Pool Storage Ideas To Keep Your Pool Gear Organized

In the summertime, heat often accompanies you for a while. Working in this weather will make you tired easily. Well, having a pool party after working out is an excellent way to relax.

When you have a backyard party, your clean and tidy pool could quickly become a mess. You may not know where to start cleaning up after the festivities. Here are some great tips for getting back on track with your pool maintenance plan – complete with helpful storage ideas for those inevitable backyard parties.

Need To Think About Pool Storage Ideas

pool deck storage ideas

When you’re ready to open your pool for the summer, consider storing inflatables, toys, and other essential equipment nearby. There are a few ways you can keep everything organized and in good condition throughout the season.

Protecting Your Pool And Toys

The sun and water give summer its unique appeal. But your pool, as well as the floats themselves, need to be protected from the very things that give you such enjoyment.

Plastics in floats, noodles and other pool toys will break down when left out in the sun or left in the water too long. To protect them from degrading even further, store them under shady spots to dry after using them outside.

It would be best to inspect your pool for any water balloons, tennis balls, juice boxes, or similar items. Ensure these small things do not end up in the filter or motor by removing them from the swimming area.

Pay close attention to small toys around the pool deck that could be blown into the pool when not being used. Throw away cracked or flaking toys to reduce your risk of an injury.

Hooks, Benches, And Storage Shelving

hooks benches and storage shelving for pool

It is important to keep pool floats and other equipment readily available for use and ensure that they are safe.

When you have a family in the mood to swim, don’t take time hunting for floats, noodles, snorkels, poles, or hoses. With just a little creativity and forethought when storing your items away from the poolside, it can be hassle-free and have protective storage.

Attach large utility hooks across your fencing or deck railing. Hang hoses and poles inside the loops of the hooks, and hang noodles and floats from them too!

Plant hangers make great accessories to store goggles and snorkels. If you have a hook, try using it to store smaller toys that can hold them dry if they fall into the water when not being used.

A bench made of wood provides seating and built-in storage. The box-like base of this bench can hold your floats, nets, and equipment so that you have them handy when necessary, but they’re out of sight when not needed.

Installing shelving along your fence or deck railing is one way to create a space for pool toys and equipment. You can also use mesh ropes as another option for holders that will hang from the ledge, attaching them with large hooks on either side of the rails. Pool floats and pool toys often don’t fit in traditional closet storage, so it works well to hang them up on a net.

Mobile Storage Options

mobile pool storage ideas

When your pool doesn’t have a deck, you may face challenges storing items. You can use movable storage solutions to hold them in place, out of the way. I highly recommend using garden benches, deck boxes, or large plastic bins around the pool’s perimeter for easy access when needed.

One way to keep your pool toys together with some other small pieces of equipment is to use a large laundry basket. The holes in the lid allow for drainage, so the toy dries before you put it away.

Heavy pool supplies can be tough to carry, but a plastic bin with wheels makes it easier.

It’s a good idea to punch a few holes on the bottom of the pool toy holder so water can drain out. This will also protect your floats, noodles, and other pool toys for another fun day in the sun in Nashville!.

List Of Pool Storage Ideas

Diy Pool Storage Cabinet Ideas

swimming pool storage ideas

Use an unused garage cabinet near your pool for a better way to store towels and toys—screw hooks into the sides and back of the cabinet for more space. Polished wood is both attractive and sophisticated by design, but you could also remove the finish to add a splash of color.

Storage Bins For Pool Storage Ideas

storage bins for pool storage ideas

Introduce some stylish yet impactful storage space by purchasing large, colorful storage bins for your pool area. These containers can be used to store just about everything related to your pool, and they encourage everyone to keep it tidy. A great way to keep your pool area safer for both kids and adults is by keeping all things that can be misconstrued as toys in a bin or basket.

Pool House Or Shed

pool shed or pool house for pool storage ideas

A pool house is a perfect spot to store everything that goes along with owning a pool. Putting your things away inside a structure can create a look of order and organization, plus it’s a bonus if you have children because they are not going to be running around the yard with all that junk.

DIY Floating Coolers Ideas

pool noodle floating cooler

A cheap, creative DIY idea is the floating cooler. Attach pool noodles to a plastic container using tape for an instant floating cooler that costs just a few dollars!

Deck Box For Pool Storage Ideas

white deck box for pool storage ideas

Deck boxes are an easy way to store pool floats and other items you might need. And, this deck box design will complement your existing patio furniture while keeping pool toys out of sight. It can also be used as a seat when it is closed.

Rolling Pool Caddy Ideas

rolling caddy for pool storage ideas

The Crosley Furniture Rolling Pool Float Caddy is a smart way to manage your pool toys and floaties. Its unique design can store oversized floats on their side and a compartment for smaller floats, kickboards, and other accessories. The wicker design is perfect for outdoor areas to look out of place on your patio. The wheels allow you to wheel the rack around if needed.

