Creating A Backyard Oasis: Colorful Pool Tile Ideas

The pool is often overlooked when thinking about designing or renovating your backyard, but its design will have a significant impact on the look and feel of your outdoor oasis.

It is important to pay attention to the colors and styles of tiles that you use for your pool. If you don’t know where or what kind of tile type, to begin with, don’t worry.

If you choose blue as the color of your pool decking, it is difficult to go wrong. Get creative and mix colors or even do plain black if you so desire! Wood, stone, ceramics, and porcelain are only a handful of materials used for this type of project.

Whether it is your first time doing surface treatments such as sealant or retiling, you should understand the work that needs to be done before starting.

What Is The Point Of Pool Tiles?


To make concrete safe for swimming, pool tiles are needed to cover the unsightly stains that water makes on concrete. Like any other tile, there is no other use for them to create a consistent appearance around your pool. And as far as aesthetics go, they can create an amazing look!

In contrast with some people’s opinion on concrete waterlines, others find the appearance unattractive due to the staining. Algae and bacteria can embed themselves into concrete and make it unsightly as a result. This is why tiling at minimum depth is preferred because it prevents these issues.

How Do I Choose a Pool Tile?


Having a pool in the backyard of your home can be a special privilege because it’s something many families fantasize about. At the same time, you have to put in serious work to turn your pool into an enjoyable paradise so that loved ones will love it too.

With the right pool tiles, you can turn a variety of pools into paradises. You’ll have plenty of fun time at leisure when choosing from exceptional options that create every imaginable shape and style in a pool.

However, many people do not know the importance of selecting the right options when installing these flooring materials.

Picking the right swimming pool tiles can be challenging. We put together a few tips that will hopefully help you decide based on your style and what type of budget you have.

Choosing The Right Material

There are many options when it comes to pool tiles. You need to determine what type of tile material you want for the pool, as there are brands such as ceramic, glass, and porcelain, just to name a few.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular choices for those who want to save on budget. If you’re aiming for a modern, forward-looking site to put your pool area into life, glass tiles will work well.

Glass tiles are more expensive than ceramic and porcelain but produce a captivating effect in the water. They shimmer as light reflects them or when things move over their surface.

If you want to add texture and natural elements to your pool area, the stone is a great choice. These materials can cost less than other types of tile for larger areas. Seek the help of a specialist when selecting your pool’s material, so they know everything that goes into these products. It will make the process easier in the end.

Consider the Cost

Budgets are crucial to keeping in consideration when planning. The cost of pool tiles may appear high initially, but it might not be the biggest concern if you have a large pool.

When selecting a product design, make quality your highest priority rather than aesthetics. When deciding on budget limits, focus more on the product’s durability instead of its appearance.

Saving money in the short term by cutting costs will cause your pool to have problems in the long run. Make the investment upfront so you can enjoy a quality pool for years to come!

Pretty is Good, but Safety is a Priority

You may be tempted to use a pretty tile in your new swimming pool. While this is aesthetically pleasing, you should consider the safety of others before making that decision.

When looking at tiles, you’ll find a variety of colors and patterns. Make sure the tile is not only aesthetically pleasing but also slip-resistant.

Pool Tile Colors Matter


Designing a pool is one thing, but deciding on the colors for your tiles can make or break whether it achieves its perfect look. Many factors go into this decision. You may want to think about matching your tile with the likes of the décor in your home.

One way to brighten up your pool is with brighter colors. For example, white tiles often give a relaxing ambiance that makes you want to stay in the pool longer. This will also create an illusion of increased depth in the pool due to its color scheme.

If you like a clean, uniform appearance, white pool tiles are essential. Color matters because water brings out different colors in the reflection of pool tiles. You may have other tile color and pattern options when choosing your best option for pool tile.

Where Are You Going To Put That Tiles?

When picking out pool tiles, it’s important to decide which areas you need for walls, floor, water line, edging, deck surface.

The waterline is the row of tiles that marks where the actual water level ends. You can add a decorative tile to differentiate between different types of waters, or you can use it as decoration to make your pool more attractive.

To create and protect the edge of your pool, you have several affordable materials to choose from. You can use natural stone for versatility, or if you want a touch of luxury, glass offers an option. With tiles that come in many styles – find one that matches your personal style!

You can use tiles that glow in the dark if you want to include some features of your bathroom. Tile is easy to install and is maintenance-free, so it will not cost you much time or money. Glass walls are also a great option because they look more luxurious than tile.

Areas surrounding pools should not be overlooked. You have to put anti-slip mats on the floor for safety since kids love playing around there, especially near a pool where they can go paddling and slip into trouble if you aren’t paying attention.

Choose Pool Tiles That Require Less Maintenance

It is important to keep the tile surfaces free of dirt or algae to maintain a beautiful pool. By keeping your pool clean and scrubbing it regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy the entire surface area.

