Desk Setup Ideas To Make Your Workstation Tidy That Increase Your Productivity

Working at home comes with many benefits and challenges. Getting your work setup right can mean the difference between a productive day and one that leaves you feeling stressed out.

If you’re using kitchen counters or coffee tables as your workspace, it may be time to change things up. Check these ideas about how to design a desk setup that works best for your needs.

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Desk Setup Ideas FAQs

Why Should You Improve Your Desk Setup?

The mess on your desk does not just interfere with how quickly you complete work, and it can affect other aspects of life. A messy or improperly set up desk increases stress by minimizing satisfaction with life while increasing cortisol levels. Additionally, your chair, desk, and how you position your screen can affect the long-term health of your vision. Your desk setup can impact a lot of things! But how can you improve it? Let’s explore some home office desk ideas.

How Should You Improve Your Desk Setup?

The first steps in preparing for your move are to take stock of the following three areas:


You can ensure that you have a healthy desk setup by finding an office chair suited for your body and spinal alignment.


A minimalist desk setup is a way to minimize clutter and maximize productivity.

Efficiency Tools

Once you remove the extraneous items, think about the tools necessary to make your job more efficient.

What Do You Need To Succeed In A Good Work Environment?

A good desk setup helps you stay productive and efficient.

Boost Natural Productivity

No one is productive all the time. Boosting your natural productivity level can be as simple as clearing distractions from your desktop to help you focus on what really matters.

Maximize Efficiency

When you prioritize tools to make your workplace more efficient, the results can be beneficial.

Let’s explore some of the essentials for a successful desk setup.

How to Hide Cables in Your Home Office?

It’s often the cables that make or break a well-designed office. Often good cable management is the difference between stylish and subpar design. To keep your work area organized, install wall-mounted channels (or get creative with coffee cans) to wrap wires when running from outlets.

If the space between your desk and an outlet is impractical for plugging in a power cord, try to cover it up with furniture or other decorative items. Use adhesive cable clips that are easy to slip on during high use periods to keep small (e.g., USB) charging cords from getting tangled or lost behind your desk when not in use.

What Desk Can Be Used For A Home Office Other Than The Traditional Desk?

Home desks provide a lot of storage for your work needs, offer plenty of room to work on top, and accommodate most office chairs. But when you’re not looking for an office desk to complete your space (sometimes), there are plenty of smaller pieces you can use. For example, tables and vanities work great as an impromptu computer desk with ample storage built-in. You can also install a simple desk from a set of filing cabinets or crates that stand on their own and have a flat surface.

Do Screensavers Still Need To Be Used Today?

Computer screensavers were originally designed to protect from damage caused by static electricity. Newer computer screens are unaffected by this, so a screensaver is no longer necessary for these types of monitors.

In modern times, screensavers are largely a stylistic choice. They can also aid in privacy – especially if you take your laptop to work or the local coffee shop for meetings occasionally.

A Few Tips For Desk Setup Ideas

Get Efficient

Our favorite tool is a multi-port docking station for efficiency.

Get Minimal

Too many chargers can lead to a cluttered mess. Reduce the chaos and purchase wireless charging stations for all your electronics.

Bluetooth Everything

Bluetooth will make a messy cabling finish look neat.

Park It

For the extra items like books, plants, or even some decorations for your space, it’s important to have a clean way of displaying these things.

Get Organized

A desk organizer is perfect for keeping small items in place, so they don’t get lost amid a sea of paper.

Best Desk Accessories For Practicality And Fun

Desk accessories are typically utilitarian, but you can be a lot more fun. Get desk accessories that represent who you are and take your productivity to new heights.

Desk Organizer

wooden desk organizer ideas

Desk organizers are one of the most important accessories to get for your desk. They provide an endless number of compartments to store everything ranging from pens, pencils, and paperclips to small business cards and reference books.

Desk Mat

desk mat for game player desk setup ideas

Desk mats are a great way to upgrade your desk instantly. In addition to adding visual polish, they also benefit from protecting both the computer and surface areas from scratches and wear.

Desk mats are the perfect way to do writing or drawing on paper much better. Look for one that won’t slip and has a surface that compliments your desk.

Desk Plant And Pot

grey chair at desk setup ideas with plant in bright home office

Having a small plant in your home office doesn’t only help oxygenate the air you breathe. According to researchers, it also gives you fresh air and helps maintain the humidity levels around your desk. Plus, having a living thing in the office can make people feel like their coworkers are more personable.

