Outdoor Sinks Ideas That Can Be Useful In Your Home

Outdoor sink ideas have become more common in recent years, and they make sense.

Outdoor sinks are a wonderful addition to your outdoor kitchen, as they will allow you to avoid the mess of entering and exiting your house. Hospitals and slaughterhouses use outdoor sinks for clean-up, but they can also be handy to have in your home. They’re great for washing veggies before you cook them (or filling a water jug).

Sometimes when you’re doing gardening work, it’s nice to have a quick place nearby to wash up so that you don’t have to go inside. There are several tasks for which a sink is useful- washing pots and plant pots, filling up your watering can. But they also perform another function – more often than not, sink for the garden will double as an attractive feature in your backyard/garden.

As a result, we’ve created these ideas to give you some inspiration. From brightly colored backdrops, sleek chrome taps, vintage French basins, and pared-back stone looks (plus lots of others), we’ve got all the inspiration you need for your dream outdoor sink.

Types of Outdoor Sinks

There are many sinks available for use in the outdoor environment, which is why it might be tough to choose which one is right for you. This also depends on what you’ll be using the sink for and where you plan to put it. Below are typical examples of outdoor sinks to help you decided:

Outdoor Portable Sinks

outdoor portable sink ideas

These sinks are small, seldom more than two feet wide or three feet long, and usually built on wheels so you can move them anywhere in your garden.

Outdoor Utility Sinks

outdoor utility sink ideas

Outdoor sinks can be either large utility or laundry type, both of which provide great functionality.

Outdoor Sink Stations

outdoor kitchen stations sink ideas

A sink station is generally a place outfitted with outdoor sinks and plenty of storage space for garden tools, lawn equipment, or other utility items.

Outdoor Garden Sinks

outdoor garden sink ideas

Garden sinks are perfect for storing potting soil, fertilizers, and other garden accessories. With shelves and cabinets, they can be used as a gardening shed. There are three common types:

  • Mobile Garden Sink Carts
  • Outdoor Garden Sink Stations
  • Plastic Garden Sinks

Outdoor Kitchen Sinks

modern outdoor kitchen sink ideas

Outdoor kitchen sinks are widely popular and preferred among kitchens nowadays. They can commonly be made of stainless steel, with some coming as countertops for your kitchen. These are the various types of outdoor kitchen sinks:

  • Cocktail/bar sinks
  • Undermount Sinks
  • Single-bowl sinks
  • Double bowl sinks
  • Top mount/drop-in sinks
  • Apron Sinks

Bundle Of Outdoor Sink Ideas

when it comes to outdoor sinks, many ideas give you a new perspective on building one. Check out the collection of inspiring ideas below!

Attractive Impression Outdoor Kitchen Add A Stainless Steel Sink

attractive impression outdoor kitchen add a stainless steel sink

A good way to spice up your outdoor kitchen is with a stainless steel sink that can withstand heat and cold. Placing it on the table will ensure your home decor remains attractive.

Minimalist Sink Design

minimalist outdoor sink ideas

This minimalist outdoor kitchen is found in a Miami house. The design includes minimal decor and an attached sink to its countertop, giving the space a sophisticated look.

Industrial Style Sink Station

industrial style outdoor sink station ideas

The outdoor sink station uses an oval galvanized bucket with an industrial pipe for the water. It is so creative and will attract much attention. The style is simple but artistic.

Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Sink Station

modern farmhouse outdoor sink ideas

One great outdoor sink idea is this one, where you’ll find an easy-to-access kitchen with a sink and snack bar-style window. Or else you could go for the farmhouse sink option like this.

Painted Green Oil Drum Sink Ideas

painted green oil drum outdoor sink ideas

Outdoor kitchen sink station ideas can be found in the most unexpected of places. In this example, a dull metal drum is turned into an extraordinarily detailed sink that draws attention to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Sink in Shade

outdoor sink ideas in shade

This outdoor table features a garden sink that is covered by a pergola. Depending on the look you are going for, this might be perfect if you’re looking to create a rustic cottage-like atmosphere with your deck design.

