Best Brick Fireplace Ideas To Create Focal Point For Your Room

In addition to providing warmth and achieving good looks, a fireplace can serve as the focal point of your room. Fireplaces are a wonderful part of many homes, but turning yours into something that can be admired from any corner is something you will love. With brick as the main design element, this change is simple and affordable.

Brick can be altered to mimic almost any design you want, whether it is simple or elaborate. Mixing colors and accessories to use brick in a fireplace design will help you create your perfect look. Here are some thoughts for using brick in a fireplace creation that might inspire you when designing.

3 Things To Consider On Creating Catchy Brick Fireplace Ideas

1. Mantel choices

A mantel is a fireplace accessory that is usually used to provide decoration. It can be incorporated into large or small fireplaces to enhance them and make them more noticeable. White windowsills and door frames are visually prominent against natural brick, but a mantle of white makes it look like your mantel was made by someone who didn’t want to see any evidence that they had sanded the wood.

2. Accent tips

Using different colored bricks for a fireplace mantle is a good way to add flair and style. For example, red bricks are commonly used to frame an opening in the wall leading into the fireplace, while white grout offers balance, and light oak wood framing creates a dark contrast. If you are trying to use brick in a trendy way, transitional white bricks can help decorate light walls. White brick is more restrained than other colors if used, so the wall isn’t compromised for bolder colors. A great way to make use of this is with accents such as fireplaces or sidelights, which highlight its

3. Full-wall bricking or small

There are two ways you may choose to fill your fireplace with bricks. You can cover the entire wall in brick or extend the bricking above the fireplace and up high into a dramatic-looking streamer of brick that capitalizes on high ceilings.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace

When you want to update a room with an old brick fireplace, paint is one of the easiest ways to create a whole new look. With just a well-planned do-it-yourself project and an average amount of paint, you can get a high impact for only moderate effort. One key to getting the best results is doing your prep work correctly. You can avoid breathing in the dust by taking a few precautions, including wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and avoiding exposure to anything airborne.

Step #1: Brush Out Debris

Clean your fireplace with a stiff wire brush before you paint to ensure that the surface is as sound and clean as possible. Remove any loose debris from the mortar lines between bricks, then see if you need to repair any sinking areas of mortar before painting. After brushing, use the vacuum with a brush attachment to clean up the dust from surfaces and floors.

Step #2: Wash the Brick Clean

Now that you’ve brushed off all of the loose debris, it’s time to give the brick a deep clean to remove accumulated soot or other mineral residues. If you want a biodegradable, phosphate-free cleaner for your home, try INSL-X All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner. This eco-friendly product is perfect for all surfaces and can be diluted to your desired strength. When using cleaning products to clean a brick fireplace, use a small amount of spot testing first in an out-of-the-way area. Clean the front of the fireplace by rubbing cleaner and sponge circularly on the brick surface before wiping down with a damp cloth. If any soot remains or other residue arises from the cleaning process, use either degreaser or trisodium phosphate to clean it.

Step #3: Prime the Brick

After taping off your fireplace and trim edges, use a paintbrush to prime all the mortar lines between the bricks. Be careful not to leave any unpainted spots. When priming brick, we recommend using Fresh Start® High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046) or INSL-X° Aqua Lock®. Once the mortar is primed, use a roller to prime the brick face more quickly. If you have a 1/2″ nap roller cover or 3/8″, this will give you better coverage depending on the texture of your bricks. Light paint color is susceptible to picking up dirt or mineral stains, so you may want to plan on applying at least two coats. If this is the case, it may be necessary to apply two coats of primer and allow each coat to dry before painting. It takes approximately twenty-four hours for the primer to dry to get the best result.

Step #4: Paint Your Brick Fireplace

Take care to paint the mortar lines on bricks, as this greatly improves the brickwork. You can then cover the faces of the bricks with house paint more quickly with a roller brush. For ceilings that reach 20 inches high or higher, use an extension pole for your roller brush to reach even those areas where you have a chimney rising toward it

The Brickwork on Your Fireplace is A Great Place To Showcase The Color of Paint You’ve Chosen

When painting a brick fireplace, it’s best to stick with neutral colors such as white and gray. However, adding contrasting or bright colors will make your fireplace the focal point in any room. Benjamin Moore offers 3,500+ paint colors from the trusted and high-quality product lines of Regal Select, Aura, and ADVANCE paints. Sheen or finish can also help to create the desired look. Brick’s texture is dependent on what kind of finish it has. Matte and eggshells tend to preserve the natural texture with fewer visible imperfections, whereas a lighter gloss-style finish will reflect more light and make future cleaning easier.