Beyond the plant pot itself, many manufacturers of house plants can be juxtaposed for their cuteness or slickness even if you change them out every season, depending on what type of office decor is used at any given time. How could anyone resist this cute desktop accessory?

Water Bottle

sleek white desk setup ideas with photo frame and water bottle

You may have noticed that you are more tired than usual. Did you know not drinking enough water can cause this? Instead of reaching for coffee, try keeping a reusable water bottle at your desk instead.

It’s safer for spills than having an open glass on your desk, and you can monitor how much water you drink each day. Get a stylish glass water bottle to enjoy the benefits of taste, scent, safety, transparency, and style.

Noise Blocking Headphones

noise blocking headphones desk setup ideas

Background noise can range from mildly irritating to loud and distracting. Noise-blocking headphones will help you stay productive and focused in the face of such a drastic contrast between your environment and your work.

Wireless headphones are a great way to be both mobile and clutter-free. Look for headgear with a style that matches your other desk accessories.

Laptop Stand

laptop stand desk setup ideas

Whenever you use a laptop, getting a laptop stand is one of the best and most dynamic purchases you can make.

Laptop stands provide a more ergonomic position for your computer that eliminates the need to hunch over. These affordable devices are worth investing in, and they also have other great features.

Desk Lamp

kids desk lamps desk setup ideas

A desk lamp is a classic accessory for an office desk. It provides additional lighting so that you don’t bore your eyes with the overhead light.

One way to make your workplace or workspace more functional is by using desk lamps. Desk lamps offer various designs that will work with any style aesthetic, whether retro-chic, sleek modern, or anything in between.

Charger Stand For Electronics

multi device charging station dock organizer for desk setup ideas

Some of us are juggling more than one electronic device, chargers, and cables. Our desks start to overflow with clutter soon after we set up our workspace. A practical modern desk accessory is a stand and cord organizer that can help tame the cords so they don’t get in your way while working on devices.

By keeping your phones and tablets upright on your desk, you save space and easily find all chargers.

Tape Dispenser

black desk organizer ideas with tape dispenser

One of the most frustrating parts about using tape is trying to peel off the backing when there is a corner, and if you have a high-quality dispenser, it’s much easier.

Implemented with a weighted tape dispenser for one-handed use and a high-quality cutting blade, this pocket tape dispenser is an excellent choice. Plus, there are multiple models to choose from that’ll stand out on your desk.

Quality Stapler

quality stapler on desk ideas

Staplers are so common that we often forget they exist… until we need one and don’t have one. There’s no reason that they can’t be a cute addition to your desk accessories. In fact, staplers are surprisingly sturdy.

Metal Scissors

vintage wooden swivel chair and classic metal frame below scissors desk setup ideas

Scissors can be a real joy to use. A good pair of scissors will cut through items easier and with less effort, as well as lasting a lifetime.

If you want to save money, buy scissors with cast alloy handles and stainless steel blades. Just get them sharpened every once in a while, and they won’t need to be replaced.

Pen And Pencil Holder

multi function office pencil holder and stationery for desk setup ideas

A pen holder is another useful desk accessory that can actually have some personality and add a little something to your workspace.

Unless you’re a big fan of your favorite coffee mug holding pens, why not spice up things with a cute conversational piece that fits your desk?

Portable Speakers

audio engine wireless speakers desk setup ideas

Listening to sound from your laptop can be a disappointing experience. Why not use portable speakers that are less expensive, smaller, and of better quality?

Most of us don’t want to invest in a full hi-fi audio system for the office, but you can get surprisingly far with just a small speaker on your desk.

Photo Frames

office decorating desk setup ideas

Photo frames are one of the most simple ways to add instant style and make your desk space feel more personal. Consider displaying family pictures or those that inspire you with the sentiment, quote, or even framed landscape–the possibilities are endless!

Tactile Distractions: Stress Balls Or Puzzles

stress balls or puzzles desk setup ideas

Though stress balls are a cliche at this point, they can be useful for adults who want to focus their minds away from work and lower their stress levels. Similarly, tangrams and tactile games such as puzzles can be fun and help people get their minds off of work.

Post It Notes Dispenser

post it notes dispenser desk setup ideas

Despite not being a necessity, desktop sticky note dispensers make cute accessories for your work desk. Pick a heavier style that won’t easily fall over if bumped into, while the paperweight comes in handy when you only need one or two sheets of paper clipped together to do temporary folder duties with.

