How To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Desk Space

A kitchen desk is not the same as a kitchen countertop. While a kitchen countertop serves all cooking and cleaning-related activities, such as preparing meals and scrubbing dishes, a kitchen desk doesn’t perform those tasks. Usually, it’s used exclusively for work purposes.

The kitchen desk typically consists of a large cabinet or cupboard that separates the initial area, which contains a kitchen countertop. If you still find this insufficient to explain, please see our list below.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kitchen Desk Ideas

frost built in kitchen desk ideas

More and more homeowners are finding it hard to find a place for their workspace. The kitchen is a perfect spot since it’s near the home office, messaging area, or free desk space. But there are disadvantages as well as advantages of using this area for your workspace.

Advantages Of A Kitchen Desk Space Ideas

kitchen desk ideas with natural light

Charging station. Tired of everyone’s electronics, such as phones, games, tablets, and wires, taking up space around the kitchen counter or bar area? Your desk space can come equipped with electrical strips hidden in the back of drawers – so no one has to worry about where they put their gadgets.

Protect the gadgets. Alongside this, a kitchen office center protects gadgets from the steam, grease, spills, and splatter that they are prone to when placed on countertops.

Homework station. Homework typically overlaps with the time when parents are putting groceries away and prepping dinner. Working on homework while sitting in the kitchen makes it easy to have your kids close by without disrupting your day-to-day routine. We find it helps to keep kids on-task -they’re less likely to switch to Netflix or get distracted by Instagram if they know you can see them.

Keep things organized. Every household has at least a section of the kitchen countertops and some drawers with “stuff” – bills, papers, permission slips, artworks from school, etc. Kitchen desk space is as utilitarian as kitchen cabinets are, so you can use it to store things out of sight.

Work in between. Despite our belief in the importance of not working too much, we know that checking one last email or stopping by to make a “quick” correction can lead to 30 minutes later with a burnt pot on the stove. Our kitchen desk allows us to cook dinner and finish up those last-minute details.

Disadvantages To The Kitchen Desk Space Ideas

very small kitchen desk ideas with hight bar stool

It may be a tight fit. If you live in a small apartment or have a small kitchen, this may not be the best solution. Kitchen desk space works best for those with larger kitchens, such as L-shaped or U-shaped layouts.

Spots and splatter. One of the advantages of using a kitchen desk is that it can protect gadgets and gizmos. However, this advantage only applies if there is adequate space between the stove, sink, and snack areas. If you do not design your kitchen wisely, it could cause both children and parents to get caught up in an excuse like “the pasta ate our homework…,” which may be used at school or work.

Extra clutter. If you don’t design your desk properly, or if you deal with a lot of paperwork, your kitchen office might contribute to the clutter that would have been hidden if you had an established home office.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like to clean or organize, I recommend sticking with highly customized cabinets and drawers instead.

How To Create A Kitchen Desk

kitchen desk ideas with two wooden chair

Though not as conducive to task management, a desk in the kitchen can still provide a functional place for managing everyday tasks. Here are some tips to help you gain maximum efficiency by using the said desk.

Take Stock

kitchen desk ideas with colorful chair

If you position your workstation next to the front door in your kitchen, small items like keys, cell phones, and mail will accumulate there. Set out a basket for keys and a power strip for cell phone chargers. Assign space on the desk for a holder for mail, pens, paper, scissors, or batteries. Make the desk surface free for a laptop, look up your recipes, or pay bills.

Comfort Zone

comfort zone for kitchen desk ideas

You’ll need at least 24 inches of desk space to seat two guests comfortably. A bigger surface will make your desktop more an area for work and less a place for visitors to stand around. The space needed for a chair under the desk should also provide enough room to push back. 36 inches of clearance is recommended so that you can tuck the seat away from where people walk completely under the desk and bump into it.

Work It

kitchen desk ideas beside window with reading nook

With open and closed storage, you can display some things while protecting others from the grime of kitchen grease. Shelving is provided for cookbooks or other reading material, and a file drawer is perfect for storing warranties and receipts.

