Chalk Paint Furniture: Ideas For Beginners

Chalk paint can be painted on furniture in many different styles. This makes the paint appealing to crafters who want to explore their creativity and create beautiful pieces.

Painting furniture with chalky-finish paint is an excellent way to get the job done without having to put in any effort. Pick up your favorite color, and try one of these inspiring ideas for chalk paint furniture.

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Ever Heard Of Chalk Paint Furniture?

chalk paint furniture ideas shelving in office

Do you own an old piece of furniture in need of a makeover? Before you consider throwing it away, consider some new chalk paint furniture ideas for your home. Chalk painting has become popular for turning old items into new furnishings.

Chalk paint can cover virtually any surface, and there are plenty of unique colors to choose from. When you want everything in your home to be especially personal, make your own chalk paint mixture.

Why Is It Worthwhile To Use Chalk Paint When You’re Trying To Re-decorate Old Furniture?

Chalk paint is a convenient painting option because it doesn’t require any preparation. You need to clean the surface before you paint.

Another benefit is it dries quickly. On average it takes around 1 hour for a coat of paint to dry, so you can do other things while your furniture dries. Painting with the potting bench method can save you time if you paint parts of furniture at a time so that when one side is finished, the other side has dry paint ready to be painted on.

Mixing Your Own Paint

Not everyone is intimidated by DIY chalk paint. It’s fairly easy to do, as well. All you need to do is mix the powder with water per the instructions and add it to your desired paint color.

You can easily follow the given instructions. The paint consistency should be smooth so the solution won’t appear thin and watery, making it ineffective.

Things To Consider Before Using Chalk Paint

If you’re unfamiliar with chalk paint, practice using it on a scrap piece of paper first before applying it to your project. It can be challenging to use chalk paint since it differs considerably from other paints; make sure you don’t ruin any furniture by experimenting with the technique on your old pieces.

Chalk paint dries more quickly than regular paint, so you will need to act faster before it begins to dry.

Creative Ways To Use Chalk Paint

chalk paint coffee table furniture ideas

While browsing the paint section at a local home depot store, I found chalk paint. Luckily, I didn’t donate my favorite old chair – instead, I decided to use this versatile product on some furniture in my home! Below are a few ideas for restoring furniture with chalk paint.

Give Your Furniture A Distressed Look

chalk paint dresser distress furniture ideas

Are you looking for an old furniture look? You can achieve a shabby chic feel by using painted furniture. After painting with chalk paint, remove any areas which are worn down naturally.

Scrape paint from the corners and edges, as well as the finished product. The appearance will be rough and slightly aged.

I highly recommend using pastel colors or teal to make your furniture look beautiful, even if it’s in bad shape. Bright, bold colors can make a piece stand out against a white background, especially if the space is empty.

Use Contrasting Colors

contrasting white and orange color chalk paint furniture ideas

Never be afraid to experiment with different colors, even when using chalk paint. Various palettes are depending on your taste that can be used for furniture and pieces of art. Use contrasting shades for maximal effect.

If you’re looking to update the look of your old dresser, consider painting the trim and knobs light charcoal or gray. You can also opt for a contrasting hue, such as green, for the main parts with lighter hues on select surface areas to maintain some original colors.

Give Your Dresser An Ombre Effect

ombre chalk paint dresser furniture ideas

This is a great way to spruce up an old, colorless dresser. Pick a color that will complement the other colors in the room.

An ombre color palette can look pretty, fun, and creative depending on the colors you use (try a light purple to the pink scheme in a girl’s room).

Create A Rustic Vibe

grey chalk paint furniture ideas

You can change an old coffee table into a rustic style with just two steps. First, sand the top of the table so it has a worn-out feeling, and pick a color for the area on top. Next, attach a wooden plank for an updated farmhouse look.

Go Vintage

go vintage with chalk paint furniture ideas

Chalk paints instantly give any piece of furniture an old, aged look. By blending in a dark wax paste to the surface of your item, you can create modern and vintage home accessories with chalk paint.

You can use a stain the color of your choice to paint over your wooden planks. Pick a neutral-toned or light color for your table base that will blend well with the accessories in your room.

List Of Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Multicolor Chalk Paint For Children’s Furniture

multicolor chalk paint for children furniture ideas

Need help freshening up your kids’ room or study area but don’t feel like lifting a finger? This project using chalk paint is simple, and you can involve your children. You’ll have tons of fun!

Paint the cute stools and chairs in different colors. Choose either to leave the top of the table white, paint only the legs, or even paint the tabletop.

Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover

chalk paint furniture makeover ideas

This chalk paint furniture makeover will have you drooling. The monochrome effect and slight distressing made these chairs go from dated to trendy in minutes.

