Window Box Ideas : Attractive Home Container Gardening And Curb Appeal

Windows boxes are a specific type of home container gardening that can increase curb appeal and add value to your property by signaling it is well cared for with attention to detail.

Window boxes are often carefully tended to maintain a pleasant aesthetic, so neglecting them would reflect poorly on homeowners.

The basic idea of window box planting is fairly simple. It would be best to have a sturdy planter that can be securely mounted on your windowsill with brackets or similar devices. It should contain drainage holes, be lined, and have a base filled with rocks for greater waterproofing.

To grow plants in a small space, use a high-quality fast-draining potting mix and fill with plants suited to the amount of light available. Water and fertilize regularly and prune as needed for best growth.

The best window box ideas create eye-catching drama and add to a home’s interior design. Below, I’ve hunted down 35 ideas that would look great in any contemporary house – whether the exterior is coastal or Hamptons style.

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Things To Acknowledge About Window Box Ideas

cactus in window box ideas

Why Choose A Window box?

Window boxes are good for both houses as well as apartments and other types of housing. Planting flowers in the window boxes will help to give you a different perspective than if they were planted in your garden or flower bed.

From inside the house, a plant becomes part of the view outside. And from outside, your indoor plants become an architectural element in your home.

What To Plant In Window boxes

red flower and metal frame window box planter ideas

Flowers like petunias, geraniums, zinnias, and nasturtiums work well as the major theme. Fill in with ivies, euonymus, or anything else that cascades over the edge to give it more texture.

Plants do best in less brightly lit settings. Choices for shadier locations include Coleus, Heliotrope, and Salvia. Window boxes are made of wood and look their best when they’re filled with plants.

Experienced gardeners know how to train climbing vines around the window frame for an ensemble effect. Connoisseurs may choose to add topiary forms as a focal point, like ivy or creeping fig.

Flowering Bulbs

flowering bulbs window box ideas

When planning window boxes, don’t forget about flowering bulbs. Consider miniature daffodils, snowdrops, or hyacinths for fall planting and lilies, alliums, or dwarf gladiolus for late-spring planting. Planting these plants will add color to your garden year-round.

Vegetables And Herbs

vegetables and herbs window box ideas

When you have an accessible location, plant herbs like sage, chives, thyme, and mint, you can just open your kitchen window to pick whatever you need!

Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and kale mixed with marigolds will also do nicely in a window box. Like flower plants, they will need water every few days and fertilizer once or twice per week. (Note: since using a window box for planting is as close as you can get to having your garden in the living room, it’s best to avoid fertilizer that has an unpleasant odor such as fish emulsion..)

Make sure to water the crops regularly so that the water will soak in and not just runoff.

Wood, Metal, Or Plastic Window Boxes?

wood metal or plastic for window box ideas

These days, it is becoming much more common for homes to have window boxes or troughs hung on balconies or window ledges. Typically these are made out of materials such as plastic.

A window box can be framed out of wood to fit the dimensions of a windowsill, which is often preferable for many reasons. The best advantage is that a wooden planter will last significantly longer than glass or other materials.

Wood is also the most easily mounted. A critical note—leave an inch or two of breathing room from your house so water does not accumulate on bricks. Also, be sure it’s securely fastened to your house to avoid the box blowing away due to strong wind gusts.

Tips For Window Box Care

window box care ideas

  • Good drainage is essential for window boxes with soil. As a result, choose those such as succulents that already have drain holes or drill some yourself to prevent over-saturation of the soil.
  • Add a standard potting mix from the garden center or make your own with soil, coconut coir, sawdust, sand, and bonemeal. Fill the box up to within an inch of the top. It’s important to have enough good potting soil around plants, so they sit firmly in place.
  • Slowly pour water around the pot’s roots and mix it in thoroughly. If some of the soil has settled, add more as needed and continue pouring and mixing water around until all of the soil is wet.
  • Make sure to water and fertilize your plants often. Plants that are in full sun can dry out quickly!
  • Adding new plants to your flower arrangement not only helps them thrive but also gives an updated look.

Indoor Window Box Ideas

You don’t need a lot of money, material, or equipment to conduct your own DIY indoor window box project. So why not embrace creativity and design an innovative way for your home to become more natural? We have highlighted six inspiring ideas for you below.

Window Box As Storage

indoor window box as storage

Indoor windows might typically be used for gardening, but they can come in handy for storage. Fold a sheet or blanket and put it under your window to create instant shelving space.

