Transform Your Spool Into A Useful Piece Of Furniture With These Wooden Spool Ideas

Sometimes old wooden spools can be more useful than they seem. They make excellent material for do-it-yourself projects – you could use them as furniture, as a table or chairs, and even have an old wood spool become the library of your dreams!

They are easy to paint, drill or stain to show off their original charm.

For those who like cable spools and open-air decorative items, getting a spool is easy. Electrical companies and contractors often have spools leftover from installs or upgrades that they will give away for free if you inquire. Spools can also be purchased online through classified sites.

Scroll down for inspiration on how to repurpose those industrial spools or drums in your home.

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Where to Find a Wood Spool End for your DIY Projects

diy wooden spool project ideas

It’s fun to look at DIY projects and daydream about all the ways we could decorate, repurpose and build our own little havens. The hard part is getting started on that long list of projects.

Our favorite DIY project is a large Spool Clock. To create one, you’ll first need to find an old wooden spool.

Here is our list of the places to buy a wood spool end for your DIY projects, such as spool clocks, table tops, etc.


vintage wooden spool coffee table ideas

When looking for a spool on Craigslist, search locally by searching keywords. You’ll typically see them as a complete spool with 2 ends but in the near future we’ll cover how to disassemble them.

Make sure you don’t pay more than $30 for a spool of thread if it is on sale.

Facebook Swap Pages

wooden spool ideas reused for bench coffee table

People in the DIY world sometimes sell spool ends for others. Typically, they’ll only sell one spool end at a time–already broken down to its component pieces. If you’re looking to buy just one, pay no more than $10-15.

You should post on those websites, search for a spool in that site, or wait for one to come available. Another option is to look in the “Marketplace” section on Facebook.

To find swap or trade pages on Facebook in your area, navigate to the “Explore” then “Groups” tab on the sidebar of your personal FB page. Once there you should see several that pop up close by.

Essentially, “liking” these pages is the way to find what you’re looking for. Read and follow their guidelines because being kicked out of a page will make it hard for you to continue buying or selling on that site.

Utility Companies

creative wooden spool table light furniture decoration for terrace ideas

If you see a construction crew, stop to ask them if they have any spools of electrical cable they’re looking to get rid of. If not, see if you can get their contact info and call later when the company is done with it.

Friends And Family

wooden spool living room table with flower centerpiece ideas

Look for a spool on social media or email friends and family that you’re looking for one–they might have one available to lend from their stockpile or know where to get it. You’ll start getting offers pretty quickly!

If you’ve found the right supplier for Spools, stay in touch. You may want to purchase more parts from them.

Our Spool Clocks are best suited for spools that are not wider than 40″. If you prefer to use a larger spool, make sure the ends of the spools lie at least 30″ apart or less so they can be securely mounted on a wall.

Disassembling a Spool is often an arduous task that can be time-consuming for one person. Grab a friend or two and your tools to speed up the process!

Plan for at least two people to work on the project. One person will need a wrench to hold one bolt in place while the second person frees another bolt with their wrench. Once all of the bolts are out, someone will have to take off this spool’s cover and it should come off easily.

So, now you know the places to find an unfinished wooden spool or a decorative wood turner for your DIY projects.

List Of wooden spool ideas

 Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Picnic Table

upcycled wooden cable spools picnic table

The variety of furniture and accessories to spruce up your home can be overwhelming, but the beauty of this particular piece is that it’s perfect for kids.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Tiered Planter

upcycled wooden cable spools tiered planter

What a sweet idea – planting your favorite plants in your yard will add color and interest to the area.

Wooden Spool Bookshelf Ideas

wooden spool bookshelf ideas

This wooden spool bookcase looks like it would be a great addition to any room and will bring the piece it’s an art form as well.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Tree Surround Bench

upcycled wooden cable spools tree surround bench

Your garden wouldn’t be the same without this adorable bench.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Kids’ Art Table

upcycled wooden cable spools kids art table

Who doesn’t love chalk? It makes such a perfect outdoor play option for your kids or grandkids!

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Fishing Rod Holder

upcycled wooden cable spools fishing rod holder

Ready to head out on the lake for a great day of fishing? Make sure you have all your gear ready!

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools End Table

upcycled wooden cable spools end table

We love using inexpensive ceiling tiles from the hardware store to give your old piece of furniture a fresh new look!

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Oversized Rustic Wall Clock

upcycled wooden cable spools oversized rustic wall clock

You can purchase metal numbers at your local craft s, tore or you could paint them on for a different, whimsical look.

Garden Clock Art From Woodel Spool Ideas

garden clock art from woodel spool ideas

This spools clock garden art is so ingenious and another great way to re-purpose an old wire spool.

Outdoor Wooden Spool Table Ideas

outdoor wooden spool table ideas

This type of outdoor table is a great value for those looking for their own dining area. It can withstand anything, but do make sure you wash it before use!

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Planter

upcycled wooden cable spools planter

How to spruce up your yard on a dime! Grab your favorite flowers from the local store, and make your home pop with one addition.