However, tiles can fade or wear over time due to cleaning and scrubbing. To maintain the integrity of your tile, you should choose those that are durable, resistant to scratches, and low on water absorption.

Speak to your pool tile company and ask if they can do an installation that would require less maintenance.

How much does pool tile cost?


The cost depends on your location, the tile material, installer, and the size of the area you’re tiling. On an average pool, tile will cost about $3000. Standard tile ranges about $2,100 to $2,800. Special-order tile can cost $400–$800 more.

Glass tile is more expensive for pools. It usually costs about $600 more than traditional tile. But it does look nicer, to some people’s eye at least, and you probably know your priorities better than anyone else does.

How long does pool tile last?


As long as you maintain your water chemistry and keep up maintenance on the pool, tile is a surprisingly durable option that can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Glass tile lasts even longer. It doesn’t have moving issues like other types of tiles because it’s not affected by the movement of concrete pools.

Pool Tile Options

Choosing the right swimming pool tile can be challenging. From porcelain to glass, you have a lot of options.

You may find yourself asking which tile option is the best one for you and your pool. The answer will come down to personal preference as well as how in-tune with the design you are

There are many types of tiles used in pools, though the most common ones are usually glass, natural stone, ceramic and porcelain. Design pieces like negative-edge pools, spa spillways, tanning ledges, and complex water features serve as inspiration for stunning water tiles by mixing different textures with diverse colors to create a luxurious tile that is designed with both.

Glass Tile


In the past few years, glass tile has continued to be a popular pool covering.

Glass tile is expensive because it is made from recycled materials and remains durable and non-porous. The transparency of glass fits well with a swimming pool, watery environment.

Pool tiles come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small mosaic tiles up to large, decorative-sized tiles. Pool tile might have the advantage of cover curved surfaces entirely. Glass pool tile can be mixed with other colors to create a custom color scheme for your space. With some coordinated planning, you could make the glass pool even more like art!

Quality in glass tiles, like most things in life, varies. Some lower-quality tiles produce many reflections that are clear enough to catch underwater. Other glass tiles have an iridescent coating which changes appearance with the light shining on it and water moving over the surface constantly.

Mosaics generally give an artistic look and feel to the completed installation; however, there are some definite advantages of using glass tile. Glass tiles have better optical quality and a more striking appearance than those made with small mosaic tiles.

All-tiled pools and spas have an intense appearance because of the glass. It also makes waterline borders and step markers sparkle on the inside.

Stone Tile


One way to achieve a Classical or Mediterranean oasis is by using stone tiles. The natural texture of these tiles can be installed on patios and decks to give you just the right look.

Combined with features like copying, stone tile design elements can create a more uniform appearance. Stone tiles include flagstone, travertine, slate, sandstone, and semi-polished granite that show off a pepper-tone look.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile


Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been popular for pools for decades, offering original designs or a more mosaic-like appearance.

With modern materials, you can find tiles that imitate the textures of natural stone. For an extra punch, a textured, glazed porcelain tile is perfect for your outdoor pool border.

One of the most interesting aspects of designing a floor with tiles is mixing different types. For example, using stone, glass, ceramic, and porcelain pieces together creates an endless designer’s floor design.

Pool Tile Ideas

Blue Stitch Tile

blue stitch pool tile design

When it comes to pool tiling, most individuals think of the blue stitch because it comprises little one-inch squares that are unordered.

Some people like to alternate one vertical line with one horizontal line. In contrast, others would prefer a full row of horizontals before going onto the next row of vertically positioned threads.

Cream And Blue Faux Stone

cream and blue faux stone

If you think the price of natural stone is too high or you don’t like how it looks, faux blue and cream stone tiles could be a good alternative. While they cannot take 3D shapes like real stones, they are painted to look like real stones.

Centerpiece Tiling With Single Waterline Row

centerpiece tiling with single waterline row

If extravagance is what you’re after, a fully tiled hot tub will make your pool stand out. And to follow up this extravagant centerpiece, give the edge of your pool a single row of tiles going all around it as well.

Blue Marble Waterline Pool Tile

blue marble waterline pool tile

Blue marble waterline tile is yet another common option for pool tiles. It’s easily installed and complements any aesthetic choice you make, such as laying out blue marble stair markers in some type of shape that you deem worthy.

Blue And Brown Marble

blue and brown marble

Blue and brown tiling create a nice touch of earthiness to our pool. These colors can be mixed in many patterns, such as the world map tiles we just went over and these blue and brown tie-dye tiles.

Blue Block Tiles

blue block tiles

You might prefer the blue tiles, but smaller ones can dull and age your pool. Large blue tiles will bring a sense of freshness to your style. Decorative stones, ceramic pieces, glass gems, or porcelain embellishments are all great options for fashioning something that will appeal to your tastes.