Use your indoor windows as an easy way to store linens, toys, pet supplies, or anything else that needs someplace to go!

Simple Foliage Planting Window Box Ideas

simple foliage planting window box ideas

Although flowers reign supreme in window boxes, thanks to their hefty dose of color, a simple foliage planting still provides plenty of lively green and plenty of texture.

Here, baby boxwood shrubs were carefully placed in a kitchen loaf pan and then combined. A layer of moss over the soil creates a neater-looking garden.

Window Box As Window Garden

window box as window garden

While many kitchens are outfitted with windows, they offer a mixed blessing. A view may be nice to have while cooking, but plants cannot grow without adequate sunlight.

However, there is an easy solution. Eliminate the problem by adding herbs and salad greens to your indoor window garden for some flavorful vittles that also cost less money!

Installation Made Easy Window Box

installation made easy window box

If you love the idea of an indoor window box but don’t have any skills, opt for a type that you “stretch to see” and doesn’t require anything to be attached to your walls or windows.

Consider placing an end table next to a sunlight-flooded window. Then arrange pots, planters, or any other containers that plants can fit in the space on the flat surface of your newfound furniture pieces.

Reclaimed Wood For Window Box

reclaimed wood for window box

Since garden establishments usually have a naturally rustic appearance, reclaimed wood is easy to work with when designing a DIY indoor window box. You can find free pallet wood that has been reworked into dozens of unique design schemes. Alternatively, you can salvage wood from other projects around your home.

Window Box As Canvas

window box as canvas

Your window box doesn’t have to be looked uninteresting, and it shouldn’t end up looking dull over time. To add a new look to your indoor windows, you can make a DIY window box and then paint it bright colors or engage in an intricate design technique.

If you’re ambitious, you can design patterns based on the produce from your garden to create unique pieces of art that combine artificial creativity with natural beauty.

A Collection Of Window Box Ideas

Selective Color Palette Window Box

selective color palette window box

This home’s aqua walls are only enhanced by the green plants in this window box. If you remember to pay attention to the color of your home and what plants you choose, it can really make a significant stylistic difference, like seen here from Pam Greer.

Beautifully Balanced Window Box

beautifully balanced window box

A mixture of well-kept plants such as these, a picture from Carla Taylor, can make for a great balance to any window box. Always start with the more structured and trimmed part in the top – a mix of well-groomed varieties – while beneath them have some cascading vines allowed to grow freely.

Unexpected Window Box Flowers

unexpected window box flowers

For a window box, you may not initially consider roses as being able to thrive in such a small and high-up home. However, this image from Kathryn Lott shows how these flowers can work beneath larger windows where they have plenty of soil to grow.

Bright And Vibrant Floral Mix Window Box

bright and vibrant floral mix window box

Jen Masucci photographed this window box of tulips, pansies, and small daffodils for their Philly Doorways Instagram account. The flowers create a quintessential springtime look that is both eye-catching and colorful due to the different levels and the bold mix of shades.

Tropical Window Box Ideas

tropical window box ideas

This window box, designed by Kelli Shaw, illustrates her bold and unexpected design approach. A star-shaped bromeliad appears to burst from the center of the window box while red-stemmed caladiums echo this color.

Contrasting deep purple heuchera, spiky maroon cordyline, pink begonias, and trailing golden globes with the color of Outback Sunset creates a stunning vignette. Designer Tip: “Plants need to be watered before they’re planted.

Please wait until the plant is in its final pot before you water it. Place a layer of dry dirt around the root ball and then add just enough water so that it pools on top of the soil, but doesn’t soak into it.” —Kelli Shaw.

Monochrome Color Palette Window Box

monochrome color palette window box

Choosing a singular color and building your window box out of it can make for a dramatic first impression, like in this example by Laura Harley. The flowers found between the hydrangeas and spiller flowers will add depth to your planting and provide variety so that nothing feels too plain or stagnant.

Oversized Window Box Ideas

oversized window box ideas

This lovely window features a back-vine and climbing plants, so everything eventually becomes covered with blooms and leaves!

A lavish display like this will take a bit of maintenance, particularly pruning in front of the window. If you have a big enough window, consider ordering custom-sized window boxes to suit your space’s dimensions.

Small Wonder Window Box

small wonder window box ideas

This elegant planter from Tracee Lund starts petite, but the purple salvia, sweet potato vine, and purple wishbone will grow over time.

