Backyard Pavilions Ideas To Increase Appeal Your Home

There are numerous backyard pavilion options to choose from. When you allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings, you’re able to choose from different types of pavilions for those outdoor moments. If you don’t know what a backyard pavilion is, it’s similar to a gazebo or pergola.

You might think that a pavilion is just a pergola with the same purpose as an open-framed structure. However, there are enough differences between them to clue you in that they’re different. You can find pavilion plans and instructions online on how to build one and also pre-made blueprints for when you want to design your

The outdoor pavilion has numerous uses, and you could probably find open space for one in your yard. Owners of large yards might have used more than one. The most popular backyard pavilions include those that overlook a pool or patio; a smaller garden-style with wood benching; backyard patios with full barbecue cooking capabilities, and changing rooms.

There are no written rules regarding the type of backyard pavilion you should build, and many people have different preferences. When possible, you would want to have space for a small patio pavilion and a larger one further away.

Regardless of why you are looking for outdoor pavilion ideas, remember that they also provide a pleasing aesthetic. And anyone would love to spend more time outside in the summertime when it’s sunny and during the rainy season when it provides shelter.

What is the Difference Between a Pavilion and a Pergola?


A pavilion is an open-sided structure with a roof that protects without walls or a floor. Four to six poles support the roof, and it tends to be rectangular in shape. Most viewers use pavilions as they have the perfect design for any outdoor conversation area, from providing sections of shade on sunny days to blocking out the rain when

Pavilions and pergolas are often confused as they both have roofs. When comparing them, it is important to note that the roof on pavilions is completely closed while a pergola’s roof is constructed of open slats.


pergolas are larger outdoor shade structures that can cover large areas. They have a lattice-style roof supported by posts and sun protection through the grid on top of it or with attached canopies.

Pros And Cons Having a Backyard Pavilion


Adds Visual Interest

A pavilion in your backyard is advantageous because it can give personality. Pavilions are designed to create a grand first impression, which is due to the open layout that allows you to admire its posts and beams with one glance.

Protection from Sun and Rain

Many people love to go down to their backyard and enjoy a good book, but they can’t do so if it’s too hot or the weather turns. With a pavilion, you have shelter from both of these conditions, making your outdoor relaxing time even better.

The shingled roof design keeps the blistering sunlight out of your eyes and lessens the chance for insects to be crawling on you. That’s why a backyard pavilion is a good idea - it shelters you and offers some privacy whenever you need it, thanks to shrubs surrounding the area.

A Space for Activities

Not only can a backyard pavilion be used as a reading area, but it can also serve as a favorite hangout. A good set of furniture, lights, and food are all that are needed to make your backyard club perfect for relaxing in solitude or enjoying time with friends.

If you own a home with an ample pavilion, it might be wise to consider adding an outdoor kitchen or outdoor cooking appliances. In addition to the added convenience of having the ability to cook your own meals outdoors, there is a good chance this will make your property more attractive and valuable for prospective buyers.



If you require limited space, a pavilion may be difficult to acquire.


Like any construction, pavilions do require maintenance. Roof work can be especially problematic if you have a lot of rain and snow. If your roof starts to leak, the pavilion does much less good.

How to Build a Backyard Pavilion?

The difficulty with building a pavilion is largely dependent on the type of construction you choose. Three main types include:


This may be the most expensive option, but it is also one of the easiest to install. You can order a pavilion from any company and have them place it in your backyard for you.


If you can invest the time in designing your pavilion, this is a wonderful option. The sections for assembling your dream pavilion come fully prepared with detailed instructions so that it’s quick to put together.

This ready-made pavilion’s materials can be heavy and bulky, so you might need another person to help you set it up.

Built from Scratch

And yes, it is possible to construct a pavilion all by yourself! If you want to save more money but spend more time on the project, it is worth designing and building it yourself.

Here, you can either choose to create your pavilion by yourself if given more time. If not, then you have the option of hiring someone to build one for you based on a design provided by you and materials provided by the workers.

Choosing the Construction Material

One primary material for backyard pavilions is wood, and the other is vinyl. Each offers several benefits. One benefit of wood pavilions is that they can give a rustic vibe which means that they’re perfect for relaxing. However, many designs can be contemporary as well, as wood is available in different styles.

There are many different types of wood materials you can choose from, including pine, walnut, and beech. The shade you want will depend on the style you’re looking for; something lighter like ash and mahogany or something darker like walnut to make a statement.

Vinyl pavilions are popular among customers for their sleek and modern appearance. They come in either white or ivory and other colors that brighten up space, making it easier to decorate with various fixtures and furniture. They’re also easy to maintain.

Types of Backyard Pavilion

If you’re looking for space where you can relax after spending a hot, sunny day outside and talk about everyday things with friends and family members, then getting an outdoor pavilion could be perfect!