Bunch Of Desk Setup Ideas

These are some ideas to help maximize the desk setup which suits your needs. Let’s check out!

Black Desk Setup Ideas

black desk setup ideas

One of the more important aspects of decorating a home office is that black goes with everything.

For a sleek and stylish workspace, combine black technology with white or silver accents. For a masculine look, style your workspace with leather or natural wood accents.

Black desks tend to have a drab appearance, but you can use a gray computer background or screensaver to create some contrast. Black office furniture also benefits from colorful LED lights more vividly than it does with white light, so it may not be necessary to add an accent color.

Natural Light Boost Desk

natural light boost desk desk setup ideas

A good way to improve your workspace is by improving the lighting. Proper light can help give a room its style, but it also has many other benefits, including making you feel happier and healthier with increased focus and concentration.

Our body’s sleep-wake cycle requires exposure to sufficient bright light. The quality of indoor lighting determines our productivity and well-being, so it is important to maintain good lighting inside our homes.

Home Minimal Desk Setups

home minimalist desk setup ideas

More people than ever are working from home; many employ a minimalist desk when designing their workspace.

Tools At Your Fingertips For Desk Setup Ideas

tools at your fingertips for desk setup ideas

What items do you keep on your desk? From pens and highlighters to an agenda book, keep them close by without getting up frequently.

Everything secondary should stay in a discreet location – the drawer on top of the box under your desk. The goal is that these items don’t remain visible on your desk surface. Brilliant! You now have a functional workspace with minimal distractions so you can focus fully on your job responsibilities.

All-white Minimal Desk Setup

bright white desk setup ideas

All-white minimalist setups brighten up any workspace while also easily matching the rest of your decor.

All-white minimalist desk setup; Ikea desk with drawers, white gaming chair, and LED puzzle wall lights in the background that create a bright workspace.

The Clean Canvas Desk Setup

computer monitor desk setup ideas

You haven’t finished until your desk is tidy at the end of every day. A cluttered desk depletes our enthusiasm and prevents us from feeling motivated to start a new day. The opposite applies; we feel more enthusiastic and trusted when our desks are clear for work, which has serious productivity benefits.

Cool Desk Setup Ideas

cool desktop desk setup ideas

To create an original wooden desk setup, begin with the desk itself. Use a natural wood surface to add elegance and interest to the room. Avoid decor that’s purely decorative in favor of items that have a function as well as style. Unique speakers or light fixtures are a great option for your decoration plan.

Beyond the aesthetic, organization is important to a comfortable home office. Hang some floating shelves above your desk for decor and supplies, then place a small shelf on the desktop for more storage options.

Keep in mind that an uber-cool desk design won’t matter much if the rest of your office is lacking. Pay attention to everything surrounding your desk space, from your office chair to the other lights in the room.

Goals In Sight Computer Desk Setup Ideas

goals in sight computer desk setup ideas

Distractions are an inevitable part of daily life, but there’s a certain level that can be too much. An overwhelming workload can also cause you to lose focus on your work, and things won’t get done.

How can we always look forward? Well, one thing you may try is hanging the goal above your desk every day. Seeing it consistently reminds us of what we want and where we are going.

What is important to you? What or who are you living for, and why are you doing this? A poster on the wall of someone inspirational, a photo that captures a memory, or inspirational phrases on a sticky note somewhere easy to see can remind us what’s important.

Gaming Desk Setup Ideas

blue led light gaming desk setup ideas

Computer gaming has evolved considerably over the past few years. So have the computers that we use, and they deserve to look as good as the games that we play on them.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing gaming setup will improve the décor of your desk when you don’t have time to game. Additionally, there is nothing like a perfectly curated atmosphere during a favorite game to immerse yourself in that experience.

If the modern, sleek aesthetic doesn’t suit your taste, don’t worry. Add natural elements like a leather couch and plants to counteract the techno-feeling of your gaming computer setup. The contrast will be quite poetic.

A Little Nature Desk Setup

a little nature desk setup ideas

Adding a plant to your home can have a large positive effect on your well-being. A houseplant in the corner of one’s living room can help them feel connected with nature, add color and life to any dull space, and stimulate cognitive function.

Houseplants and plants offer a natural tension-reliever for all of us, but they accommodate parents in the office. Succulents, ferns, or flowering plants are great options depending on your lighting conditions.