Step #5: Paint the Mantel and Trim

Here are some mantel and trim design tips to get you started:

  • When painting the mantle, consider taking a shortcut and using the same color in other parts of your home.
  • For a smoother, more modern look, you can paint the mantel the same color as the fireplace and walls. Consider buying a bold piece of artwork to hang above it or placing brighter accents on top of it.
  • A splash of color is a perfect way to create focal points in an otherwise monotonous room. A fireplace deals with the problem of too much white space and provides just the right place to incorporate that bold pop of color you’ve always wanted.
  • A black or white mantel offers a sleek and simple look. Black-colored mantels anchor the fireplace and frame the room, providing stability. White-colored mantels have a timeless appeal, making them flexible to changing small decor throughout the year.

Pros and Cons Painting Brick Fireplace

PROS of Painting Interior Brick Fireplaces

Painting an old brick wall or fireplace can dramatically affect the feel and appearance of your home. While painting exterior brick is more challenging, interior walls are easier to work with.

Preparing an interior brick surface for painting is less labor-intensive and requires milder cleaning solutions to remove dirt or soot around fireplaces. Cracks in mortar can be filled with paintable silicone caulking. While it may cost more than external brick, painting an interior brick surface is still cheaper overall.

CONS of Painting Interior Brick Fireplaces

Woodbridge Environmental says that once you paint your brick fireplace surrounds, it becomes challenging to reverse the process and return the surround to its original state because porous bricks will soak up paint easily while leaving residual paint in hard-to-reach places on the surface.

Although not as taxing as painting exterior brick, painting an interior brick surface can be time-consuming. You may roll on the paint for large areas like walls or fireplaces, but you will need to brush your paint onto the mortar and around any pores that have leaked.

Attention to detail when painting brick is critical — it’s not the sort of job for someone who prefers small improvements. Contractor Kevin Stevens recommends spraying as the best method for painting bricks.

Expect to buy a minimum of twice the paint for an unpainted natural wall, including appropriate cleaning solutions, primers, and heavy-duty rollers. I recommend using quality, high-quality paints as this is the best way to guarantee your paint job will last for years afterward.

Painting brick means it will be as difficult to clean as any other brick. Painting the material a light color, like white or light blue, can make cleaning harder and could require regular upkeep in these conditions.

Best advice: If you’re unsure of how to address this situation, consult a professional painter. Painting brick is more difficult than it may seem and can be dangerous if not done correctly.

Color Options Ideas

Minty Fresh

One of the best parts about cooler temperatures is how cozy it becomes on cold nights-sleeping under a fuzzy blanket, drinking your tea with honey, and having an engaged conversation by an old-fashioned fireplace. For so many of these quiet seasons, the fireplace stands silently in wait. But now that the days are cooling off, fires can light up.

I love painted brick fireplaces. They’re fresh and trendy while at the same time being classic and timeless. In the above example, a white-painted brick fireplace is flanked by matching mint shelves to give it some color. A complimentary green mantel ties everything together beautifully.

Dark Color

A painting brick fireplace is a striking focal point in any living room. Here, the dark color scheme dominates the space with floor-to-ceiling windows which are receptive to nature. Black creates contrast against white finishes and invites vibrancy into this home through a black fireplace.

White paint continues on the walls and provides a fresh, calming look. The trendy dark wood flooring is added to relax the atmosphere. There is plenty of space in this living room, with blue carpet covering the floor.

Bright Pluss All-White

This brick fireplace with white furnishings creates a soft and snowy-looking living room. The clean architectural lines serve as the perfect backdrop to this cozy setting.

Brick-Red Brick

Formerly an unusable fireplace, this wall is now filled with photos of the occupant’s pets. It was redesigned by Karen Wolf and given a bold red color to imitate that brick hue.

Pretty in Pink

This cheerful palette by J. Kurtz Design livens up space without compromising on modern chic vibes, a vibrant combination of bubblegum pinks and whites.

Blue And White Painted Brick Fireplace

Appliances made from white brick were a decorating accent for this living room. The fireplace includes a painted bright blue mantel with Sherwin Williams paint to provide vitality and contrast in the color scheme. The floor is covered with medium-tone wood, which contrasts the blue walls nicely.

Brick Fireplace Decor Ideas

Fireplaces are central to a home, providing a visual focal point. They hark back to evenings enjoying wine and watching movies while wrapped in blankets.

As the colder weather approaches, let’s dream about warming up our living spaces. One of the best ways to achieve your goal is perusing stunning brick fireplaces and drawing inspiration from cozy rooms.

These brick fireplace ideas are making us want to make what’s old new again. Here, we see inspiring takes on our favorite cozy classic fireplace with just a little help from paint and décor. Keep scrolling to see how these designers interpreted the traditional model in a way that reflects their personal style.

White Brick Fireplace with Oversized Abstract Artwork

The modern living room is filled with lively colors, including a white brick fireplace that stands out against lighter oak wood furniture. White walls and ceiling help complement the dark fireplace frame, resulting in a modern feel. Light tiles on the ground offset cozy furniture in harmony with high ceilings.

Farmhouse Living Room with gray brick fireplace

The living room is painted in a light beige and features wood finishes. The brick fireplace can brighten up space, contrasting against the walls’ tan color. The glass on top of the modern-looking wooden table is whitened by pops of powder blue and other wood features.