Give A Kitchen Table Makeover With Chalk Paint

kitchen table makeover with chalk paint furniture ideas

Transform your old oak table with chalky paint. Use a black or gray chalky paint formula to match the color of this table, refinishing and updating its appearance in about one hour’s worth of effort.

Chalk Paint To Transformed Wooden Dining Set

chalk paint wooden dining set furniture ideasI really like the color of natural wood. It brings a cozy feeling to your home, which is exactly what I was looking for. But sometimes, you want to change things up a bit, so what better than using white chalk paint to transform your wooden dining set?

You might want to consider keeping the wood color of your table and chairs when you paint over them. One option is using a white tabletop and leaving the legs of both untouched. This would help give any renovation or makeover that farmhouse feels.

Chalk Painted Fabric Chair

chalk painted fabric chair furniture ideas

Painting a chair to match your personal style is easy and quick. If you have an hour or so, it’s worth browsing furniture stores for the perfect piece of furniture that fits in with your unique taste. But if you don’t want to spend hours on a search, why not get creative and paint one instead?

Paint Fabric With Chalk Paint

paint fabric with chalk paint furniture ideas

Chalk paint can be an excellent option for upholstery fabric. It will change the material’s texture, but it won’t negatively impact how well the piece stands up to heavy use.

Furniture With Chalky-finish Paint

chalky finish paint furniture ideas

Painting with dried, chalky-finish paint is an easy first step for a furniture makeover. If you’re interested in taking this project to the next level, you can customize your piece by adding stained wood or hardware that suits your style and needs.

Antique Washstand Into An End Table With Some Chalky Paint

antique washstand into an end table with some chalky paint ideas

In cases where the wood is in good shape, painting antique furniture can be frowned upon. However, in some cases, chalky paint and quick repairs can make an old piece usable again. The image above shows how we transformed this old sink from something out of date to something modern.

Paint A Small Part Of A Dresser

chalk paint small part of a dresser furniture ideas

When stenciling, it’s possible to achieve that shabby chic look you’re going for with a little effort. If you’re looking for a way to update an inexpensive dresser, a simple scallop pattern can do the trick, like this one from Persia Lou.

Chalky White Dresser With Green Accents

chalky white dresser with green accents furniture ideas

Chalk paint is a great way to modernize an old dresser. If you have one that’s been in your family since before she was born, it may be time for a change, and give it a coat of white chalk paint to make things look prettier.

Distress A Kitchen Island With Chalk Paint

distress a kitchen island with chalk paint furniture ideas

Chalk paint is one of the easiest ways to change a piece of furniture, as the finish can be easily sanded and buffed. Give your kitchen island more character with this chalk paint project!

Chalky-Finish Kitchen Cabinets

chalk paint kitchen cabinets furniture ideas

If you are tired of your kitchen’s all-white or natural wood cabinets, while there is no need to hire a professional to paint them for you, now is the time to experiment with colors using chalk paint.

All you have to do is pick a color that you want and then start painting. One of the many benefits of using chalk paint is that it doesn’t require any tedious preparation before being used.

Improve the appearance of your kitchen cabinets by giving them an adorable matte finish!

Chalk Finish Paint Dresser

chalk finish paint dresser furniture ideas

This DIY chalk-finish paint comes in colors that can be antiqued or distressed, making it perfect for this stunning cabinet.

Chalk-finish paint is used on this dresser to give it one coat. After the drawer fronts dried, they were coated with a light brushstroke of another color so that the original chalk-finish would show through.

You can replicate this DIY project if you like the design.

DIY Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

diy chalk paint dresser makeover furniture ideas

Chalk paint can be a great option when you want to achieve a distressed or rustic look for furniture. Look at this dresser above, where chalk paint has been used to create an aged and textured appearance.

DIY Chalk Paint And Dresser To Buffet

diy chalk paint dresser to buffet furniture ideas

In this paint project, you will be impressed by two DIY furniture hacks. One is to take an old dresser and give it new life using chalk paint (giving it a brand-new appearance). The other is a clever technique for transforming the top of dressers into buffets.

First, mix water with latex paint and use it as chalk paint to coat your baby’s dresser. Coat the surface of the dresser in two coats for a better finish.

Chalk Painted Ombre Dresser

pink ombre chalk paint dresser furniture ideas

Chalkboard paint also enables you to create a new, innovative, and chic-looking style for your old furniture pieces. This picture is a great example of how chalkboards can use chalkboards to make an ombre effect on dressers.

Chalk Paint Fireplace Mantle

chalk painted fireplace mantel ideas

You can instantly update the look of an old home with chalk paint. Take this fireplace mantel makeover as an example, which uses a simple coat of white chalk paint to achieve a great vintage rustic look.

The Ultimate Homemade Chalk Paint Dresser

ultimate homemade chalk paint dresser furniture ideas

When you’re painting an old dresser with chalk paint, this article will offer tips on doing it at home in a chic modern way. You’ll also get the simple recipe for making your own chalk paint from three ingredients: water, latex paint, and calcium carbonate.