Strong Stone Sink Station

strong stone for outdoor sink ideas

This photo shows an outdoor sink station with a concrete wall, flowers, and pots. To do cooking outside more entertaining, it is possible to build an oven for pizza.

Outdoor Wood Sink Station

outdoor wood sink stasion ideas

I absolutely love the beauty of this outdoor sink table. The wood design looks gorgeous in outdoor surroundings, and I especially like that it has a natural feeling because of its plantation-style material.

Semi Circle Wood Sink Table

semi circle wood sink table for outdoor sink ideas

A sink table is usually a rectangular-shaped piece of furniture that you can wash your hands or food. However, this design has an interesting shape. However–it’s about half the size of a full circle and includes storage beneath it. This makes this perfect for your garden if you don’t have room for other backyard furniture pieces.

Amazing Ancient Sink

amazing ancient sink for outdoor sink ideas

No, this is not an old sink. We call it old because it’s made mostly of stone. Sometimes the exterior living spaces are known as the ‘Al Fresco’ design (Italian). The word ‘al fresco’ is originally from the Italian meaning ‘the open.’ Place this large Tuscan stone kitchen sink on your porch and witness nature in its full glory.

Small Outdoor Sink Idea

small outdoor sink ideas in black and natural wooden color

The sink above is perfect for tight spaces or areas. It will serve the purpose and won’t take up much space.

Implementing An Outdoor Kitchen Sink To Wash Dishes Easily

implementing an outdoor kitchen sink to wash dishes easily

Deciding to install an outdoor sink, which is resistant to cold and hot weather, will make it easier for you to wash dishes outside.

Sink To The Outdoor Kitchen Decor

sink to the outdoor kitchen decor and outdoor sink ideas

Outdoor kitchen design can be enhanced and made more stylish with a sink. Stone or stainless steel materials will make this feature look good.

Sink Ideas For Tiny Balcony Space

sink ideas for tiny balcony space

This clever Ikea sink adds a major dose of functionality to this small balcony space. The handy storage cupboards below keep things well-organized, and the monochrome color scheme combined with surrounding greenery makes for a gorgeous design.

Restaurant-style Outdoor Sink

restaurant style outdoor sink station ideas

Outdoorsy people with an appreciation for high-end design will love this restaurant-style outdoor sink. From writing a daily menu, recipe, to-do list to what to buy and party instructions – you can do many things with the chalkboard. The gorgeous sink is made from wood, making it quite sturdy and perfect for outdoor use.

Graceful Outdoor Kitchen Sink

graceful outdoor kitchen sink ideas

The far-right side features a sink basin with a graceful faucet that can channel clean water to it. The sink unit appears built into the kitchen’s overall design, and the stand covers its supply lines.

The high-quality ceramic material used in this sink gives it a sleek and elegant appearance. There are two shelves within the sink area that can hold various items you need for kitchen cooking.

Traditional Outdoor Patio Sink

traditional outdoor patio sink ideas

A traditional-style kitchen might be the perfect place to get your hands dirty. The only way I know how is with a high-quality stainless steel sink that’s behind an outdoor BBQ – just like in San Francisco!

Compact Outdoor Kitchen Sink

compact outdoor kitchen sink ideas

Most contemporary kitchen sinks are also compact. This one is an outdoor sink that looks modern and light, like in today’s kitchens. The faucet appears to be common too.

Next to the basin, there is another stainless steel board that serves as a drying area. This sink unit has a shelf for placing cleaned dishes when they are washed to save on space. The sink sits atop a contrasting wooden table.

Rustic Appeal With Your Outdoor Sink Ideas

wooden basin for outdoor sink ideas

A rustic appeal can be achieved in your outdoor sink design with a natural touch, such as wooden. These weathered examples above provide the perfect balance of homely and vintage aesthetics alongside an earth-friendly sand-colored stone.