There are many different pavilions that people choose for their backyards. I will detail some of the most common types of the pavilion to consider.


Train Architects

In terms of wood pavilion plans, you have many color options to choose from. As with any outdoor structure, the wood is treated with waterproofing stains which many homeowners dislike but are necessary given that some woods may rot or shrink over time. Just note that when you consider DIY wooden pavilion plans for your best possible enjoyment, use safe woods.

Vinyl or Plastic

American Landscape Structures

Plastics and vinyl are both suitable options for outdoor use due to lower maintenance costs. You’ll need less time, money, and effort when you purchase an attractive pavilion made of these materials.

Vinyl is more expensive, but it offers a stronger and higher quality material. This ease of installation and durability are the main considerations when choosing a yard pavilion. There are also choices between different finishes and appearances.


Baystate Outdoor Personia

Metal pavilions might seem to offer less in the way of color and variation, but you can play around with DIY ideas when choosing this type of pavilion. A metal pavilion is an extension of your kitchen; it makes a great place for cooking, like a BBQ under it.


Flavin Architects

Fiberglass is an excellent building material for outdoor pavilions in many backyard designs. If modern and stylish looks are your preference, you should browse these pavilion pictures to create the look that suits your needs. Fiberglass shelters are durable and won’t rot, warp or rust as wooden shelters do despite being more expensive than a wooden shelter.


Core Outdoor Living

If you’re looking to extend your living space outdoors with a pavilion with a fireplace, you may want to consider stone. There are hundreds of design options and plans for building such structures available. You may also find that stone is the most natural material while having many ways to match it aesthetically around your house to not look out of place.


Forever Redwood

A temporary pavilion is a great alternative to a permanent structure. Even though it may cost less than building your own, you can take one with you for picnics or park visits and set up in just minutes.

Patio Pavilion

Michelle Walker architects

If you are considering moving your living space outdoors, one option worth exploring is building a patio pavilion. When built correctly, they become spaces with tables and chairs for outside eating, display cases for plants or artwork, outdoor kitchens with appliances like coffee makers and kitchen backsplashes to show off our culinary abilities.

Hex Bell Roof Pavilion


This design has an elegant roofline. The pillars are traditional and impressive, but the homeowners love them for their sheer elegance.

Customized Pavilion with a Fireplace


Before you decide to have a fireplace in your pavilion, know which type is best for you.

Wood burning

The cheapest fireplace you can have is a great way to warm up your home. Make sure your chimney is ready for use before installing one, though!


Installing a natural gas line and approving use at your local utility companies is an expensive process. Still, homeowners tend to use it because they don’t have to store wood near their pavilion or put up with the hassle of a chimney.

Tips For Enchanting Looks

When assembling your outdoor structures, make sure you bring the following items:

Fans for Summers and Fireplace for Winters

Fans are necessary for more than just their cooling effect – they also keep flies and bugs away. Outdoor versions of these items can be found easily on the market.

There are many pavilions with fireplaces available for purchase. In the winter, you can use UV buzz lamps to keep away bugs, along with a fireplace to stay warm.

Add Succulents on The Walls

When building a pavilion, don’t forget to decorate the walls too. Your garden will already be surrounded by plants and flowers, but it’s important for your guests to have something pretty they can look at when they enter. There are hanging frames in which you can grow small succulents that need little care and lots of water so there is not much effort on your behalf!

Keep the Lighting Perfect

Put in proper lighting. It should not be blindingly bright, but you can also use a romantic little floral lamp for its corner-brightening effect.

You can also use a variety of plants to complement the backyard look and theme. Lots of plant types are available for your choice as well!

You can also grow a terrarium in a lightbulb planter that smells good and look interesting.

Keep Bugs, Mosquitos, Flies, and Insects Away

The most embarrassing thing while dining outside at the pavilion or in the pavilion is when unwanted flies and mosquitos attack. The open-air doesn’t make it easy to get rid of mosquitos with the help of a fan or repellent lotion. Luckily, we are here for you. Outdoor mosquito traps may be useful if you have a problem with mosquitoes in your pavilion.

Decorate The Roof with Chained Lights

Outdoor walkways, sitting areas, pavilions, and pergolas need to be well lit. Lights add a lot of features to the place as well as enhance the mood of people who are there.

So, it would help if you adopted roof-top lighting backyard ideas such as crafted lantern chains. All you need do is place them on your roof and watch ‘for the magic to happen.

Look for ways to incorporate uplighting in your event setting, whether it’s throwing a party or hosting a dinner.

Add Comfortable Sitting Arrangements

Comfy furniture is key to a successful pavilion. From sofas and chairs to hammocks for romantic times or swings for the little ones- make sure you have what your guests need before they walk in the door! Visit an old store where you can buy used furnishings at affordable prices that fit any budget. Soft couches will help people stay comfortable during long visits too!