Window Box Overabundance Of Trailing Flowers

window box overabundance of trailing flowers

These pink petunias from Aly Greer show that the more flowers, the better. Allow your plants to crawl and trail out of window boxes for a tidy look in an intentional “overgrown” setting that feels like straight out of a storybook.

Modern Window Box

modern window box ideas

This contemporary window box adds a zesty freshness to your windows without overpowering colors.

These two boxes are similar in size and shape, with repetition of their elements. They fit perfectly on the back window sill & into the window frame. Viewing these boxes from outside the house, they also serve as decoration inside.

Faux Foliage Window Boxes

faux foliage window box ideas

One of the most attractive features of faux flower window boxes like this one is that there’s no upkeep. Place artificial greenery inside and admire them from a distance – visitors won’t be able to tell they aren’t real, either! Here, a dark timber box is lush with dyed foliage in all shades of deep greenish-black.

Farmhouse Window Box

farmhouse window box ideas

Neutral garden schemes and minimalist architecture are a good pairing with window boxes.

Here, this home with whitewashed exterior complemented by rustic touches like an old wooden bench and a window box full of plants. The lavender plant in the middle thrives in direct sunlight and will provide beautiful color to any room it is placed.

Window Box Plant For Fragrance

window box plant for fragrance ideas

Lavender is an easy-to-grow plant for window boxes; its compact size makes the perfect height without growing too floppy. Try combining thyme, lavender, and salvias to have a fragrant mixed planting that’s also great for bees.

Window Box Go Vintage

window box go vintage ideas

This classic-looking window box is made from zinc-plated steel, ensuring weatherproofing. The rectangular body means it will easily fit on a standard-sized window sill for either a small design in the middle of one that fills the whole thing.

To add height, use a plant that will grow upwards rather than one with trailing stems.

Gorgeous Window Boxes

gorgeous window box ideas

Sally Evans of the Little Paddock Cottage has created these gorgeous window boxes that feature large geraniums. They require fewer flowers to make a statement than smaller ones, and with these, you’re able to add more fairytale whimsy to this cozy home.

Yellow And Purple Summer Window Box Plants

yellow and purple summer window box plants

This is our summer window box. I never go overboard with colors because we have colorful daylilies planted around the foundation of our house. They bloom simultaneously as the window box, which means there are always flowers in my yard no matter what season it is.

To add interest and texture, I used plants in two colors: Lemon Symphony (Osteospermum ‘hydride), Angelface (Wedgwood Blue Mecardonia Hybrid), Golddust (Mecardonia hybrid), lavender petunias, and blue zephyr.

Single Flower Arrangement Window Box

single flower arrangement window box

To achieve a window box look, have a single arrangement like the deep purple “Blue Moon” tulips that compliment this farmhouse. White timber boxes give off a clean feel and contrast nicely against dark foliage.

Twig Window Box

twig window box ideas

A more rustic or natural-looking container you can try is this twig look. This window box looks like it grew naturally in the woods or forest as if it could have been picked up anywhere.

Succulent Window Box

succulent window box ideas

You can also use window boxes with succulents rather than flowers and plants. This is a popular look for those who prefer it to the other.

Window Boxes With Handles

window box ideas with handles

Window boxes are heavy once they’re full of plants and compost, so look for containers that have handles to make it a little easier. This curvaceous, timeless planter has a small footprint and could be used for both herbs or pretty plants; you could fit two next to each other on your window sill.

The Layered Look Window Boxes

the layered look window box ideas

A window box can optimally showcase various plants with different heights, widths, and shapes to create a beautifully layered bouquet effect. Adding evergreens means your windowbox will still have color during the winter when many other plants lose their leaves.

Spice Up A Window Box

spice up a window box ideas

The colors of pink geraniums and white petunias and the different heights in Camilla’s garden window box give a layered effect. Layering flowers of varying height and width will give your tended boxes more depth than flat plants planted straight up or down.

Sharp And Sleek Black Window Box

sharp and sleek black window box ideas

A mixture of textures and shapes in the arrangement makes the flowers that make up this fantastic box really pop. The pink azaleas, blue hydrangea, pansies, and willows are just a few different textures.

Randomly combining them could mix better than expected.

Shape Mixing Window Boxes

shape mixing window box ideas

The petunias in this photography from Laura Harley beautifully contrast with the more vibrant leaves behind them. Adding different shapes to your window box may give you a unique, distinctive look that never gets old.