Home Office Desk Setup Ideas

home office desk setup ideas

Functionality is equally as important to comfort. If your desk doesn’t seem tall enough, add a desktop shelf to elevate your computer to eye level. Ensure you have plenty of storage space within reach, but don’t worry about making the filing cabinet perfect; a basic one will do.

Designing your home office setup on a tight budget can still be surprisingly successful, but don’t skimp with your desk chair when it comes to the furniture you use. Invest in a stylish and ergonomic chair that goes with your existing decor.

Simple Desk Setup Ideas

simple desk setup ideas

you don’t need a grand design vision to have the perfect desk setup. A simple workspace is enough for both looks and productivity.

Invest in a desk organizer to create an area strictly for your office supplies and paperwork to clutter your general living space.

Instead of opting for a bland, boring home office décor, go with decor that complements your single theme. For instance, instead of purchasing stuffies purely ornamental, opt for functional items like speakers or light fixtures.

Cleanliness Desk Setup

cleanliness desk setup ideas

Physical and digital desks should both be kept organized to make you feel like your most productive self. When files on your computer are a messy, haphazard pile, it feels less like the efficient worker you wish to be. Every day, take a few minutes to clean up what’s been added or changed since the last time you did.

If you want to keep old documents around but still stay organized, create an archive folder and store increasingly unneeded files there. When creating the archive, consider labeling it by project or file for easy retrieval later on.

2-monitor Minimal Desk Setups

two monitor minimal desk setups

A 2-monitor desk setup like the one in this picture can be a perfect option for programmers, copywriters, or photographers.

The extended monitor can provide you with added display space and work more efficiently if needed.

If you want a simple desk setup, your best bet is just to buy an Ikea Loberget and two matching shelves. Then all of your accessories can be put up on the shelf and a monitor placed on top of them.

LED Desk Setup Ideas

led desk setup ideas

Custom-built PCs are ridiculously popular these days, and they allow you to add a ton of features. One trend I’ve noticed is adding colored LED lights to the inside hardware.

With both the computer and monitor, you can use LED lights for a brightening effect around their edges or place them underneath your keyboard. For a softer mood, transfer the light behind your desk.

Wall art consisting of LEDs looks great in a dark room during the night and also in bright surroundings during the day when there is ample light.

The Value of Air For Desk Setup

the value of air for desk setup

Like lighting, fresh air can dramatically affect your mood and energy levels. Breathing clean air is important for several reasons, like minimizing stress and improving mental clarity. Clean air results from many factors, including providing adequate ventilation, maintaining a healthy indoor temperature, and keeping a desk clean.

Air purifiers make an excellent addition to any home office, allowing you to easily decrease your sense of clutter and focus on the task at hand. The use of subtle smells or aromas in the room can also help stimulate creativity for a more productive day.

Imac Desk Setup Ideas

imac desk setup ideas

Apple has devoted decades to its brand. One of the main reasons consumers buy an iMac over a PC is their commitment to design.

The simple and clear design of the iMac lineup makes it a versatile decoration for any environment. You can use its modern look in your minimalist home office or emphasize it with traditional decor as the centerpiece of your living room.

If you have many Apple devices, such as an iPhone and iPad, try to set up your workstation to be helpful rather than frustrating. For example, use a stand to prop up your phone or tablet and use it as a second monitor. By minimizing clutter on your desk, you’ll have a more productive day.

Ergonomics Desk Setup For The Win

ergonomics desk setup for the win

Investing in an ergonomic office chair will enable you to maintain a healthy posture for most of the day. Feeling comfortable working on your computer is essential for reducing your risk of future diseases and conditions, including headaches and chronic fatigue.

Small Desk Setup Ideas

small work desk setup ideas

Turning a small space into a work-only area can be tough. A kitchen table might act as an interim desk, but establishing an actual workstation will greatly enhance your productivity and balance in your life.

One of the best ways to conserve space in a dual-purpose room is with an L-shaped corner desk. Hang a floating shelf over your desk for added storage space. Select an ergonomic office chair that will still fit beneath the desktop.

Clearing space in your office by using digital items rather than commercial products. For example, installing a screensaver of the clock on your computer eliminates the need for a standalone clock.

Minimalist Desk Setup Ideas

minimalist desk setup ideas

Minimalist design is a style that requires less to distract the eye. Choose one or two shades for your color scheme, with neutral colors being the best. For desks, choose from a bland lamp and screen saver or add personality with unique desk accouterments.

It is always good to prioritize function and organization when it comes to your belongings. This means finding a “home” for every item left out, such as investing in a magnetic charging stand for your phone instead of having it sit on your desk. Employ ample storage built into or hidden in the office space when combined with organizers placed around the office space.

