Tiny House Kitchen Ideas: Creative Solutions To Problems With Limited Space

Have a tiny home and can’t seem to find the best place for your cooking space? You’re not alone. Fortunately, it might not be as difficult as you think.

Narrow spaces, windowless areas, odd-shaped layouts – these are typical problems in cozy houses and small kitchens.

But if you think that amazing kitchen designs are just for mansions and display homes, this article will disprove your notion.

There are many tiny house kitchen ideas below that will show you can enjoy a fully functional home-cooked meal with clever solutions despite the limited space.

Build Your Own Tiny House Kitchen

feature tiny house kitchen

It’s important to consider the questions below before designing a tiny house kitchen.

  • Do you want to bake anything?
  • Do you need a conventional oven?
  • Is this for yourself, or would you need to bring your significant other or housemate?
  • What are the main things you need to cook with?
  • Will you need to take special care for any dietary restrictions?
  • How much cooking will you do at home?

The more questions you ask before beginning the design process, and the more questions you answer in your head, as a result, will make it easier to identify what’s important for you.

Space constraints can be minimized and even avoided when individuals understand what they need in the space, but it is expensive and time-consuming to undo things if you don’t plan properly.

In a tiny house, your kitchen can be just as cozy and welcoming as one in a larger home- so much more if you plan for it from the start.

If you have answered all of your questions and explored answers to our questions, I’d then recommend considering some other things before shopping for a tiny house kitchen.

Tiny House Kitchens & Appliances

white tiny house kitchen ideas

A big kitchen is where you can keep adding to the appliances as long as there is any available space, but a small house lacks enough room for that.

The kitchen appliance will take up the most floor space and dictate, to a large extent, the layout of the rest of your tiny house’s kitchen.

We’ve found that people who cook in their tiny homes tend to prioritize the following items:

  • A fridge and also a freezer.
  • A range/oven is their only cooking device.
  • A tool that has little versatility like a microwave oven

Fortunately, the appliance manufacturers are on your side when it comes to building a small house kitchen. They offer some compact models of these basic appliances, as well as nearly every other type you could want.

When purchasing compact appliances for your tiny house, it helps to follow a few tricks that will maximize their small space:

  • Whenever possible, be sure to conserve space in your small house by placing appliances in accessible cubby holes. This will help keep walking paths clear.
  • If you can’t fit a full-sized refrigerator into your kitchen, consider building one under the cabinet or using a smaller fridge.
  • Consider countertop cooking as an alternative to a stove. If you go European style, build flat electric panels into the counters to make use of that space when not cooking and prepare food at the same time.
  • Rather than placing the microwave on a countertop, put it up high in your kitchen. This will improve access and allow more space for cooking with your stovetop burners.

Tiny House Kitchen Design and Layout of Countertop Space

plant decors tiny house kitchen ideas

We at Kitchen Authority like to bake and realize that smaller home dwellers might too. However, baking requires some counter space.

We recommend using pull-out cutting boards considered “old-fashioned” in this modern age when you want to use every inch of your counter space. This trick will allow you to increase your work surface space in your tiny home by 30%.

You need to hire a professional for this process, as if you wrongly install the hinges on the door or drawer, it will interfere with an opening in other parts of the kitchen.

When you have limited space, we recommend that you put all your ingredients and tools together in one place before starting to cook – doing this will allow you the most amount of space while cooking.

Don’t Install Dishwasher In a Tiny House Kitchen

A dishwasher today has become the norm in most kitchens, so it’s safe to say that these devices are essential. But considering how precious space is in a tiny house kitchen, having one installed might not be practical.

A drying rack would allow you to put it over the sink without taking away any counter space. Additionally, a drying rack going in place of a dishcloth hanger will give your kitchen an appealing look.

Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets & Storage

classic maple cabinets tiny house kitchen

It is important to make the most efficient use of your storage area.

We’re sure you know how quickly things pile up in the kitchen, and it’s hard to decide what to do with them because anything could be needed soon. So, we suggest:

  • Tackle the cabinet doors with extras

Put hooks in all your doors for attaching pans, towels, and other cooking items.