Make sure you include a phone jack, cable connection, Internet connection – and electrical outlets to power your devices. You’ll also need lighting, space for a trash can, and a printer and computer supplies.

Ideas To Save Space With A Built-in Kitchen Desk Option

built in kitchen desk ideas

A built-in kitchen desk may not sound very modern, but it’s actually a popular option for remodels. Keep in mind that the “built-in” part is key to this style. Mounting cabinets on the wall can look more natural and less intrusive to your kitchen space.

Select a nook that is inside the same room but far away from the stove and sinks. Corners work best for this type of setup. Built-in desks feel like they are part of the kitchen rather than an add-on.

Corner Desk

kitchen desk ideas on the corner

A corner desk is a great option if you have an island with a sink or extra space. This type of desk maximizes the work surface and doesn’t take up too much room. However, this type of desk should be kept simple and easy to use for your convenience.

Coffee Bar Desk

kitchen coffee bar desk ideas

A large-scale option to either be installed within your wall or for an added versatility, this combined space can both be used as an office and spacious area to relax while drinking a coffee. Choosing a simple design with no unnecessary cabinets or hutch overhead will have drawers that connect directly into your kitchen cabinet.

Computer Desk

kitchen with computer desk ideas

Yes, modern computer desks can be practical and up-to-date. You may also want to choose one with granite or marble surfaces that complements the counters in the kitchen–many people prefer this look for their workspaces.

Tuck computer desk away in a corner with cabinets overhead. These work best when decorative moldings and hardware such as you would find in the country, cottage, or traditional kitchens. They might not be the most space-efficient option, but they provide plenty of room to work.

Writing Desk

kitchen with writing desk ideas

Choose a writing desk with simple yet traditional hardware for an elegant appearance; you can choose to have it installed or freestanding. Place the desk close by some natural light next to a seating area, like a window seat.

The Nook

the nook kitchen desk ideas

If you’re looking for a modern or contemporary style, consider mounting a nook desk. These desks can be built into the wall, saving space and giving the area an open look. Many are suspended with bookshelves overhead without any legs. The suspended setup is both efficient and stylish.

Understated Addition

If you want a desk space but don’t want to make a big deal about it, try this option. It blends in with your other furniture and gives you enough space to work from. Instead of a full-size desk, choose a smaller one with enough space to work without feeling too intimidating. Has the desk installed on a corner and cabinets extending overhead? This will work with just about any style.

Island Counter

island counter for kitchen desk ideas

Add storage shelves and cabinet cubbies beneath the island countertop and “lower” counter outlets. This will create a multipurpose space to accommodate office and kitchen duties without feeling too cluttered or overburdened.

Ideas To Select A Desk That Matches The Kitchen Style And Feel

To make your desk feel more like a part of the room, you should choose one that matches the general style and feel. This doesn’t mean it has to be an exact match; however, it’s still worth considering how comfortable both pieces will look together before making any final decisions.

Farmhouse Style

farmhouse style kitchen desk ideas

Choose a desk with a wood coating that matches your kitchen floors, or you can make it darker and more weathered-looking for a country feel or farmhouse style. Other alternatives are classic colors like white, depending on the majority of colors in the kitchen.

Modern Style

modern style kitchen desk ideas

Modern kitchens often focus on sleek, minimalist designs. A desk with a sleek, metallic finish can be found in many styles of modern design. Desk options for a mid-century modern style should be relatively simple with horizontal lines and little ornamentation.

Traditional Style

traditional style kitchen desk ideas

To create a traditional design, add some decor above the desk area or useful space—desks with distinct molding, whether on the legs or face; elegant hardware, and smooth finishes. Colors should be in a timeless color- think white, blue-black, etc.

Craftsman Style

craftsman style kitchen desk ideas

Craftsman-style kitchens are known for their rich wood tones, and you should similarly design your desk. Be aware of the risk of the desk feeling too heavy with strong details like hardware or accessories, so keep them simple and understated to avoid overwhelming the space.