Faux Wood Pool Tiles

faux wood pool tiles

If you seek a non-traditional style for your tiles, there are types out there that look just like wood but are made from marble or porcelain. Actual wood would not work well, but faux wood might!

The look of the wood tiles is gorgeous and gives your pool a luxurious feel. Not many people use them for their pools, too.

Triple Lined Pool Tiles

triple lined pool tiles

Most homeowners find that they love the three-layered tiles just as much as the double or single-layer. You could choose to put these tiles on your stairs and use them to mark out your hot tub–they will all match either way!

Color Coordinated Pool Tiles

color coordinated pool tiles

When you want to tie together the outdoor area through decor, one option is matching poolside furniture. This does this by adding color; it draws out the variety of colors in tiles near pools, creating a new element for your pool area.

It’s better to accent darker colors rather than light ones, as this will make the pool stand out more.

Aztec Pool Tiles

aztec pool tiles

The Aztec-style gem squares on your pool provide both style and safety. These colorful blocks allow you to create a unique pattern for the waterline and the steps, making it easier for property owners to find them in crowded areas like pools packed with children.

 Crystal Sky Mandala Pool Tile

holiday home with a pool in yellow colors

The crystal sky mandala pool tile is mesmerizing, and the sight alone is enough to make you a believer. Witness how much beauty it brings into your swimming pool today!

The design of these chairs is a combination of traditional and contemporary arts, which makes them appropriate for both outdoor pools and residential backyards. You can purchase them in light blue hues, but they also come in striking yellow colors.

Glass Marble Pool Tiles

glass marble pool tiles

Now, we have marble tiles that come in either a light blue or beige. When you add these to the glass tile in your pool’s edge, then this will create fantastic results at any moment. With it at your disposal, you can now enjoy water floating on hot summer days easily.

Mermaid Luminescence Pool Tile

mermaid luminescence

If you’re looking to spruce up your pool, mermaid luminescence tiles are one project you should consider. These are usually waterline tiling projects. However, smaller tiles could be used on the bottom of the pool as well.

Classic Navy Blue Pool Tile Strip

navy blue pool tile strip

Remember the classic navy blue swim strip? They are often used in public pools or at hotels. You can create a “land” with them or leave a single strip down the middle of your pool.

Oceanic Theme Pool Tiles

oceanic theme pool tiles

Decorating your pool with an oceanic theme is a good choice because you’re already at the water. These tiles look beautiful. This one has an image of sand, and this one looks like a sunset at the beach.

Fleur de Lis Pool Tile


Fleurs-de-lis can often be found surrounding Victorian-style swimming pools. They’re a constant addition to the conventional aesthetic, as they’ve long been used in protective and decorative design.

They can be used as an accent for your pool step or a waterline. Nevertheless, a boxed-out classic design is a simple way to contrast an otherwise modern-looking swimming pool.

Dark And Glossy Tile

dark and glossy

Pool tiles don’t have to be brightly colored. Black glass tiles that are glossy look exquisite and stylish, matching a different pool lining tile or being used as the only pool tile color.

Tiles To Create Images

tiles to creates images

If you’re into variety, it’s important to have something less conventional in your pool. One way of doing this is by taking colored tiles and creating an image at the bottom with them.

Glow In The Dark Outlined Animal Pool Tile


Anyone who likes to swim under the moonlight may love a glow-in-the-dark version of this tile. These high-quality ceramic tiles absorb sunlight by day and emit light as soon as the sun goes down.

Different Pool Tile Color For Each Step

color for each step

If you don’t want any tiles around the waterline or anywhere else, that is perfectly okay. This way, you have a better idea of where the edge of your pool is. However, if you decide to go against norms and tile something different into your pool, try having one section gray, another teal, and then the last blue.

Dark Brown Stone Pool TIle

dark brown stone

If you’re tired of the blue tiles in your pool, consider picking up a brown tile instead. Brown is an understated color that most people won’t notice, but it pairs nicely with the water. Dark-brown stone tile could be what your pool needs.

All Transparent Glass Pool Tile

all transparent glass

You don’t need to have tiles! What if you opted for a completely see-through pool? You could tile the floor, which would help with traction when walking. Other than that, it is an all-glass pool – no tiling necessary, and no more worries about water damage.

Small Stone Pool Tiles

small stone pool tiles

You know the large stone tiles usually line your pool but have you thought about thinner stones at 1 inch? This can give the pool and outdoor area more character, especially when it’s complimentary with other stone decors.

Stone Textured Tiles

stone textured tiles

One kind of faux stone tile involves a unique texture, so it feels like a natural stone when you touch them. Manufacturers typically cover porcelain or ceramic with material to create that rough feel.


We have presented some ideas to you. Now that you have a better idea of what types of tile are available, where to find them, and the benefits of each type, it’s time to get started!

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