Clever Spice Storage Ideas To Keep Your Spices Fresh And Accessible

Like your pantry, spice storage options can lead to a cluttered disaster instead of an organized collection. It can be frustrating or a cooking and baking flavor mecca, depending on the packaging styles used.

When you’re cooking a meal and juggling other things at the same time, the last thing you want to do is search for that jar of basil that you *know* you just purchased. Scrounging around your spice cabinet and picking up every green-looking spice becomes incredibly frustrating as it wastes your valuable time.

Whether you cook with a few or many spices, it’s helpful to have top-notch spice organization systems. The simpler the system—having them neatly lined up in little jars on your countertop out in the open, for example—the faster and easier it is to grab what you need when you need it.

If you get frustrated at the grocery store when you can’t find that one spice, read these tips for storage and organization.

Spice Storage Ideas FAQs

How To Store Spices?

When storing spices, make sure to remember to do the following:

  • Make sure they are stored in airtight containers to keep out the moisture and preserve their freshness.
  • Store spices in a dark place, away from the light, like your cupboards, pantry, or closet. You could also keep them in metal containers with tight lids if you don’t have a dark place to store them.
  • When storing spices, do not place them in the refrigerator. The cool environment provides a moist atmosphere that will destroy your spices.

How To Store Spices And Herbs

Most people have dried spices and herbs at home in containers, like cinnamon, paprika, or cayenne. And sometimes, we buy fresh herbs from the grocery store to add flavor to our meals like oregano, basil, or sage.

When it comes to spices and herbs, it’s important to know what you have on hand while having the ability to replace items that are almost out. Dried spices and herbs don’t spoil in a way that makes them unsafe for use; however, they lose flavor with time.

To keep dried herbs and spices flavorful for as long as possible, store them in a cool, dry place out of direct light. Do not store over the stove so that all the heat does not make them lose flavor quickly. Keep containers closed when they are not being used.

If you want to preserve the flavors of fresh herbs, they must be stored properly. Store them in a jar with water and place them in the fridge.

How Do You Organize Spices?

When organizing spices in your kitchen, you can use a spice rack. What do you put in the spice rack? You can store various containers of spices and organize them inside the rack.

Even with limited counter and cupboard space, you need to have enough room to access your spices quickly.

The storage place for spices should be dark and cool to reduce spoilage. They should not be exposed to heat or direct sunlight, which is why many professional chefs store them on cabinet spice racks.

A spice rack is an excellent idea, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard a wall-mounted spice rack if space is tight. Why are people using spice racks? Well, it’s often the best way to organize spices. You can put spices in separate jars and group them on the shelf.

List Of Spice Jar Alternatives

The options for storing spices are much more extensive than what you see on the supermarket shelves. Check out the list below to explore some alternative storage ideas that may not have occurred to you.

Regular Jam Jars Spice Storage

regular jam jars spice storage


Finding new ways to preserve the beauty of your home is sometimes all it takes. For example, empty jars leftover from different condiments can be reused for something else instead. Fill them with dried spices or cookware and put the lids on tight!

Keep all your cooking supplies together in the most convenient jars you own. It will make any kitchen feel like home.

Metal Tins Are Super Practical

Need a streamlined spice storage solution? Stainless steel containers are perfect. They’re roomy, so you won’t have to refill them every week, and extremely practical, you can stick them almost anywhere with their magnetic bottoms.

Spice Storage Ideas Using Stackable Jars

Struggling to find space? Don’t forget that because of their shape, traditional spice jars are tough to store. Buy some stackable containers and stack them in your cupboards or on the kitchen worktops!

Test Tube Spice Jars

test tube spice jars in bohemian kitchenSpice storage can be a challenge for anyone, but those who enjoy bohemian aesthetics will want to find ways of storing their spices in lovely glass jars. Test tube spice jars from Amazon are an accessible way of getting started and stylishly storing spices – look no further than this set!

Shop-bought Jars Spice Storage

When you purchase spices in jars, we recommend investing in a really nice set of jars with labels on the top and sides. This will make them easy to identify and save you money over time by only purchasing refill packs rather than buying new sets each time.

Tic-tac Boxes Spice Storage

One way to store spices when you don’t have a lot of space is to start collecting Tic-Tac boxes. Since they’re small and narrow, these boxes will be perfect for storing spices in even the tightest of cabinets or shelves.