Notice the lack of angles – even the tap is curved to add to a feeling of softness in the space. The pretty yellow fabric on either side of this storage area only adds to its allure.

Lovers Of A More Contemporary Style Outdoor Sink Ideas

lovers of a more contemporary style outdoor sink ideas

If the idea above felt too “fantasy-like” for you, perhaps this more simplistic design will suit your palate.

Clean lines and polished metal have a stunning contrast when complementary to the natural features of the garden. Therefore, they will instantly bring a feeling of balance to the plot.

It’s a great choice for lovers of contemporary style.

Stone and Wood Sink Station

stone and wood outdoor sink ideas

This sink station outside the kitchen looks simple and elegant with its natural-looking design. It includes many storage spaces and features a contemporary faucet to go with its modern style.

Turn An Antique Basin Into Outdoor Sink Features

turn an antique basin into outdoor sink ideas

When it comes to adding an antique or vintage-style basin to your garden, chances are you’ll need to search a few sites for one. It would be best to search online marketplaces like Gumtree and eBay for them since that’s where these types of basins usually go.

This vintage French basin might not be ideal as a kitchen, especially if it is also used as the food prep area. However, its compact size makes it easy to carry around and quick for more hand-washing when outside.

We especially love the frilly metal design and weathered patina. The classic look would complement our cottage garden ideas.

Luxurious Outdoor Sink Station

luxurious outdoor sink ideas

The rustic appeal of this outdoor kitchen sink station is enhanced by the metal door to the storage space under it. This door will give your outdoor kitchen a premium touch.

Portable Sink Table

portable outdoor sink table ideas

This wrought-iron sink table will add rustic vibes to your backyard or patio. It is easy to install and has a classic look that suits the area well.

Stoneage Sink Station

stoneage outdoor sink table ideas

How cool will it be to have a station from the stone age outback? If you want your outside yard to look distinctive, you can go with this design. The classic combo of wood and stone never goes out of style, so that should provide a calm feeling about the natural ambiance.

Outdoor Garden Sink

outdoor garden sink station ideas

This actually is a stone tablet, but it has been installed to have the appearance of a sink station. The potted plants around it add a more natural touch and improve its aesthetics.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Ideas

outdoor kitchen sink ideas and wooden storage shelves

This wall-mounted outdoor sink is another bespoke option for people who want a clean, industrial style. The best thing about this model is that the top of the counter includes storage space to store extra wood logs for your fireplace and daily kitchen supplies.

Concrete Outdoor Sink

simple concrete outdoor sink ideas

This sink is made of concrete, and this makes it sturdy and permanent. If you are confident in the location of your sink, you can surely build this type of kitchen fixture outside.

Wall Mounted Sink Ideas

wall mounted outdoor sink ideas

If you’re looking for space where you can do dishes and store plates easily, this sink design would be perfect. With the underneath storage space, you can store washed plates and bowls safely. You have to construct it in any part of your backyard or planter.

Fix A Copper-coloured Sink To A Wall

fix a copper coloured sink to a wall

There are many ways you can add something to an empty wall. Planting up self-clinging clematis or training vines such as Virginia creeper is one option to give more color, while painting is another great way of adding new life to the room.

To bring a tired-looking wall back to life, it may be time for a makeover. A charming, copper-colored sink can do wonders in the space.

A stand-alone, black metal sink complements the faded patina of nearby wooden floors. Hang a vintage soap rack just next to it and top it all off with an antique jug.

Go Classic Outdoor Sink

go classic outdoor sink ideas

Are you on the indoor-outdoor living trend yet? It’s trendy right now, as you can see with our outdoor living ideas. If your yard doesn’t have space for an outdoor kitchen, how about bringing a washroom outdoors instead?