  • Place some stick-on hooks under your sink

It can carry household cleaning products and keep the unsightly stuff away from other surfaces in the kitchen. We would also place a drip tray at the bottom of the space under the sink, just if there are any leaks.

  • Use magnets to attach kitchen utensils

Magnets can be used to store items without taking up any space – a great solution for saving space in tiny homes.open shelving tiny house kitchen

If you have cabinets underneath your kitchen counter, there may be space above them. This can be used for storage by putting items on the ledge above the cabinet.

We’d dump all the items we don’t use every day upon that space. We also bought a small stool to climb on to grab things and bring them back down again. Don’t hurt yourself trying to conserve space, as that would be a terrible idea.

On your cabinets, make sure you take advantage of the panels on either side. They are perfect for hanging hooks that will expand your space.


vintage tiny house kitchen ideas

It’s fairly common for one kitchen to create quite a lot of stuff – pots and pans, dishes, utensils, and those wonderful appliances such as coffee makers that usually occupy the counter space. But what do you really need and really used?

When you design your kitchen, give some thought to the pieces it will contain. Likely, you won’t be throwing lavish dinner parties, so Aunt Marge’s fine chinaware is unnecessary.

But coffee in the morning may be a deal-breaker – keep room for the machine.

This is a great time to simplify: an organized and functional kitchen will bring you joy.

One of the benefits of a tiny house kitchen is the easy accessibility of its small space. Has your kitchen set up so that everything you need to complete tasks is within arm’s distance?

Other Ways To Gain Storage Space In a Tiny House Kitchen

The kitchen in a tiny house doesn’t come with a lot of storage. There are many creative ways to add more space to your home, such as:

Rolling carts

We know it sounds very 80s-Esque, but narrow rolling carts can be absolutely invaluable. You can fill them with food or supplies then store them out of sight when you’re done using them.

Store some things vertically

If you want to save space in your kitchen, vertical storage is the way to go. For example, try using a metal file divider for items like baking trays or chopping boards.

Add extra horizontal storage

Add extra storage shelves throughout the kitchen when space available. This may be a great way to add more visual appeal as well. You will find the more organized you are, the easier running a tiny house kitchen is.

Create a pot lid rail

Want to avoid the clutter of pot lids? Create a rail by using a curtain rod and threading the lids onto it.

Don’t forget the ceiling

You can make use of the upstairs space by installing hooks or hanging shelves on the ceiling.

Consider a pegboard

Gather your cookbooks, spoons, pots, pans, and more in one place using a pegboard with plenty of hooks.

Lighting in Tiny House Kitchen

high ceiling backsplash tiny house kitchen

When designing a tiny house, windows and light may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Imagine for a moment.

We spend a lot of time in kitchens. We cook, eat, and sometimes, if it’s dirty enough, we’ll clean up the kitchen. In a tiny house that offers less space for each designated function, the kitchen becomes more important due to its multi-functional nature.

One of the most appealing qualities of a kitchen is how it feels. Opening your kitchen up to a light with windows can make your space feel bigger and more accessible.

One place a window is needed is in the kitchen sink. A window over the sink reduces one’s workload and produces greater joy and happiness.

Task Lighting 

If you use a tiny home, investments in task lighting are an excellent way to conserve energy. Task lighting focuses light in one area, saving energy because it doesn’t illuminate the entire room.

Having task lighting over the sink or prep area makes it easy to do chores like washing dishes quickly. Hiding your lights underneath cabinets and shelves can help you make use of every inch of your space. These lights are shadow-free, especially nice when they’re working after dark, and natural light isn’t available.

Types of Lighting

You might also want to consider what types of lights you’re using.

Incandescent lighting

Though incandescent lights provide a warm and glare-free light, they use more energy than other types of lighting.

Halogen Lights

Halogen bulbs are more efficient and brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights come in a wide range of options and emit less energy than bulbs.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are usually rated for energy efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, they use about a quarter as much energy while lasting 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb that produces the same amount of light.

Tiny House Kitchen Essential Small Appliances

Not everyone has the same list of small appliances, and you may find that some of your appliances take up more space than they are worth.