Diy Chalk Paint Upcycled Coffee Tables

upcycled coffee tables with chalk paint furniture ideas

These rustic but modern coffee tables stick out in any room, like a breath of fresh air, whether DIY painting with chalk paint or buying one at the store can transform furniture into something new.

Yellow Chalk Painted Chair

chalk paint yellow chair furniture ideas

Chalk-paint your old chairs and add some sunshine (using “English Yellow” by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).

How To Chalk Paint Dresser

chalk paint white dresser furniture ideas for living room

Follow these steps associated with painting furniture to create a beautiful Chalkboard piece:

1 Quart of chalkboard paint is needed. White was the only color this dresser appeared in. Use dark and clear wax to seal it when you’re done. If you want to change the look of your dresser, install new hardware.

Chalk Painted Vintage Rocking Chair

chalk painted rocking chairs furniture ideas

This DIY project is perfect for your rocking chair if you love vintage furniture with all of its natural wear and patina. Upcycle your own chair by painting it with chalk paint.

Chalk Paint Distressed Dresser

chalk paint distressed dresser furniture ideas

Painting a rustic or shabby chic dresser with chalk paint can be an exciting project that makes the piece beautiful. You will need to purchase chalk paint, a finishing wax, and sandpaper before starting this project.

Chalk Painted Dresser Ideas

white chalk paint dresser furniture ideas

Transform your old furniture and go modern or even vintage. Refreshing a dresser with new handles is a quick and simple makeover idea that can freshen up the whole look of the piece.

Old Violet Chalk Painting Table

chalk paint furniture ideas old violet

A blue-grey vibe has never looked better in a room than this! Trying the chalk painting technique is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your furniture.

Jewelry Box Makeover With Chalk Paint

chalk paint jewellery furniture ideas

Lily gave this jewelry box a makeover, painting it with chalk paint to give it a unique look. This is an easy project and can be done again repeatedly as long as you like to make things for friends and family or would like to offer some beautifully customized pieces for sale.

Chalkboard Coffee Table With Chalk Paint

chalkboard coffee table with chalk paint furniture ideas

One of the few things Jess likes about her new table is that when friends come over, they can leave doodles and notes on the actual table.

My friends always love it when they come over and leave me little messages on my coffee table. As you can see, I turned the top and edges of a table into a chalkboard by using chalkboard paint.

Chalk Painted Cozy Gray Chair

chalk paint cozy gray chair furniture ideas

Liz Marie realized she wanted to paint something gray in her house. She went down into the basement and found an old chair that needed a good scrubbing before it could be painted.

Seriously, I love how this gray paint looks on this adorable little chair. I regret that I don’t have space for it in our Michigan home, but we’re hoping to make a change soon. For now, the chair is at my booth here in Michigan, which can be found at Painted Farmgirl if you’re looking for a fabulous grey chair!

Chalk Paint Furniture FAQs

Can You Use Chalk Paint On Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, you can paint your kitchen cabinets. To see the best results and protect them from wear and tear, you should thoroughly prep the surface by cleaning and removing stains in the existing finish before painting.

Do You Need To Seal Chalk Paint With Wax?

While sealing your chalk-painted furniture won’t be necessary, it will lengthen the life of your paintwork and provide a uniform finish. Plus, some painting styles rely on wax for coloration.

Another option besides liquid wax is using polyurethane on your chalk paint projects. Polyurethane provides a more durable layer of protection than wax, perfect for items like dining tables or dressers.

Are Chalk Paint And Chalkboard Paint The Same Thing?

Don’t be fooled! Chalkboard paint is not the same as chalk paint.

Chalk paint gets its name for the stark contrast it provides when compared to glossy finishes. Users should not write on the wall with chalk while using this paint.

Chalkboard paint is specifically formulated to create an easily readable surface, usually black or dark gray. You can use it on furniture, walls, or any other item you’d like to serve as a chalkboard.

To Summarise All Above,

Whether one is decorating a new home or renovating an old one, important aspects are furniture and how to make it work. However, with aging or outdated furniture in place, how do you keep your old pieces from overwhelming your new look?

A simple and quick way to update your furniture is to paint it with chalk paint. It will help give the rustic, worn-out chic, modern-looking chic, or outdated look of a beautifully painted piece of furniture so it matches your home decor theme or suits any color palette you might be trying out.

Bring old chairs to life and look good doing it! Each project is simple enough that you’ll be able to create a beautiful centerpiece with some chalk paint projects easily. You can make your clumsy display cabinet shine with DIY crafts, which are easy to accomplish.

Re-Purposing your old furniture with artistic touch is a refreshing way to renew and upgrade the look. Paint with magnetic chalkboard paint is also a great option if you choose to upcycle your furniture.

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