Bedroom TV Ideas: Perfect Setup For A Relaxing Evening At Home

Instead of blocking off all TV time for the family, most people have a bedroom TV to enjoy shows and movies. The size and shape of bedrooms can vary, so it can be hard to develop ideas for how to set up your bedroom TV.

Unlike the living room, where glare from dining windows is more of an issue, you’ll likely be watching during nighttime in bedrooms. Placing your TV to optimize a relaxing entertainment experience can still present challenges, however.

To learn how to incorporate a TV into your bedroom decor, keep reading.

Where To Put Tv In Bedroom

simple bedroom tv stand ideas

In recent years, minimalism has been a popular aesthetic. However, the idea of having a separate space for watching TV is decreasing in popularity.

More and more people have been opting for bedroom TVs in which you can lay in bed and watch TV after a hard day at work. Additionally, it is easier to accommodate a bedroom TV when there’s not enough room for a separate living room.

To mount the TV in your bedroom, you can browse items for sale in online furniture stores. Here are a few tips to consider concerning putting the TV in your bedroom.

A Wall Mounted

bedroom tv backlit ideas

If you have no windows on either side of your bed, you can maximize wall space by mounting a TV right above or below it. You can also use mounted stands to keep the living room clearer while still utilizing your limited floor space wisely.

This setting is ideal if you are comfortable with the distance of your eyes from the screen, which will allow for a relaxed viewing experience on your favorite shows.

Inside A Wall Cabinet

inside a wall cabinet bedroom tv ideas

If you have space on your wall for a big painting or anything like that and cabinets on the other side of it, place a TV there.

A TV in a cabinet is the perfect way to maximize space without having an eyesore on the wall. Make sure there’s enough room for viewing or proper seating before installing one, though.

The Tilted Option

tilted options bedroom tv mounting ideas

If you’ve installed your TV in your bedroom, the chances are that it’s at a height more than your eye level. This isn’t convenient, as both your eyes and neck will feel strained. So, in these cases, the best option is to purchase a tilted TV stand, allowing the TV to be at an angle that can easily be viewed from any part of the room.

This technique is best applied to a wall with natural shelving or an arrangement of seating so that viewers can find an appropriate spot for themselves.

On Chest Topper

on chest topper pink bedroom tv ideas

If there’s a chest opposite your bed, you could place the television on top of it. This is quick and easy if you don’t want to change the furniture or figure out where the TV should go yet.

The chest should be the correct height for TV viewing when seated, so your neck and eyes are not strained.

Fireplace Fixture

white bedroom tv fireplace fixture ideas

If your bedroom wall has a fireplace, consider placing the TV on top of the fireplace mantel.

Some people believe that this look detracts too much from a room’s focal point, but others love the contrast of a modern flat-screen TV above a traditional fireplace feature.

As Room Divider

bedroom tv ideas as room divider

For larger bedrooms that have multiple uses, you could use a wooden partition to divide the room. This unit can be dedicated just for TV watching, or it could include shelving for books, artwork, and other items. This will help you mark the different spaces in your bedroom with a more structured sleeping area.

No Tv In Front Of The Window

A TV should not be placed in front of an open window to avoid glare from the sun’s light. A better place for it would be beside the window facing away from the sun.

With these helpful tips, you can make sure your TV is in the right position so you can relax comfortably while it plays.

How To Make Watching TV In Bedroom More Comfortable

comfortable residential master bedroom tv ideas

Long ago, it was common for families to have one television. It sounds crazy, but it’s true-the TV was the center of most homes. These days, TVs are cheap, and technology has changed the game. It’s not surprising to see a TV in every room of the house- including your bedroom!

TV watching in bed has become a common habit for many households. The number of Americans who admit to this varies depending on reports, but the numbers are high.

A Cramp In Your Style

There has been discussion about televisions messing with sleep patterns. However, drawing the day to a close with some news before bed can be calming. Plus, if your wife is watching a show in the family room, you now have the option of retreating to the bedroom for some quiet.

One of the many downsides to watching TV in bed is that it’s physically uncomfortable. When you watch while lying down, you have to bend pillows and go through various contortions to see the screen.

So here are a few tips to help you overcome the challenge of getting cramps.


white rock penthouse bedroom tv angle ideas

Carefully consider your TV placement. A television set’s angle for viewing is critical and should not be placed on small furniture or in an awkward corner of a room. Instead, think about putting it on the ground–on top of a dresser, for example–or installing it onto one side of the ceiling with specialized brackets that fit its size.

When you have a smaller portable device, place it on an angled computer stand so that you can work or watch without crouching in front of the screen. If these options don’t work for you, here are some other solutions.