Consider a combination microwave oven with a convection oven if you need one, grilling capacity, or the capability to make rotisserie chicken. This can save more space than having two appliances.

Then we would want:

  • A food processor
  • A coffee maker
  • An instant pot
  • A grinder
  • A blender

The list above is five kitchen gadgets we think every person should own to make their life easier.

The instant pot gives you a huge amount of cooking flexibility in the space that it takes up. It can be used as a rice cooker, steam cooker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker all at once. This means that there are many decisions to make when cooking, but the convenience outweighs the confusion.

Other Tiny House Kitchen Essentials

The contents of your list may vary, but it’s essential to think about how you will store everything in the limited space of a small kitchen :

  • Can opener
  • Cheese grater
  • Knives and forks
  • Storage boxes like Tupperware
  • Knife set
  • Garlic press
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Cocktail set (because relaxing is good)
  • Colander/strainer
  • Kitchen utensils in a single stand such as potato masher, whisks, spatulas, etc.
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Rolling pin
  • Teapot

Eating Spaces In Tiny House Kitchens

eating in kitchen

The kitchen is the hardest part of a tiny home if you don’t plan it out ahead of time. The person eating should easily reach the closest point, and there should at least be enough room for two people.

This is a better way to use a fold-down table that will fill in walkways when you are ready to serve and disassembled when you need more space.

Building the kitchen from the beginning is easier if you only aim to make it fit for two people.

You may want to create an eating space somewhere else in your tiny home if you’re faced with a lack of space.


Example Of Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Refresh Your Kitchen Area

kitchen area tiny house kitchen

The contrasting yellow-green accent colors make this corner kitchen look much livelier. Setting the mood for your small kitchen is as easy as switching to another color tone and choosing some vibrant colored items that are easily changed, such as window blinds, kitchen towels, or lighting fixtures.

Consider selecting minimal lighting fixtures, like a rectangle-shaped lamp or tabletop fixture that directs light upward. Also, remember to select flat window treatments so that they can create a seamless look.

Purely Wooden Kitchen

purely wooden tiny house kitchen

The kitchen should be a refuge of both visual and sensory delights. Nature is the perfect aesthetic, so choose wooden cabinetry (or artificial wood) to give your home’s sanctuary some flair.

Small kitchens create the most iconic look when mixed with wood panels that have uniform horizontal striations. Match brown cabinets with white shelves and pottery, then complete the look with subtle ambient lighting.

Tiny House Kitchen Wallpaper

wallpaper tiny house kitchen ideas

If you cannot install an open-back splash tile due to space constraints, try a waterproof wallpaper instead. They are inexpensive, and like tiles, there are many designs to suit your kitchen design.

Retractable Range Hood Kitchen

retractable range hood tiny house kitchen

One trend in tiny house kitchens that helps save space is installing retractable range hoods, which are also called slide-out range hoods. They can be pulled out and tucked away when not needed.

Illuminate Your Small Kitchen

yellow small space tiny house kitchen

Dark and dingy are not appealing traits of any room, but kitchens are especially undesirable as they often host a large array of messy tasks. To make your kitchen appear larger, bring in natural light. This will also help create a better cooking environment- and it will also cut down on the cost of electricity.

Stunning Kitchen With A lot Of Storage

big kitchen alpha 1200x918

Homebuilders are copying the “big kitchen feel” of traditional homes into their tiny house designs. One wonderful example of this is the New Frontiers Alpha model.

This is just one of the many features that make this home stand out from any others. The kitchen highlights high-end appliances and abundant storage space for a fully functional room.

Gray Themed Kitchen

gray themed tiny house kitchen ideas

Common in tiny homes, functional spaces overlap or flow through each other. In an open layout, you have to create a cohesive interior design.

Think about how the room’s design elements will work together; your lighting fixtures should be flexible enough to serve any purpose. Choose LED track lights so you can easily switch between tasks.

Backsplash Simple Décor

simple backsplash tiny house kitchen

Place decorative tiles into your small kitchen to trick the eye and make a cozy, cohesive space. Use sleek and simple designs without overdoing patterns, as this can clutter the visual experience.

Pull Out Countertop Kitchen

tiny house kitchen design ideas

If you need kitchen ideas for a tiny house, here are some brilliant concepts.