Mediterranean Style

mediterranean style kitchen desk ideas

Kitchens with bright splashes of color or a mixed material can be tricky. Pick a desk that complements the existing space rather than clashing harshly against it. To make your desk seem like it’s part of the room instead of an afterthought, you can opt to go for a table in any color but matching. This choice will allow you to have either a tile or wood backing while still getting the contrast desirable when using these two materials.

Industrial Style

industrial style kitchen desk ideas

For an industrial look, choose a desk with metal legs and a wood grain top. A minimalistic feel is important in achieving an industrial appearance, so limiting the choices will help keep this theme.

List Of Kitchen Desk Ideas

Manning Residence Kitchen Desk Ideas

manning residence kitchen desk ideas

This kitchen design would be best for people who want to create a U-shape across the principal bench.

Arrange the desk into two separate work areas. The front area would be your kitchen table, and you can also use it as an office workspace, while the remaining space can serve as a secondary work area for larger projects. Try splitting up these two spaces with an incised line to differentiate between them.

One of the best places to work is with a rolling chair so that you can easily move around. Creating a simple drawer for storage is okay. Add a glass vase with small plants to give another color besides wallpaper paint.

Residential Kitchen Desk Ideas

residential kitchen desk ideas

You can still do lots of cooking even if you have a small amount of space in your kitchen. For instance, it is possible to create a desk between the counters and sink.

While families often position the kitchen cabinets against the wall and store them in them, try to change this pattern. Center any workstation in the middle of the central room so you can more easily modify it over time.

Begin with arranging the first chair with soft white as the central theme. Then, put a few pots or vases of soft green plants on top of it. It is better to use fake plants, so you don’t have to worry about shedding them onto your desk.

If you want to include a living plant, put it in the corner of the room. Add some figurines there as well. Design your desk with a porcelain surface that is matched in tone with the color of the chairs.

Adorable Classic Kitchen Desk Ideas

adorable classic kitchen desk ideas

This kitchen desk idea is perfect for homes with eat-in kitchens as the centerpiece. The iconic item here is a vintage wicker chair, which is appropriate for classic designs such as this one.

The design begins near the main dinner table. You can also stick pictures to the wall or paint a whiteboard on the wall if desired. The new cabinet with drawers will provide you with the space to store all of your things. You can also place books on the small shelf above.

One or two plants can help clean the air inside a room. Lights, either long lamps that are on all day for work at night, can be energizing as well.

Traditional Kitchen Desk With Bookshelves

traditional kitchen desk with bookshelves

Bookshelves with many spaces allow you to put each item in a spot that is accessible yet out of the way. First, pack books at the bottom, so they are easy to reach. Put any extra items further up on your display shelves, such as video games or a small TV monitor.

Add plugs with USB ports so you can charge your laptop and phone and turn on the TV. Add cinderblocks under the desk to store your bags.

Scarsdale Kitchen Desk Ideas

scarsdale kitchen desk ideas

This kitchen is likely a transitional design. The u-shaped flooring and brown cabinets make this design unique and traditional today’s style with updated shaker drawers and contemporary white wood cabinet doors.

Put an under-mount sink and a white backsplash. Install marble or stainless steel appliances with a black countertop. Flooring should be natural wood, ceramic tile, or stone, depending on your style preference.

Amazing Kitchen Desk Ideas

amazing kitchen desk ideas

The kitchen desk is unusually spacious and thus stands out from the others. The wood feels warm and comforting on your body when you sit in one of the chairs here and relieves feelings of claustrophobia with a high ceiling that makes us look up rather than down.

The kitchen desk contains two floating cabinets which showcase crystal collectibles. Given the long table, the space on the computer desk is sufficient for two people working together. There’s a small space for a trash bin or other items.

Blue Rattan Chair at Small Kitchen Desk

blue rattan chair at small kitchen desk

The white kitchen is filled with a variety of cool and fun pieces to keep work time enjoyable. The blue rattan chair at the workspace table mixes nicely with the bright white cabinets, while funky art hangs on the walls near shelves full of cookbooks!

Black Wooden Chair at Marble Top Built In Kitchen Desk

black wooden chair at marble top built in kitchen desk

The kitchen desk is designed in a marble top and has dark gray backsplash tiles. It includes an understated black wooden chair that fits perfectly with the design of this piece of furniture.