  • Support Pillow: These standard-sized pillows are unlike your typical bedding. They bend and conform to your body, so they can support your neck no matter the position you’re lying in.
  • Prop Chair: It is similar to a recliner, but it can support the entire upper body. It comes with features such as armrests and cup holders as well.
  • Angled glasses: Specialty glasses with mirrored technology allow you to lie flat and enjoy the images in front of you.
  • Adjustable Bed: Instead of giving in to a flat mattress, get a bed that raises and lowers with the touch of a remote. It will be easier on your back when you’re standing at different heights.
  • Built-in TV:  On TV shows about the rich and famous, you may have seen these devices. A pop-up television is mounted on a bed frame so it can rise from underneath as needed. There are also lifts available for TVs that automatically fold and store the TV underneath the bed when touched. Both provide the perfect viewing angle, but they typically require a flat panel to be effective.


modern bedroom tv surround sound interior ideas

The issue with TVs in a bedroom is that the sound has to be loud enough for someone on the far side of the room to hear. This means a constant, blasting noise, and if you turn it down at night, your partner is disrupted.

Try these tips for mitigating sound:

  • Surround Sound: It may sound counterintuitive, but it actually lets you control the volume better. Positioning speakers close to your ear will eliminate the need for an over-loud setting. This allows each partner some level of volume control in their own bedroom.
  • Cordless Headphones/wireless headphonesIt allows you to wear your listening device comfortably in bed. They let your partner sleep or read while you enjoy your news at a comfortable level.


bedroom tv lighting ideas

When watching TV during the night, most people prefer total darkness. In a theater, this might work well, but in your bedroom, it can cause eye strain and prevent you from getting enough sleep.

Watching TV in darkness can make your body think it’s time to go to sleep, leading you to get tired and feel jittery. Leaving a small light on while you watch will help your brain adjust and provide an evening of relaxing entertainment.

  • So, Set a lamp on each nightstand, and turn it on to provide low light. Once the lamp is off, the darkness will worsen (bring one for your partner as well, so they have access as well).
  • Plus, to avoid eye strain, clamp a reading lamp to the headboard or side of the bed. This will provide you with additional illumination and allow you to work or read in your bedroom instead of sitting at your desk.
  • Or, Installing a dimmer makes it easy to control the level of light in your bedroom. This also provides an opportunity for mood-lighting when necessary.

List Of Bedroom TV Ideas

Here are some ideas on how to manage the placement of your TV in a bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas With Fancy TV Unit

bedroom with fancy tv unit ideas

If your room is large and multi-purpose, dividing the space with a TV unit with a similar design can be an ideal choice.

Fiber TV Wall For Bedroom Ideas

fiber tv wall for bedroom ideas

Looking for a material durable enough to create your TV wall? Colored fiber panels are the right option.

Mirror TV wall For Bedroom Ideas

mirror tv wall for bedroom ideas

Covering the TV wall with mirrors will make your modern unit shine, and it will provide light for space.

Impressive Bedroom TV Ideas

impressive bedroom tv ideas

This bedroom provides an intriguing backdrop for the television. We celebrate how this bedroom has chosen “TV wallpaper” as a focal point to match the partition separating it from its open closet. This TV is hung on the backdrop in a tight space, so you can watch your favorite television programs while lying in bed.

Resourceful Bedroom TV Ideas

resourceful bedroom tv ideas

This bedroom has a built-in desk that stretches for the length of the room. You can see from the picture it extends over this person’s desk area.

In this space, we use the desk as a TV stand. The desk contains drawers for storage and remote control, cables for connecting to a DVD player or other electronic equipment.

Fine Bedroom TV Ideas

fine bedroom tv ideas

The previous idea appears a bit expensive, but you can hang a bedroom TV like this. Very simple and inexpensive. Below the TV is a wooden desk that functions as storage–the design looks very familiar.

The TV in the bedroom adjusts to suit the room size. You can watch from one spot on the bed or anytime you prefer. The location of the TV is flexible enough for comfort zones within this bedroom.

Keep a good distance away from the television when you watch TV. Maintain a good posture while watching TV to prevent long-term health problems.

Bedroom Ideas With Wooden TV Partition

bedroom tv ideas with wooden partition

One great way to create your own TV unit is through partitioning a wall and creating a shelf for it. One example of this can be seen in the picture above.

Nice Bedroom TV Ideas

enjoyable bedroom tv ideas

The attic bedroom contains one lengthy flat-screen television that is put on the wooden part. As you see, this bedroom has a wooden section that also houses the electric socket.