The classic designs of a white basin naturally belong in the garden, but it becomes an even greater addition when surrounded by stone. Add a mirror and a pretty potted plant or surround with living green walls if desired. The result will be both practical as well as gorgeous.

Wood Sink Station with Spacious Storage

wood sink station with spacious storage

Another alternative to a kitchen sink, this station also has the advantage of being used as a fence. The horizontal slats will help you keep your backyard private while still maintaining an appealing design. Plus, the natural privacy of the bushes is perfect for outdoor dining areas.

Black Wood Sink Station

black wood s outdoor sink station ideas

The horizontal slats of this contemporary outdoor kitchen sink station give it a modern and elegant design. This is a good way to make your outdoor space feel modern while still keeping the natural atmosphere.

Sink Station with Canopy

outdoor sink station ideas with capony

The beautiful outdoor kitchen sink station with a canopy, complete with a lattice design. It adds a charming Mediterranean style to your outdoor kitchen while providing shade. Place some plants on the lattice for an even more authentic look.

Outdoor Sink Ideas FAQs

Where Do Outdoor Sinks Drain?

This is a very peculiar question. How do outdoor sinks drain? As the marketing director for Lundhs, I can answer this question.

An outdoor sink would typically be hooked up to a water line or piping outside that is installed beneath the sink, but large containers can easily be placed under the piping with drainage bothersome. When the container is full, the water would need to be emptied. This can, for instance, be done with a large galvanized bucket.

Though it is possible to connect an outdoor sink to your normal water drainage system, installing one from the start of your building project will make life easier. This would require digging and connecting to the same water and drain system that is required for indoors.

How Do You Winterize An Outdoor Sink?

To winterize your outside sink, cut off the water supply and ensure no remaining flow in the pipes or hoses. If you do not, they may freeze and cause damage to your outdoor sink. This is easy to do by following the tips below.

To ensure that your water pipes don’t freeze over during winter, it is best to drain the pipes first: let the tap run until there is no more water coming out of the faucet. Once you hear a noticeable change in sound, that usually indicates that the taps are empty.

Don’t forget, and it’s important to be aware of various heaters that could lead to damage if precautions aren’t taken. For instance, water heaters may need particular devices or knowledge to avoid the risk of frost damage, so be sure to check your manuals for information on how best to proceed.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Outdoor Sink?

The costs for outdoor sink installation vary, and Jacques Shelton shares his expert advice about the price.

‘The plumbing can vary significantly based on design and aesthetic,’ he says. ‘From The Home Depot, they start at around $180 for a small stainless steel hand wash basin.’

After that, you can choose composite sinks to match the countertops or ceramic sinks such as Butler style, which tend to be more expensive.

Jacques says that a normal kitchen tap will work so long as you are aware that the wear-and-tear on the outside of your tap may shorten its life when it comes to outdoor taps.

He continues, “taps specifically built for outdoor use have more stainless steel components, and their warranty will provide peace of mind should anything happen.”

Indoor faucets can cost up to £200 for those more decorative styles, and outdoor taps may be near £400. This is the equivalent of $550 for the latter, with indoor options available from The Home Depot starting at around $70.

Jacques says you’ll probably want to budget £500 for the sink and tap only, or around $700. ‘But make sure you bear in mind the labor costs,’ Jacques warns, which varies depending on your region.

The higher cost will come from laying water pipes and drainage, so talk to a contractor about this before you make any moves.

The more distance from your primary drain and outdoor drain, the greater the cost. The easiest way to reduce costs is during a landscaping project where there may already be exposed ground.

The Bottom Line,

Having an outdoor sink gives you many advantages in your yard and garden. You can easily water the plants, store your garden equipment, wash your hands or dishes in the kitchen–and so much more.

It’s important to plan for a sink if you already have an outdoor kitchen, and it can make your outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable.

In this article, I’ve covered different outdoor sink ideas. My goal was to find the perfect sink for your backyard, and I hope this post has been helpful. Do share it with friends and family who might be interested in updating their own backyard space!

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