Simple Wall Decor Using A Wooden Spool Top

simple wall decor using a wooden spool top

Wire spool tops can be easily repurposed for decorating purposes. They are striking enough alone that they really only need a little extra decoration to stand out.

Wooden Spool Wedding Cake Stand Ideas

wooden spool wedding cake stand ideas

Create the perfect ambiance for your evening party by wrapping tablecloths around spools of icicle lights!

Wooden Spool Cakestand

wooden spool wedding cake stand

A couple of years ago, we used this idea in my sister’s wedding. It is a simple way to reuse and repurpose these old wood spools.

Wooden Spool Swing For Backyard

wooden spool swing for backyard

Luckily, you can never go wrong building a spool swing out of wood! This is definitely one item that should be on everyone’s wishlist this year.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Rocking Horse Swing

upcycled wooden cable spools rocking horse swing

This hobbyhorse swing is such a cute, inexpensive way to entertain kids in the backyard.

Double Decker Wood Spool Coffee Table Ideas

double decker wood spool coffee table ideas

I love these two coffee table ideas for reusing a wooden spool. They are a great source of storage and look amazing!

Amazing Fusion Of Pallet Wood Of Spool And A Steel Tub

amazing fusion of pallet wood of spool and a steel tub

Though this sounds unusual, this modern-day fusion of two great materials will make for a perfect addition to your patio.

Use a few of the planks from a pallet to create armrests for your outdoor sofa. The rounded part of the pallets become comfortable and interesting armrests for you to sit on outside without being bombarded by bugs.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Chicken Coop

upcycled wooden cable spools chicken coop

Living in a metropolitan area and planning on planting a garden made me skeptical about having fresh eggs for breakfast. However, an old idea of making a chicken coop is possible with wooden reels that are treasured by salvage yards. Now I can enjoy the produce I grow while indulging on farm fresh eggs from my own chickens.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Mosaic Table

upcycled wooden cable spools mosaic table

Get your hands on a few cheap art pieces from the craft store and transform a simple wooden spool into an original piece of artwork!

Creative Old Wooden Wire Spool Mirror

creative old wooden wire spool mirror

This is an amazingly creative wire spool mirror that I think will basically use up all the old wood from the wire spools.

Upholstered Ottoman Ideas From wooden spools

upholstered ottoman ideas from wooden spools

This spool ottoman is incredible! Thankfully, they used the wire spool as a frame for this beautiful upholstered ottoman.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Feature Wall

upcycled wooden cable spools feature wall

Use the top of this spool as a creative way to add a feature for your home. Add shelving, books and photos on it to make it more personalized.

Wooden Spool Kitchen Counter Tops

wooden spool kitchen counter tops

Consider ways of increasing your kitchen countertop space. It is easy and incredibly valuable to increase the room size by using a wooden coil design on top of old, worn-out table tops.

The perfect solution for a smaller table with four legs; this one has wheels to make it go anywhere, and you can join the pieces together. Seriously, this idea is our favorite.

Wooden Spool Shelf Ideas

wooden spool shelf ideas

Great idea, the best part is that you can use a reclaimed wall on storage or as a means to display your favorite collection.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Shabby Chic Bar

upcycled wooden cable spools shabby chic bar

It is so nice to gather with friends in a fun, welcoming environment.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Adirondack Chairs

upcycled wooden cable spools adirondack chairs

Turn a wooden cable spool with handles into either an outdoor activity space or a spot to enjoy your morning coffee.

Wooden Spool Planter Ideas

wooden spool planter ideas

This planter made of wood is a great idea. You can place your vegetables in it or grow flowers with this.

Bespoke Spool Wooden Spool Coffee Table

bespoke spool wooden spool coffee table

Over here, anything with hairpin legs makes for a beautiful piece. This coffee table was created using an upcycled metal spool top.

Cute Crescent Shaped Toddler Bed From Wooden Spools

cute crescent shaped toddler bed from wooden spools

The loveliest and cutest wooden spools are located above. It is a cute crescent shaped cradle or toddler bed that you may admire. It is the prettiest of all decks for infants that you can build.

The moon shape can be used, among other things, to make a cradle more magical. Add some cute toys and stars to it to really take the magic away.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Deck Table

upcycled wooden cable spools deck table

Adorable deck tables can be mixed according to your taste and transformed into an eye-catching focal point wherever they are placed.

Wooden Spools For Under Lit Coffee Table

wooden spools for under lit coffee table

Instead of the usual wood spool projects, we create many special features and add them to make these easier. Here is an example: a lit coffee table you can build with moderate effort; you’ll be amazed by the results.

Gorgeous Wooden Spool Side Table

gorgeous wooden spool side table

I also like the idea of using spools. There are so many ways to make that work, and there are some amazing ideas out there.

Wooden Spool For Living Room Coffee Table

wooden spool for living room coffee table

In addition to furniture, the room features my very own wooden spool coffee table.

