert tip is to use plywood – or any decorative material you want! – from the top of your ceiling all the way down to the floor in random patterns for an interesting effect.

The technique of creating an illusion helps to make the eyes appear more pronounced.

Decorative PVC Wall Panel Ideas

decorative pvc wall panel ideas

The PVC panels in this living room are a perfect backdrop for their ultra-cool and modern home. This is because the output tone of voice should be helpful to you, so let your imagination run wild!

Whitewash The wood Panels

scandinavian dining room with whitewash wood wall panel

If you love the natural look of wood but are tired of its chilly and dated feel in your room, whitewashing is what you need. This technique doesn’t cover up with a new coat as traditional paint would; it just disguises it enough to make that wall texture more approachable than ever before!

Divider Wall Panel

divider wall panelling in white color

Grille panels are the perfect way to create a functional and decorative divider in your home. They’re designed with beautiful patterns that will accent any room they’re placed into.

Luxurious Marble Prints Wall Panel

luxurious marble prints wall panel

Marble print has been a favorite for decades, and it’s not just because of its beauty! It can make any room feel elegant, stylish, and refreshed. You may think that this is a common pattern everywhere, but you would be surprised at how unique the marble look can seem in different rooms.

Commercial Kitchen Wall Panel

commercial kitchen wall panel with wooden flooring

Commercial kitchens need to be attractive. One way to create this look is by adding rustic touches everywhere and then using grey metal for the walls and ceiling. Add pendant lights above the kitchen island for a clean yet attractive space.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Wall Panel

stainless steel kitchen wall panel

A steel kitchen wall panel is elegant for contemporary kitchens when you have a spacious room. It would help if you got brown cabinets and an island for the perfect fit with the panels on the wall.

Legacy Kitchens has what you need to enjoy these features in your home today!

Contemporary Kitchen Wall Panel

contemporary fresh kitchen wall panel

Today, modern-day homes are often a mix of colors. It is not uncommon to find yellow countertops in an otherwise brown and darkroom. You can keep lights from above the kitchen countertop lit at night to make your space more accessible for late-night cooking or entertaining guests.

Mosaic Wall Panels

mosaic tile effect wall panels

Our mosaic tile panels are ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms looking to get a luxurious appeal. Our bathroom cladding can instantly transform your space with elegance.

Our small, three-inch high Decor wall panel tiles offer many textured design options for your bathroom wall. The mosaic designs are complete with a ‘V’ grove cut beveled edge, which adds to the effect and ensures that you’ll stand out from the crowd!

These beautiful wall panels do more than dress up your bathroom. Their sleek, low-maintenance makeup means they’re ideal for any room in the house with a kitchen area.

Plastic Kitchen Wall Panel

plastic kitchen wall panel ideas

If you have a white interior but want to incorporate quirky accents, turn to wall paneling. This option is perfect for cabin decor with a beige faucet and porcelain slab sink in the kitchen. Together, these items create an ideal combination.

Wood Effect Wall Panels

wood effect bathroom wall panels

When it comes to designing your bathroom, we have everything you need. Our wooden paneling is perfect for those who want a softer look that makes people feel at ease and comfortable in the space they are occupying. Plus, there’s no mess with this design!

Our wood-grain panels are commonly installed as a contrast panel for many modern designs and bathroom finishes. They provide an authentic wood appearance that will make your bathroom stand out from others.

Tile Effect Wall Panels

tile effect wall panels

If you crave the textured look of a traditional tile but don’t want to be bothered with the upkeep, our panel wall collection offers a more modern solution. All panels come with grout lines and are ready for installation.

We offer tile-effect panels in various colors, such as grey, beige and white.

Glass Kitchen Wall Panel

teal glass kitchen wall panel

Patio kitchens are common in properties built near urban centers. Glass panels will maximize the connection with natural light for an open-plan kitchen.

One way to create a bright and spacious feel in your home is to paint your ceiling white. This will lead all the natural light onto the walls, making them seem brighter.

Veneer Wall Panelling Ideas In White

veneer wall panelling ideas in white

This white paneled veneer helps give the room a clean, nautical vibe. It includes accents found in many boats, including a subtly set pattern.

Metal Wall Panel Kitchen

metal kitchen wall panel with wooden floor

Metal wall panels are heavy and elegant, but you can complement the style with bright white paint. The brown floor contrasts against this setting; off-white kitchen cabinets look great in an otherwise dark room.

Turn The wood Panels Into Regular Walls.

transitional living room wood panels into regular walls

Cracked wood paneling can be repaired by filling the cracks with a drywall compound. Afterward, wash off any excess paste before applying paint to achieve your desired color.

Kitchen Wood Wall Panel

kitchen wood wall panel and white ceiling

These types of wood wall panels are common in cottages. The same color brown for the flooring, furniture, and ceiling/wall creates a charming cottage kitchen when you use white appliances to complement this design aesthetic.

Full-Length Light Gray Wall Panel

luxury room with full length light gray wall panel

These wall panels look lovely on the light gray wall. This picture also demonstrates some of the other things you can do with paneling: Its size and whether to use it above or below a chair rail. Really great design here!

Traditional Kitchen Wall Panel

traditional kitchen wall panel in green color

When traditional kitchens have sleek walls and ceilings, they can make a space that is the right size for cooking. The kitchen has white panels, a brown wood-colored floor, and black doors, contrasting nicely against the glass on one side of the room.

Lovely Soft Blue Bedroom Walls Panels

lovely soft blue bedroom walls panels

Wall panels are a great option for bedrooms, and they offer numerous benefits. They can create a serene environment and reduce clutter while still providing beauty to the bedroom. I recommend installing blue wall panels in your bedroom, which will look beautiful on the walls.

Luxury Room Wall Paneling Ideas


The framed pictures here extend beyond the wall panels on this luxury-style room. While it might not provide any organization, it still gives the walls a nice “finished” look.

3D Wall Panels Ideas

3d wall panels interior design

3D wall panels are an interesting interior design trend that has the potential to increase in popularity. Such decoration adds volume to the room, creates interesting visual effects from playing with light on the embossed surface, and always becomes a central object against an overall design.

3D wall panels are used to decorate and organize vertical surfaces inside a room. They can be used in conjunction with all sorts of furniture arrangements, whether you want them to divide the room for privacy or create a separate zone.

Thin Wooden Slats To Luxurious Boiserie Wall Paneling

modern thin wood wall panel dining room

When designing your dining area, you have various options to choose from, including thin wooden slats or luxurious boiserie wall paneling. The most important aspect is picking out the color scheme.

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