Baby-food Jars Spice Storage

Turning baby food jars into spice containers is a great way to reuse the space without spending any money. It would be best to clean the jar, and you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing container for your spices.

Why Not Store Spices In Bags?

storing spices in bagsIf you’re tired of running out of space in your kitchen for storing spices, look for small bags that are both practical and pretty. When high-quality double-sealable bags are purchased, there is plenty of room to store them anywhere – even as decorative storage in a drawer!

Spice Storage Ideas

Save time and enjoy cooking again with these tips for storing or organizing your spices.

Pantry Spice Rack Storage

spice rack organizer on pantry


Spices are important for cooking, so having them close at hand is ideal. Lazy Susan spice storage racks are commonly used, but this means they take up space on the counter or find it difficult to reach the back of a cabinet.

If you have a pantry that is already set up to store all your cooking supplies, including spices, this clever way of storing the bottles can save space.

This wooden spice rack will allow you to see your spices clearly. It’s also a helpful way to organize them, making everything look neat and refreshed in the pantry.

White Wire Macrame 2-tier Spice Rack

white wire macrame 2 tier spice rack

If you are a design-minded cook, this macrame spice rack is just the thing for you. It includes two racks to store your everyday spices, and it looks stylish enough not to clash with the other items in your kitchen that you carefully selected.

White Wire Kitchen Door & Wall Spice Rack Storage

white wire kitchen door and wall spice rack

For those who need more room, these racks can be installed by hanging them over the door or mounting it to the wall to store spices, pantry items, dry goods, and more.

3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf

3 row bamboo expanding spice shelf

Does your kitchen cabinet look like a war zone? Is it hard to find the spices you need in that confusing mess of glass jars and plastic containers? Now there’s an easy solution! This expandable spice organizer includes 3 elevated rows so you can quickly and easily spot the spices you need.

Honeycomb Spice Storage Rack

wooden honeycomb diy spice rack

This honeycomb spice storage rack is ideal for displaying on the wall or resting on the counter. Despite being compact, it accommodates up to 40 jars of spices.

Mixed-Use Spice Storage Rack

open wall space and hang spices in baskets

For that unique look, hang spices in baskets on a rod. Kitchen-savvy bloggers have come up with other life-changing organizing ideas to handle stuff in the kitchen that can’t be organized. One is using labeled bags to hang spices from an overhand, which you can also use hooks for. Open Shelving Spice Storage Ideas

Open Shelving Spice Storage ideas

Spice up your kitchen with some new spice storage ideas. For a modern look, try hanging shelves to display your spices, and there are loads of great inspirations on Pinterest for you!

Under The Cabinet Spice Storage Ideas

magnetic strip and jars with metal lids spice storage

Spice storage is just as valuable under the kitchen cabinet as it is on top of them. Attach a magnetic strip and metal-lid jars to hold your spices, and save counter space by reaching for what you need from the cabinet!

Pull Out Spice Rack Storage

pull out spice rack cabinet


This is another design that would pair well with the kitchen. It’s perfect for people who value minimalism over accessibility.

If you want to buy a spice rack, you may have to spend more. This type of pullout storage usually comes with kitchen cabinets.

Install a pull-out tray or shelf in an unused area of your kitchen for all of your spices and more. When you decide on the best location for this apparatus, ensure that it is most optimally positioned regarding the size constraints.

Cabinet Door Spice Rack

cabinet door spice rack

Cabinet doors often go unused. This spice rack allows you to take advantage of an otherwise underutilized space. When taking this approach, make sure that the jars are lined up face-forward, so it’s easy to see what spices are available.

Though very convenient, you may need to open the cabinet door more carefully. Otherwise, spices inside can be a mess.

Sticking Spice Rack


space saving spice rack ideas


If you find yourself disappointed with other spice racks, this one may be a great option. This hanging rack adheres to an empty surface – so it’s more secure and stable than others.

Yamazaki Home Magnetic Spice Rack Storage

simple and minimalist spice rack magnetic spice rack


This minimalist spice rack is perfect for people with limited space who need versatility. It can store spices and other items that are needed within reach, such as toothpicks, oils, vinegar, and more.

Black Wall Mounted Spice Rack Storage Organizer


four tier spice rack is made with wire


Store your spices in a neat and organized manner with this four-tier wire spice rack. The rustic aesthetic will add personality to any kitchen!