The pull-out countertop seating is a favorite feature of mine. When you’re not using the space, it sits flush with your counters like a drawer. This type of convertible space is what will give your kitchen maximum potential and utility!

I also enjoy the high ceilings and ample lighting, which is especially important in a tiny house kitchen. The stairs and storage containers lead to a loft, making it quick and easy to access pots and pans. The kitchen has a four-burner stove and double sink, making it functional for cooking large meals and small gatherings.

Ceiling High Storage Space

ceiling high storage space tiny house kitchen

One of the most common concerns for small kitchens is storage, so it’s important to think about maximizing your space wisely. Customized kitchen cabinets can be built from floor to ceiling, and they should in a lighter color scheme or compatible with the existing wall color tone.

Install your kitchen cabinets with door overlays and vertical openings, which gives you a seamless finish without any gaps.

Light Colors Kitchen

light colors tiny house kitchen ideas

If you prefer a colorway that is not too high-maintenance, try beige or gray. Pair these neutrals with different shades of the same tone for weight and decorative touches such as simple paneling and tile strips.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

u shaped tiny house kitchen

This tiny house kitchen layout looks magnificent.

One key advantage of tiny house design is that owners can purchase quality finishes, such as hardwood and brass hardware, without spending too much. When you’re outfitting a small space like this one, costs aren’t nearly as high as they are with standard-sized homes.

The U-shaped design of this kitchen makes me feel like I’m in a large open space. There is plenty of storage and even a spot for wine! Even better, the full-sized (or near-full) fridge provides ample space to store your groceries.

Rustic Tiny House Kitchen

raised tiny house kitchen

I love this tiny kitchen design. The raised floor provides tons of storage space below the kitchen, and there are storage doors on either side of the stairs.

This kitchen has a wall-mounted range hood, which is always an excellent idea for tiny kitchens in which ventilation safety must be guaranteed. The Dickson fireplace on the side is also nice to look at because of its high aesthetic qualities.

One of the things galley kitchens are best known for is their lack of wasted space when storing and accessing basic items.

Some people may think that placing the kitchen right next to the bedroom is a bad idea. In a tiny house, where all rooms are close together though (and again, the ventilation hood above the stove), this usually doesn’t pose a problem.

Kitchen With a Whole Lot of Red

all red tiny house kitchenPHOTOGRAPHY BY HEJM

The color doesn’t stop at the countertops and outlets in this kitchen. Even boring storage makes for a great addition to its decor with a coat of tomato red paint on them.

Kitchen Art Gallery

kitchen art gallery tiny house kitchen

If you’re feeling artsy, put your kitchenette to good use by displaying some of your projects.

Additionally, you can paint your bare kitchen walls with abstract forms or picturesque landscapes. Furthermore, you can display beautiful pottery pieces while mounted on a vertical wall or in some other eye-catching way.

However, keep in mind your color scheme and style and make sure to use a unified design. You also have to remember to avoid excess patterns or art that can create an overwhelming visual experience – making space appear even smaller than it already is.

L-Shaped Tiny House Kitchen

rustic tiny house kitchen

This is a typically seen kitchen layout – the L-shape – in a tiny house kitchen. But 2 features make this particular design special. The first thing you’ll notice about this design is the full-sized refrigerator, which is not a very common sight in tiny houses.

The second standout feature of the kitchen is the barstools at the countertop with space for eating. This may not be a rare quality, but it’s always nice to have. The cabinet underlighting brightens up the kitchen, and there is a shelving unit above the cabinetry that could be used for large storage needs if needed.

Decorative Kitchen Furniture

decorative furniture tiny house kitchen

If you already stick to a minimalist style in your kitchen, then choose furniture that complements this. For example, modern tables and seats typically have geometric patterns or prints on the surface. When you are decorating, make sure your kitchen has a few simple and clean furnishings.


Many people want a well-designed kitchen, but not everyone is fortunate to have the space for such an undertaking. If this describes your house, don’t get frustrated.

These tiny house kitchen ideas have the potential to take your simple and cozy space and turn it into an attractive place with plenty of warmth. What was your favorite?

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