The Towel Rack For Pool Storage Ideas

blue pallet outdoor pool storage ideas

The towels need to dry before they can be cleaned. For that reason, you should hang them up. You can make the towel rack yourself with PVC pipes and then put it near the pool. This way, anyone who takes off their bathing suit by your pool can hang up their towel there to dry.

Hang A Cargo Net On Fence

hang a cargo net on fence for pool storage ideas

A space-saving and storage solution for pool floats is to hang a cargo net on your privacy fence or in your garage. Netting can be found inexpensively at most retailers or specialty stores that sell pool floats.

The Mesh Titan cargo net can hang easily on your privacy fence and include adjustable straps to hold items and a design that won’t sag. This makes it easy for you to carry other items in the mesh while also spraying down floats with ease without hassle.

Pool Storage Ideas With Storage Benches

deck box for pool storage ideas

A storage bench is a great way to store and display your pool equipment and provide you with the perfect place to sit. With these benefits in mind, someone who has little space available for storing their gear could find this piece of furniture valuable.

Storage benches for pools come in various construction materials, but they all offer some compartments and lock to secure valuables. The storage bench protects your pool equipment from the elements that can destroy it.

The storage bench might not be a great space-saver if you are on a budget or your pool lacks deck space. It is also probably inappropriate to store wet pool equipment in it.

Pool Storage Ideas With The deck box

deck box pool storage ideas

Are you looking for a place to store your pool equipment that is above the ground and out of reach from bad weather, kids, pets, or intruders? A deck box would be a good option.

The best deck boxes are made from different materials that have their own sets of advantages. For example, the resin is inexpensive and has beautiful natural hues; it’s perfect for a pool’s landscape.

Plastic is a material that’s both lightweight and resistant to rust, weather elements, or dents. It does have its drawbacks, however, because it isn’t as appealing aesthetically as wood.

There are a variety of useful features on deck boxes. They might lock their lids to keep your belongings from getting stolen, have wheels for easy transportation, have compartments for beverages, and plenty of other storage options.

Unique Obelisk Shape Pool Storage Ideas

unique obelisk shape pool storage ideas

Houzz features some interesting storage designs for your backyard, including one shaped like an obelisk. If you don’t know what an obelisk is, it’s a pyramid-shaped pillar that has a square base at the bottom and comes to a point at the top.

Obelisk shape is great for storing long tools. Houzz built the patio with garden equipment, but it’s an original idea for pool maintenance equipment storage.

Use A Pallet For Noodle Storage

use a pallet for pool noodle storage ideas

Want to get in on the latest trend? Repurposing a wooden pallet as storage space is an easy way to use some extra backyard space. Just sand it down and paint if necessary, then prop or lean it up against a wall – voila! Perfect poolside storage.

Lift your storage by installing hooks to hold towels and swimsuits, baskets for flip-flops, and additional items necessary at the pool.

PVC Towel Rack Ideas

pvc towel rack for pool storage ideas

One solid suggestion you will want to make is that you should get a towel rack. It’s easy to find and simple to use, and colorful, in addition to decorating your pool area with the different brightly colored towels for your beach or pool.

A rack is helpful because it keeps clothes or shoes perfectly accessible without any obstacles.

We recommend you store towels, balls, and rafts in the rack to make your yard look modern. This will provide more space for activities because it isn’t necessary to find a big storage area with enough ground to house all of these items. You may also mount the body of this rack on a fence or wall.

Utilize A Coat Rack For Wet Towels

pool towel rack for pool storage ideas

As for the towels, find a waterproof coat rack or make one yourself from PVC piping to hold all those dripping-wet towels. Just make sure you put it in an accessible and protected spot free from random rain showers (unless you plan to dry out and keep them that way).

Contain Your Floats In A Cargo Net

cargo nets for pool storage ideas

Utilize the space close to the pool by using it for storage. Just use outdoor-grade hooks and place them in a line along the wall, and then attach them with cargo netting so that you can store your floating devices without harming the wall.

Once the hooks are hooked into sturdy stakes or poles, you can put your floats on them. To easily reach them when needed again, leave plenty of space between each hook (which also doubles as a unique and colorful backyard decoration).

Hang A Wine Rack For Clean Towels

wine rack towel holder for pool storage ideas

Consider using a wine rack to store towels instead of the towel storage bins you’ve previously used. The racks are easy to find, easy to use, and will spice up your backyard décor with all its different beach towel designs on display.

Laundry Basket For Wet Towels And Swimsuits

towel storage for pool area

Towels and wet swimsuits are the obvious laundry priority, but a spare container is helpful for storage. Those holes on each side allow airflow to prevent mildew from forming.

Take a large, durable basket or storage bin containing all the pool toys you can fit. That way, they are organized in one place and not scattered about where someone might step on them to get hurt.