Floating Wooden Spice Rack

modern spice rack above kitchen sink


This stunning wooden spice rack from IKEA is installed with stylish aplomb over the kitchen faucet and white subway tiles to save space.

Hanging Spice Rack

hanging spice rack under cabinets

If you think your kitchen lacks space, then we have a great solution. All you need to do is install this hanging spice rack under the cabinets. It’s available on Etsy for about $40 or make your own by installing hooks below the cabinets and hung spices from them – easy!

Mini Mason Jars Spice Storage

tiny jars are as farmhouse spice storage

If you love mason jars, this DIY is worth a try. These small jars are chic and functional—the glass allows you to distinguish between cinnamon sticks or bay leaves easily.

Under Cabinet Spice Rack Storage

modern spice rack below kitchen cabinet

Although usually impractical, the space beneath a cabinet can also be used as a spice rack. If there is enough storage capacity below the cabinets, it’s possible to hang such shelves or racks.

When purchasing a new cabinet, make sure it is sturdy enough to carry the weight. If not, they could be unsafe if they fall off when you are under them.

Mini Oval Spice-herb Jars

spices in labeled glass jars

Packing spices in labeled containers enables you to locate and use them in a pinch, like in this Brooklyn apartment.

DIY Wall Spice Rack Storage

diy spice rack in white wooden

Now here’s a spice rack that Joanna Gaines would love. You need some picture ledges, a few screws, and some rustic canning jars (bona fide signature labels are a plus) to get started.

Stackable Window Round Steel Cans Spice Storage

stackable window round steel cans spice storage

The best way to keep things tidy is with window tins like the ones shown above from Table For Two. They prevent the unattractive sight of jars and bottles of all different types by keeping them organized into matching sets.

Metal Spice Rack Storage Ideas

metal spice rack ideas for campers


If you need a means of storing pepper and salt for a day, this condiment rack is sufficient. This small metal tabletop rack can be used as an accent piece when placed on the dining room’s side.

Since it’s a small size and has hooks, this storage cabinet should not take up much space. This must be the perfect concise storage cabinet to store all your important spices.

Martha Stewart Collection Magnetic Tin Spice Rack

magnetic spice rack can to utilize cabinet space

Magnetic spice racks help save cabinet space which can go unused due to the doors being utilized for storage.

These small metal canisters are perfect for holding your spices, saving space, and adding style with these designs from House on Stanford.

Magnetic Portable Spice Rack

magnetic portable spice rack


This is an attractive alternative to the previous one. It is also portable storage that allows you to move spices around or bring them outside for cooking.

Modern Spice Rack Storage Ideas

spice drawer organizer ideas

This attractive spice rack will be a lovely addition to your modern kitchen. The space-efficient design will be both an eye-catching focal point and a functional helper.

However, this product may not be ideal for everyone as it offers a small amount of spice storage. If you prefer to store larger quantities of spices, this is not the right choice.

Spice Drawer Organization

spice drawer organizer on master kitchen

Leaving spice jars open in the kitchen can make for an overwhelming display of spices. Having a designated organizer helps to keep the aesthetic of your space while also keeping them at arm’s reach. This drawer organizer, for example, is perfect for storing any types of spices that you could imagine.

You can organize spices in a drawer like this to protect them from dust and keep kids from easily reaching them.

Rearrange your spices in labeled containers located right next to your stove so they’re easy to access.

You’ll always be able to find what you need, even during recipe preparation. When you’re not cooking or prepping ingredients, spices stay in the drawer.

Efficient Storage Spice Organization Ideas

efficient storage spice organization ideas with spice shelves

Whether you’re craving efficiency or organization, this spice rack idea has it in spades. Add a spice rack to your cabinets that create shelves along the edges of the cabinet so spices are easily seen and accessible.

Stainless Steel 1-line Spice Rack

stainless steel 1 line spice rack

Fit for any modern home, this sleek open shelving rack offers a classic delivery to your storage needs. With a streamlined and slim shape, you’re guaranteed an organized look at all times- as well as something that almost looks like art!

Spice Drawer Insert

spice drawer insert

You may have heard the expression that storage shelves are the new racks when it comes to spices, but do that, and your precious cabinet space will become cluttered. So to minimize this problem, make your own tiered insert for your kitchen drawers.

On A Final Note

If you’ve ever had to search for a missing spice while cooking frantically, then this article is for you. Creating some simple storage systems, such as a jar or can with the spices inside, will become easy to find the spice when needed.

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