Given the positioning of television sets, it would be difficult to watch your favorite TV show while sleeping. You have to adjust your position and can rightfully watch the series from the tip of the bedstead.

For a more comfortable experience, bring an extra chair to your seat. Avoid watching programs while sitting down in order not to strain your eye.

Amazing Bedroom TV Ideas

amazing bedroom tv ideas

The last example showcases bedroom-appropriate TV placement. It’s hung on the room’s back wall, which contrasts with other sections in the room to create a lively feel.

The gray rocks in the background set this TV section apart. Even though it is hung on a wall, I think it looks great. There’s the fireplace underneath the TV as well, which makes this arrangement feel cozy and homey without having to sacrifice space.

The large flat-screen TV is big enough to watch from any viewing angle, bed, or bench.

Bedroom Ideas With Corner TV layout

bedroom ideas with corner tv layout

Putting the TV on one corner of the smaller wall can make it visible from every angle, especially if you are in a long, narrow place.

Pleasant Bedroom TV Ideas

pleasant bedroom tv ideas

If you’re looking for study space and a TV stand in one, consider purchasing an all-in-one unit like this. The furniture includes a desk on one side and the television on the other. It faces directly across from the bed.

Placing a TV in the bedroom allows for practical viewing. It is also effortless. Place the TV on top of a desk, and you will have no problem watching your favorite programs from bed.

Be sure to watch out for small kids to knock it over or grab it.

Bedroom Ideas With Central TV cabinet

bedroom ideas with central tv cabinet

If you’re looking to create a partition that separates the bedroom door and sleeping area, then building a tall TV cabinet with an upside-down L-shape might be worth a shot.

Cool Bedroom TV Ideas

terrific bedroom tv ideas

You can put a TV with an open window. Fresh air and light stimulate the inside of your bedroom, which can help reduce your dependency on electrical light sources.

Therefore, it’s healthy for the eyes to watch a TV in the bedroom than television programs on the bedroom TV through only light. The television is hanged on your bedroom’s wall. You can watch favorite TV shows while lying on the bed.

It can be difficult to watch the programs on the floor because you have to tilt your head up a little.

Bedroom TV Ideas With Cupboard Door Display

bedroom tv ideas with cupboard door display

If you don’t have much space in your room and are looking to use that space for a TV, putting the TV on the closet door is one way of doing so.

Casual Bedroom TV Ideas

airy bedroom tv ideas

TV positioning might be similar to what is seen in bedrooms today. This bedroom TV positioning would allow for viewing while lying in bed, as well as from across the room near a fireplace.

We assume that this room is a bedroom, as it is much bigger than most of the other rooms in the cottage. The positioning of the television would be uncomfortable if watched from the floor, which suggests you should sit on a couch or chair while watching TV.

The television is big enough to allow everybody to watch programs comfortably, at you can take a seat on the long bench beside the bed and do so.

Designer TV Wall For Bedroom Ideas

designer tv wall for bedroom ideas

Some people install televisions in their kid’s bedrooms. To do this, they create a screen that is the same size as the wall or door frame to disguise it as seen in the picture.

Helpful Bedroom TV Ideas

helpful bedroom tv ideas

In many bedrooms, the TV is placed on a wall outside of the bedroom. Consequently, another set up a straightforward place to identify a TV hung on the wall inside the bedroom. The TV region may be achieved with an area-painted timber divider.

The overall bedroom is a light, clean white. Six squares don’t seem to serve any purpose at each corner of the room—they appear as borders.

You can watch favorite television shows from the bed thanks to a large TV screen in many of the bedroom’s spots.

Bedroom Ideas With Customised TV unit

bedroom ideas with customised tv unit

Instead of purchasing a pre-built TV unit, you can instead create your own custom design depending on the space available in your bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas With TV Closet

bedroom ideas with tv closet

If you don’t want your TV to be visible in the room, putting it inside a closet can also solve this problem.

Classic Bedroom TV Layout Ideas

classic bedroom tv layout ideas

Placing the TV opposite your bed is a common layout for regal bedrooms.

Study Table Display For Bedroom TV Ideas

study table display for bedroom tv ideas

Mounting your television on your study table can easily make it a multi-purpose display unit, and it also saves more space.

Wall Mounted Bedroom TV Display Ideas

wall mounted bedroom tv display ideas

Adding a wall-mounted TV in your bedroom is also a great way to keep your room free of extra furniture and maximizing floor space.

In Conclusions,

Even though our list has some of the best bedroom TV ideas, there are even more that we didn’t include. As entertainment media develops and new trends develop in bedroom design, it’s always better to experiment with many different TV ideas for your own unique design.

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