High-ceiling Living Room with White Brick Fireplace and L-shaped Couch

The modern living room is designed with a color scheme that combines gray walls and a brick fireplace. The white-painted, light wooden floor fireplaces are in harmony for contrast as the focal point of this space. This cozy seating area features an L-shaped couch that can provide relaxation to any guest or family member who wants some time away from their day!

Add Warm wood tones and mirrors on White Brick Painted

The white brick fireplace is the focal point of this living room. Gray furniture, clean lines, and warm wood tones make for an ultra-cozy space that looks soft with a modern backdrop.

White Brick Fireplace with Gold Circular Mirror

The soft-toned living room is decorated with a white sofa set, giving the space much-needed contrast. The welcoming fireplace and walls are painted in simple whites for an open look that makes you feel right at home. An ornate gold mirror above the mantle provides ample opportunity to reflect on your day or take it all in from afar.

Christmas Decor Around Fireplace

Christmas cheer should be a year-round event. From the twinkling lights to our favorite little tree on display, this is an easy way of adding some joy and good tidings into your decorating scheme. It’s worth it for that one time when someone says “Merry Christmas!” you can say back as quickly as they do!

Floating Mantel for a Modern Rustic Fireplace

Floating mantels that are perfect for brick fireplaces! You’ve heard of floating shelves. How about a floating mantel? It looks amazing with all types, but it’s especially nice to update an old-fashioned-looking fireplace like this one made from bricks. They can look dated and unfashionable - so the only way you’ll know if they’re not your style is by trying them out in person (or using pictures as a reference)! This type has a cool feature: Hollow inside makes it lightweight and easy to install too!

Antique Style Window Frame for Brick Fireplace Mantel

Window frames are a way to infuse character into any space. This design is trendy in farmhouse-style homes because it adds height and elegance when used at the mantel over a fireplace or on an outside wall with no window. The perfect finishing touch for any room, these antique-looking windows frame your favorite memories as they hang from their brackets.

Cozy Cabin Brick Fireplace

A fireplace can be a great way to add warmth and personality to any room, but this one is really something special. It’s almost like you’re in the middle of nature with these wood panels that are perfect for placing things on as well as just looking at. The most impressive part might actually be how they used black paint to make the brick pop even more than it did before!

Neutral and Simple Brick Fireplace

The neutral brick in this fireplace makes the room feel bright and welcoming without being too bold. Grey walls give it a blank slate but coordinate with the rug beautifully to keep things cozy.

Shades of Green Brick Fireplace

The living room was redone with a monochromatic look by painting the fireplace and surrounding wall match in forest green. We could stay comfortable and cozy in this space or lounge on these sofas all night long!

Vintage Finds Brick Fireplace

Something is soothing about a fireplace, and this one is no exception. White bricks are complemented by antique furniture pieces that add character to the home—the perfect finishing touch for already livable space.

A Real Timber Shelf Combine with Brick Fireplace

Real wood and brick are natural elements that look good together. A red brick fireplace combined with real timber looks fantastic. They aren’t just a look for old-fashioned or traditionally styled homes either, as a red brick fireplace paired with wooden logs will make your home stylish everywhere.

The thicker the wood, the better. A beautiful piece of real wood with a nice grain can be aesthetically pleasing on its own. But to add a more rustic look, get a piece that looks weathered, or for something slightly more modern, pick one that appears newer.

Whether you want a stained fireplace or one that is unstained depends on your style. Either way, make sure the color of the fireplace matches the rest of the room’s decor. While they come in many different colors, make sure that you don’t match the other woods in the room if you have hardwood or wood floors and similar furniture. Pick complementary colors for contrasty design or go with a harmonious color.

Simple Red Brick Fireplace Design

Take a moment to consider being a minimalist. Redbrick fireplaces are beautiful and don’t always need a lot of extra frills. In an attempt to make things more grandiose, many novice designers end up making everything over the top instead. Consider scaling back your project once in a while and finish that fireplace with just some simple.

Keep the brick as tidy as possible but don’t stress about little wear and tear around the fireplace. Some wear adds charm to the design, so removing shelves or other bits of decoration can make your fireplace pop. Nearly every client finishes the top with molding, but it’s not necessary. The design looks just as good if the brick goes from floor to ceiling.

This design looks best when the brick fireplace sticks out from a wall. It adds lots of interest and dimension to the structure that isn’t there if the fireplace is set into a wall with flat bricks.

When designing a new home, consider pulling the fireplace into the room to achieve this three-dimensional look. If you’re remodeling, this same effect can be achieved by framing an addition with 2x4s and installing either faux or real brick. Even though it takes more effort, it’s worth the investment if you like that.

Shelve Books

During the warm summer months, make your heart work for you. Stack interesting hardcovers, paperbacks, and magazines inside to create a collected focal point by placing them on top of each other in rows or stacks.

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