Keep the Place Cleaned

In an outdoor area like a pavilion and the items inside, more time needs to be allotted for cleaning as they contact to dust and mud daily. Dusting will need to happen twice each day, along with mopping after it rains or whenever strong winds blow through.

Backyard Pavilion Design Ideas Inspiration

Shady Pavilion In Elevated Area

If you want to enjoy your property during the summer, consider placing your pavilion in an elevated area so you can oversee the entire area. The shady pavilion pictured here overlooks a swimming pool, where residents can monitor the lake and their surroundings.

Mix traditional And Modern Material


This pavilion is a mixture of modern material and traditional forms. A circular shape, traditionally made out of stone pillars that held up the roof, has been updated to be built with new materials.

This pavilion keeps the rondo form of the original building, but it uses glass to create a new window on both sides. It’s easy to access and airy because many sliding doors can easily transform the sheltered room into an outdoor patio.

Rustic Pavilion

Here, a rustic-style pavilion stands with its natural wood beams and worn seats. There are two picnic benches under the pavilion that can seat many people. The antiquity feeling of this place is perfect for outdoor gatherings in an open field or front yard and inside mixed-use commercial spaces.

Stone Backyard Pavilion

The stone pillars of this pavilion match the stone walkways and other masonry structures. The construction is rugged and sturdy, blends nicely with its surroundings- a natural-looking patio adorned by a fireplace made out of stones.

Simple Metal Pavilion

To create a simple outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on an elaborate structure. This metal pavilion features only what is needed - the canopy should keep the rain away without taking up too much yard space.

Tropical Pavilion

If you have a tropical garden and are still looking for the right site for your pavilion, this Asian-themed pavilion will suit your needs. It is positioned in the center of a concrete floor and has walls made of wood surrounded by thatched roofing.

Wooden chairs and cushions are set against the end of a wooden table, creating an island feel to this pavilion. If you’d rather have privacy, attach a white curtain for this open room.

Curtain for Backyard Pavilion

If you want to get some privacy for your pavilion, hang curtains. Curtains allow you to shut the pavilion off from outside views when necessary yet still allow it to remain open on pleasant days.

Poolside Backyard Pavilion

Here is a pavilion near the pool. Some party-goers can splash and play in the water, while those who prefer shade can find plenty of it nearby them. Those inclined to storytelling should enjoy this spot, as flowers and plants surround them.

Pavilion With Metal Poles

The pavilion in this backyard has a stone base and thin metal poles supporting the canopy: the fire pit and chairs made of iron blend well with the design.

Minimalist Pavilion Idea

Who said a pavilion has to be large? Minimalist lovers know the value of simplicity and size. That is why ideas like this incorporate bold yet straightforward design elements.

The sitting area is made out of wood and located in one of the corners. The pavilion matches the minimalistic nature of the building at the side. A metal roofing material is used along with polycarbonate to cover it up.

Thatched Roof Backyard Pavilion

A thatched roof is a good way to add festive texture. This kind of roof will give your pavilion an island feel, just like you’re escaping off somewhere far and exotic when in reality, it’s all right there in the backyard!

Small Backyard Pavilion

The size of a pavilion can be adjusted to accommodate intimate cafe tables. This is the perfect spot for an early morning outside brunch with close friends or family members who live in your area, and you don’t have much space inside.

Backyard Pavilion with Brazier


For evenings spent outdoors, you probably want to enjoy some space. Make your own backyard pavilion with a simple wooden pavilion, tiles for the floor, and a roaster made with gypsum to light fires as needed. There is also a stove where you can cook food and do barbeques; it cannot be better than this!

In addition, for evening leisure time, put some cozy sofas or chairs made from water repellent acacia wood near a table.

You can fix the design in place or make it portable. However, to make it portable, don’t attach it to the floor.

Portable Backyard Pavilion

This is a prefabricated pavilion, which means it can be set up almost anywhere at any time. While it is larger and not meant to be moved often, it can still be transported if necessary.

Square Roof Enriched Pavilion for The Backyard


A majority of the pavilions have roof structures that are in huts. However, if you need a new design, this one is designed for portability, meaning it’s perfect for use on your lawn to enjoy an evening looking at the stars.

Modern Backyard Pavilion

The need for a matching pavilion and home cannot be overstated. This idea is beautifully exemplified by using a modern design and materials in both the house and the pavilion beside it. The architectural beauty sits next to an impeccable lawn with centipede grass.

At night, the open-air pavilion becomes irresistible. As if that isn’t enough to draw your attention, you’ll notice a deck with a matching ceiling below it.

Final Words

Check out our photo gallery of backyard pavilion ideas! Skilled professionals and homeowners have shared multiple designs for pavilions in backyards, using cement pavers, stones, metal, wood, or even brick. We will continue to update this page with fresh inspiration for both exterior and interior design that you might find useful.

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