One of the many qualities that minimalist design is criticized for is its cold and sterile feeling. However, you can counteract this sterility with natural materials in your furnishings like wood grain furniture, leather, and potted plants.

Hide The Cables From Desk

simple wooden desk setup ideas

The presence of cables can damage the aesthetic of your space. To improve this, get rid of any wires you can: headphones, mouse, and keyboard are useful examples.

Though you can’t get rid of all cables, they can be directed multiple bases to one area. Cable organizers and cable gutters are also available if you want a cleaner-looking wire and hide the cables for a more organized environment.

Work Desk Setup Ideas

work desk setup plantation ideas

Ever wondered about how to set up a home office? You’re not alone. Plenty of people want the perfect balance between style and functionality, but it can be difficult to find inspiration that does both things well.

It is important to keep your work surface uncluttered, so you can comfortably hold all of the devices. And make sure that you have a charger nearby for a tablet or laptop that will be used as a secondary monitor.

Wall-mounted monitors are a great way to reduce clutter on desktops while reducing neck strain. Buying an adjustable standing desk reduces the potential for painfully long periods spent sitting in an office chair.

Laptop Desk Setup Ideas

laptop desk setup ideas

People who work from home and those who work on the go may find that their needs aren’t all that different. Even if they are often using laptops for most of their tasks, there is still a need for office space at home.

One way to make using your laptop more comfortable is by moving it and placing it on a computer stand. Use a separate keyboard to modify your laptop into a makeshift home computer. You can also pair your laptop with another PC or Mac for use as a second monitor.

When it comes to using a laptop as your primary computer, getting organized is key. Give one of the desk spaces in your office multiple purposes with free-standing shelving units that can double as a vanity table, shelves for books or art supplies, and provide extra workspace when needed.

Computer Monitor Desk Setup Ideas

imac computer monitor desk setup ideas

In today’s world of technology, your computer monitor has become a portal to the outside world. But it can also be an integral part of home office decor. Whether you work with Macbook Pro or have upgraded to a top-of-the-line ultra-wide monitor, be sure to use this item in the best way possible.

Instead of filling your desktop background with items, get the same visual impact by using an HD photo or piece of art.

Place your monitor directly in front of a window, or install an LED lamp overhead to allow for natural light. Clear the space around your monitor to avoid excessive eyestrain by creating more room with a spare desk and bookcase to store all necessary computer accessories.

Studio Desk Setup Ideas

studio desk setup ideas

It’s not only traditional office work that relies on a good home desk setup. Many artists and creators need to use their home desks for art, music production, photography, voice acting, or gaming.

For any studio, a computer monitor is likely the focal point of your workspace. Consider purchasing a desk with a slide-out shelf to hold any extra devices or supplies needed when working from home.

Working at a desk all day can be challenging for your body. Try a standing desk to improve comfort and reduce stress levels.

Two-Person Desk Setup Ideas

two person desk setup ideas

Sharing office space with another person can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are several healthy ways to handle the issue of dividing your desk setup evenly.

Symmetrical design is usually the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not strictly required for office decoration. Mix-and-match your desk accessory collection to create a funky, eclectic look. Using two different types of chairs in your home office should be no problem as long as you stick to a cohesive color palette.

Divide your work surface and ensure both halves have ample storage—label or separate filing cabinets for each person to keep documents and work supplies organized.

Desktop Desk Setup Ideas

desktop computer workspace for desk setup ideas

Screen use is ubiquitous. Your computer desktop can serve a variety of functions – including work, personal projects, or leisure. You may wish to coordinate your wallpaper for more personalized screen aesthetics.

Find your style and express it in every aspect of your computer. Match all the customizations you make with a unique keyboard, mouse, top, and even desk lamps to add that extra something.

Add speakers and other peripherals to both sides of your computer monitor for the best sound quality. Place computer accessories in specific spots on your desk for a professional appearance. Trade standard mouse pads for large desk pads that match the colors of your home office so you can work from anywhere with efficiency.

To Sum Up,

Want to give your desk a much-needed upgrade but not sure where to start? It’s not about doing everything on this list right away.

To maximize productivity at a desk, invest in new technology like monitors and lighting. Even rearranging your workspace can give you more space or better acoustics, depending on what you need to do.

This article offers some ideas to help you gradually transform your workplace into a more inspiring and mindful space that will be easier for you to do your best work.

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