I decided my coffee table height should be approximately 16 inches tall, but I needed to make room for the casters. I attached blocks from which the wheels are set into each end of the table so that they come up about 4″ higher than they would have been otherwise.

Disassembling wire spools is effortless. You can take then apart by loosening the 8 bolts that hold them together in the shape of a bowl.

After removing those, the round tops come off easily and a bonus, the slats in the middle are disassembled as well. Those will be used for constructing the coffee table.

Wooden Spools Side Table For Family Room

wooden spools side table for family room

Use it as a side table in the family room. It is even easier to paint these wooden spools or clear poly acrylic protect coat ion ads if desired.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Library Table

upcycled wooden cable spools library table

This idea is so cool and such a great way to display your favorite oversized books!

Wooden Spool Table Ideas In White

wooden spool table ideas in white

I love looking at these ideas for wooden spool tables. They are perfect on a porch since they are very durable and practically impossible to destroy.

Wooden Spool Coffee Table With Galvanized Bucket Base

wooden spool coffee table with galvanized bucket base

A wire spool top and galvanized bucket make the perfect tray table for a headboard!

Wooden Spools For Patio Planter Rack

wooden spools for patio planter rack

Wooden spools make for a great way to decorate your patio with various sitting arrangements. One of the most common is a planter rack made out of wooden cable spools.

This layered shelf is perfect for small pots of flowers, or for storing gardening tools like shovels and trowels.

Small Yet An Amazing Wooden Cable Spool Couch

small yet an amazing wooden cable spool couch

This cable spool couch is for the corner of small houses, homes with teenaged children, and any other place someone needs seating without taking up floor space.

The back of this beautiful couch-chair lies down and creates a nice place for your feet. The colored planks on the side add to its lively appearance, creating an extra space in the trunk made up of storage units.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Reading Chair

upcycled wooden cable spools reading chair

This chair looks cozy, and I’m tempted to spend a few minutes reading in it.

Upcycled Wooden Cable Spools Fire Pit

upcycled wooden cable spools fire pit

No one said summer BBQs had to be boring. This cable spool was given a whole new life, with a little elbow grease and stain!

Awesome Wooden Spool Furniture Ideas

awesome wooden spool furniture ideas

Here we have another quaint picnic table for your garden or patio. This utilitarian table is great for a lazy afternoon of family-time in the backyard.

The table you see in the center is shaped like a log or spool. You will need to cut down 2 benches and nail them close to it, as seen in these pictures….

Beautiful Wooden Spool Center Table

beautiful wooden spool center table

This beautiful wooden spool table is perfect for pairing with a comfy lounger. You can decorate your living area or lounge with this transparent coffee and saucer center table so that you and your family love to have evening tea or an intimate get together.

It is painted in neon yellow, but you can paint it your favorite color.

Amazing Patio Deck And The Picnic Table Form Wooden Spools

amazing patio deck and the picnic table form wooden spools

Here is a beautiful and cheap way to make a patio deck. Look at this amazing picnic table made out of wooden smoother there is no need to use any tools or assemble it frame by f to make this table frame.

To protect from the sun, you can drape an umbrella over your table. You could also add a beautiful mosaic to decorate the floor underneath for a wonderfully

Wooden Spool Table For Patio

wooden spool table for patio

This table is made from an old wooden spool, and it has a beautiful texture. The base of the table set is different from typical cable-reel tables, making this table more sturdy.

Exotic Wooden Cable Reel Bar

exotic wooden cable reel bar

This is an exotic wooden cable reel bar idea that will be set up in your home. With your personal bar found right at your home, you can entertain family and friends with affordable yet fashionable furnishings for a great time.

Hang the full wooden circle on a wall and make shelves to hold your bar accessories. Form the counter with a semi-circle on top.

Wooden Spool Turn To Attractive Coffee Table

wooden spool turn to attractive coffee table

Have a look at this attractive, exotic coffee table. Unlike other coffee tables it will add to your home’s interior design statement.

The top of this table is a circular cut-out wood from the spool. The bottom part has pieces of wood in different shapes, like small pizza slices, to create extra space for storage.

Wooden Spool Ideas FAQs

What Wood Are Wire Spools Made Of?

They are made locally from the cheapest possible wood. In the southeastern US, they are most likely southern yellow pine or poplar and more often than not, wood that was deemed unusable for construction purposes.

How Tall Are Wooden Spools?

These spools could be displayed in a clear apothecary jar with sewing items or an accent decor item for a sewing room. They measure 2 3/4 inches tall by 1 1/4 inches wide and can be stained or painted to your liking.

What Are Cable Reels Made Of?

Cylindrical, drum-shaped and spool-like cable reels are often made of wood, plywood or plastic. What does a wire spool do? Cable reels are round objects used to carry many types of electrical wires.

Some Final Words

Even though they aren’t in production any more, wooden spools are not worthless. They cost money and may also be considered art as well. You will have to find your own use for them; don’t throw them away.

On rainy days, please have your children create projects themselves or with others.

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