Add A Coat Rack As A Pool Storage

pool pole for pool storage ideas

Indoors, a coat rack can be used to store all sorts of items and garments. Outdoors are the same idea but with some added benefits- an outdoor coat rack is sturdy enough to withstand lots of wind and event more outdoor activity, so you will not have to go inside if your child has forgotten their swimsuit when they get out.

Make this storage solution more helpful by attaching sturdy mesh bags to it. The bags will be a great place to stow everything from flip-flops to pool toys to noodles – and they’re accommodating for small items such as diving rings or other toys. This makes them easier to clean, whether you decide to let the bag air-dry or wash it off immediately.

Pallet For Noodles And More

swimming pool accessories storage

Need a place to store those noodles and water guns? Check, what about your pool net? Lean a simple wooden pallet up against the back of your house or pool fence and create space between the traditional top and bottom for items you need.

Have some kickboard storage? Just put hooks below the back of the boards to hang them from. Hanging water guns on the side will make it a lot easier for younger kids and provide some much-needed takeoff momentum.

Bring Out Storage Ladders

ladder for pool storage ideas

Ladders can be good for so many different things. For example, when you don’t have room or storage in your bedroom, a decorative ladder could serve as an adaptable towel rack.

You can use a ladder to hang clean towels for later use or add some hooks for small pool toys. This will be a huge organizational asset, and the space made available by your towel rack shelf will keep it out of high-traffic areas.

Strike a good balance between drying your toys and keeping them away from high-moisture areas by leaving your ladder leaning against the fence, on an extended porch roof, or in a sunny but off-the-ground spot.

Pool Storage Ideas Use the Fence

towel hanger on fence for pool storage ideas

The fence around your pool isn’t constantly being put to use. It’s time to find a way to make it work for you! Use the space on its own or attach small baskets for knick-knacks. Install a rack with various brackets to hold toys, swim goggles, sunblock, and drink bottles. You can also hang hooks from which to hang towels, your damp swimming suit, or any equipment you’re not presently using.

Pool Noodle Storage Idea

pool noodle storage ideas

Pool noodles can be great when they are in use but annoying after their main purpose is served. Want to make your kids’ pool noodles stay put? This bottomless bin is exactly what you’re looking for! You might be frustrated that no one thought of it sooner, too.

Crate Pool Storage Organization Ideas

crate pool storage organization ideas

Crafting this DIY crate unit is a no-brainer. Assemble three or as many crates in any configuration you like, and this open storage unit will be easy to find what you want. You can even attach wheels to the bottom for an easier move around when you’re tidying up. Attach towel hooks on the side for easy access.

Use A Wood Pallet For Noodle Storage

wood pallets for pool noodle storage ideas

Wooden pallets may feel industrial, but they can be turned into a useful household organizer. They’re great for storing pool noodles and add hooks that let you hang wet suits, towels, and goggles as well.

If the pallet you use is in good condition (meaning it doesn’t need sanding or painting), find a nice spot near your pool and use it to store everything that might get in the way. This will allow you to set a bin or basket on top of the pallet to store any small toys out of place.

Use Hooks For Pool Storage

use hooks for pool storage ideas

A pool’s skimmer, the netted tool you use to remove leaves from the water, comes in handy when it has a spot to rest. Clothespins on a nearby wall work well for hanging wet swimsuits while they air dry.

If hooks are not installed correctly, they can bend outward and fall off the skimmer handle. Install them so that the hook is outside of the stick’s width you are hanging it from and a foot or two away from each other. Hanging goggles, safety gear, and small pool toys on those hooks is an option as well.

Hooks Or Coat Rack For Towels

hooks or coat rack for towels

One good idea for pool storage involves using towels. If you have a fence around your pool, most likely, you are used to hanging your swimming towels on the fence. To avoid sopping towels on the ground or water dripping down the back of your patio furniture, we have some great tips to help with pools that are not fenced in or fence too high.

One idea for hanging towels is to set up a drying rack near the back door. Towels can be easily hung and dried on this rack before being used again.

Another idea for hanging towels is to attach a pegboard or hooks to the exterior wall of your home if you can’t install something on your brick and cement house, attempt leaning a wooden rack or pallet against the outside wall with hooks attached to hang all of your beach gear.

DIY Wooden Crate

diy wooden crate for pool storage ideas

If you have some basic carpentry skills, go to your local lumber store and get some wood. You will build a large wooden crate, and it will hold all of your noodles, balls, etc.

You can make this custom-sized pool crate to store all your toys in one centralized location. This will be helpful when it comes time to clean up the toys because everyone will know where they belong.

The Bottom Line,

You have multiple choices for storing your pool equipment. For instance, you can do a DIY project, use a shed, bench or deck box, racks, storage bins, or hooks. You can take one of these options or use them all simultaneously.

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