A Classic Look Window Boxes With Shutters

a classic look window boxes with shutters

Another reason people love window boxes is that they provide a great way to add visual interest and texture to an otherwise plain home facade. One classic look is pairing your window boxes with shutters like this. Here the traditional design is modernized by adding Corten steel planters which come in a lovely weathered patina.

A Gentle Mix Of Interesting Textures Window Box

a gentle mix of interesting textures window box

Perhaps a window box is what you want, but one that’s not too bold? A beautiful mix of textures and colors might be the way to go. I love this wooden window box with blooming flowers on a white background, which matches the home’s exterior.

Stand Out Window Boxes

stand out window box ideas

Big window boxes in a single color, like this metallic one, can anchor the look of your porch beautifully if you opt to stick with one color for all your planting, mix-and-match plants in that same color for more texture and depth.

Rainbow Assortment Window Box

rainbow assortment window box ideas

Beautiful blooms in a multitude of colors make up this sunny box, captured by The Charleston Lens. A wide variety of hues will instantly brighten and beautify your home’s exterior.

Sleek And Striking Black Window Box

sleek and striking black window box ideas

Another window box is lined in black and featuring minimal planting. Hanging flush to the exterior wall, the one white and pink hydrangea plant appears lush against a stark blank canvas.

This style of design softens up the facade without overwhelming you with color.

Bold And Bright Window Boxes

bold and bright window box ideas

You can never go wrong with using a bright color in your window boxes. Look at the example above from Adorn Planters to see how vibrant colors pop against dark window frames and yellow walls.

Mosaic Tile Window Box

mosaic tile window box ideas

The idea of a window box planter is to create a sophisticated design that can be customized with different color schemes. The highlight here is the integration of mosaic tile and how this adds a stunning container for displaying your favorite flowers.

Rustic Style Window Box Ideas

rustic style window box ideas

If you happen to have windows that use typical rustic designs, try to build your window boxes in a similar style. Here we’ve put up this poplar board window box with an effective and simple design. It complements the batten shutters nicely.

Cedar Window Box

cedar window box ideas

If you want to show off your beautiful flowers at your window, you can make them look even better by putting them in a cedar box. To make custom planters like these yourself, get some materials and supplies and start building!

Adjust the measurement of the windowboxes to match the windows in your home. Make sure you follow our step-by-step guide as well.

Delicately Chic Window Box

delicately chic window box ideas

Emma of White Orchard Interiors curated this adorably stylish window box. For those who love neutrals and conservative styles, sticking with a natural-colored container and adding one or two simple plants like ivy is the perfect way to continue your style outdoors.

Greenery Filled Window Box

greenery filled window box ideas

One of our designers in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, found this particular gem. Flowers are typically the focal point of any window box arrangement, but this one breaks the mold. Along with ivy and grass, they used variegated ivy and cedar to make a truly stunning display.

Magnolia Window Box

magnolia window box ideas

Chip and Joanna Gaines converted this window box, originally attached to a building, into a restaurant.

In modern exterior decorating, black window trim on a sleek black window box is very contemporary and contrasts nicely with plants in colors of chartreuse, light green, white, and lavender.

Succulent Raised Planter Window Box

succulent raised planter window box ideas

If you do not want to attach a container to your window, a raised planter is an option. Joanna Gaines designed this one, striking with its mix of spiky succulents and interesting foliages.

Succulents are an excellent choice for window boxes in sunny rooms but require a little more TLC than other plants. Alternatively, consider planting something like the snake plant, philodendron, pothos, or ZZ plant if you don’t have much light.

Classic Colorful Blooms Window Box

classic colorful blooms window box ideas

If you love the traditional, spilling display of potted plants in a townhouse window box, choose something like petunias, begonias, or geraniums for a bright burst of summer color.

These look amazing against darker window frames and walls. Here, sea green walls pair beautifully with red geraniums and dark brown shutters.

Burst Of Pink Window Box

burst of pink window box ideas

For a great-looking display, go for darker plants that pop against your white exterior. This mix of purple and pink flowers stretching identically in both directions gives the arrangement a unique look. The black timber box provides the perfect base to show off these vividly colored blooms.

Summing It All Up,

To optimize plant growth, create the window box in such a way as to provide plants with enough sunlight or shade. Several types of plants should be grown there, where they can thrive under the appropriate conditions.

Above is guidance on how to choose the best window box and planter for your home. It should be useful in getting started with gardening.

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