Peaceful Kitchen Desk

peaceful kitchen desk

A kitchen desk doesn’t always offer an extra workspace. Sometimes it is used for reading or listening to music while waiting for ingredients and water to finish cooking for the family.

That said, you can incorporate a narrow kitchen desk style into your kitchen setup plan. Utilizing the space between two tall cupboards creates an open sub-cupboard unit and a covered deck area part of one unit.

With the new desk, employees will not spend any more time talking or researching online.

Wide Kitchen Desk

wide kitchen desk

Busy women may need to have a desk in their kitchen. Some of you may be busy multitasking mothers with different responsibilities from cooking and cleaning to taking care of the family.

Some people work full-time in an office or as freelancers. They probably have days where they must bring their laptop to and from the office, continuing work when they return from a day at the office or on weekends. That situation can make some people think of bringing along their kitchen desk while traveling with their washing machine.

Or you can put a simple table alongside the main cooking area in your kitchen.

Natural Sensible Work Space With Kitchen Desk

natural sensible work space with kitchen desk

Tight kitchen spaces can be challenging to work with, but an idea that is fairly easy to implement is utilizing a functional workspace near the entrance at right angles with cabinetry and the desk.

The counter that converts into the beverage area is perfect for a multi-tasker. You can do your daily tasks on the side and stay engaged while checking off a list of things you need to do.

With the natural color, the same kind of tone applies to this chair.

Attractive Kitchen Desk

attractive kitchen desk

A kitchen desk can be an easy way to add more decorations to your home. The space that the desk occupies is open, making it a natural spot for anything else that needs to go on display.

The kitchen desk is divided into two parts, both of which are dressed in minimalist design. Some cupboards and drawers can take up dishes or cooking items.

There are many ways to add interest to your study space that can be both cute and simple, like the mid-century chair.

Today’s Top Trending Kitchen Desk Ideas

todays top trending kitchen desk ideas

Today’s trending kitchen idea is white cabinets with multi-colored backsplash and a sparkly island. Among your many options for decorating your kitchen, quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances are other compelling options.

White is the color of choice for people looking to make a space with minimal use of electricity. Pair it with things like art wallpaper and a potted plant.

Complete Kitchen Desk

complete kitchen desk

This kitchen desk now has a complete, uninterrupted workspace as it includes a built-in charging station and desktop that can be used for studying.

We appreciate the layout of this kitchen. Sitting in front of the window, you’ll be able to watch what’s happening behind the glass. This can be refreshing when taking brief breaks during your workday.

Not to be forgotten, the kitchen desk also contains plenty of small areas for storage that can take up papers, files, and decorations.

Lovely Kitchen Desk

lovely kitchen desk

The kitchen desk was designed to utilize what would be underutilized space behind a wall. This classic and sunny design provides just enough room for cooking and food preparation in the small installation pictured here.

The kitchen desk contains two sections: the upper half has closed cabinets and open storage space for displaying collections, while the bottom part has drawers.

Don’t be afraid to fill your desk with post-it notes, invoices, handwritten recipes, and files.

Warm Atmosphere Kitchen Desk With Chalkboard

warm atmosphere kitchen desk with chalkboard

Here is an anti-mainstream way to reinvent your workstation. With the eat-in kitchen, people can create a side of their kitchen desk for this use. This arrangement provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere that offers everyone freedom to move around.

For convenience, you should design your workstation next to the entrance so that when you enter the room and look at your desk, you will inherently see a whiteboard for jotting down any things you need to do.

Placing your laptop on a solid table is possible, but more complex storage solutions are preferable. A light silver chair with a cylindrical back can provide variety. A bundle of books kept on the cabinet behind the blackboard can be practical.


In summary, kitchen desk ideas are not that difficult to begin. With the right style and design, a kitchen desk can be both functional and stylish. You need to make sure that you prepare for some details to work best with your theme or chosen décor. And you can obtain the leading arrangement for your workplace as best!

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