Kitchen Soffits Ideas To Keep Your Home Looking Great

Kitchen soffits are an inescapable element of kitchens, and if they exceed their height limit by too much, it can be hard to remove them. They usually cannot be removed completely from the kitchen, but you can cover or craftily arrange them to look clumsy.

This article will disclose what Kitchen soffits are, list some means of hiding them, and compare them with Eaves. If you want to remodel your kitchen, keep reading.

What are Kitchen Soffits?

best kitchen soffit ideas for your property

Kitchen soffits are commonly installed above kitchen cabinets to hide pipes, wires, and other mechanical features. They are a common install in homes built between the 1980s and 1990s.

The best spot to install soffits would be above cabinets and the ceiling.

Cabinets in the kitchen need to be within reach without reaching, so we can access them from any angle. Bottom and top cabinets are ideal because they keep items off the ground while allowing storage on upper shelves.

Height is getting higher for an average person, but these proportions still work well for most people.

Given that the current width of kitchen countertops in Slovenia is 34 inches from ground level, and I will be constructing a new one at 36 inches wide starting soon, 90% of buyers for my showroom use these dimensions.

Consider the level of your kitchen countertops before you purchase them. Attention to how ergonomic they are will improve your quality of life inside your home.

When cooking, most people can only reach up to a few feet to grab ingredients from their kitchen cabinets. Kitchen countertops are designed this way on purpose so that there is always at least one foot of clearance underneath the kitchen cabinets.

Different sizes and shapes of soffits can vary depending on what age the home is. Most are boxy structures that make the kitchen look old-fashioned and unappealing.

Kitchen soffits often cannot be removed, but they can be disguised, so they appear elegant. Leaving them alone often results in cobwebs and dust.

If your soffits are already empty, they can be removed easily. Removing a soffit when it is full of ducts and pipes will expose all the mechanical work that goes on in your kitchen and make it look much messier.

 Difference Between Soffits And Eaves

awesome kitchen soffit ideas

Eaves and soffits are often confused, but they’re quite disparate despite being closely related.


Eaves are the undersides of roofs, at times extending beyond exterior walls. This extension guard against moisture and prevents damage to the wall from rainfall.

Architecturally, eaves serve two basic purposes- they maintain a comfortable temperature for the house and block sunlight. They also help define the building’s overall look.


ways to fix kitchen soffit ideas with cabinet

Soffits are bottom side of the Eaves. The bottom side could be a vault, balcony, staircase, or another structural element.

Soffits are the underside of eaves, typically connecting them to the main body of a building. Although it is less common to do so, they can refer to the underside of anything constructed as a hint at above.

Creative Ideas for Kitchen Soffits

There are a few options for how to cover these soffits. Below are a few possibilities to turn them into the elegantly looking structure of your kitchen.

Kitchen Soffit Box

kitchen soffit box ideas

In this stunning kitchen, white cabinets are installed below the soffit, and countertops are white quartz. Behind them is a subway time backsplash that runs across the back of the room.

The kitchen window is flanked by the stainless steel kitchen hood and range and covered by blue roman shades. In addition, there is a suspended kitchen light above the faucet installed on a white countertop equipped with hot water.

Sleek Kitchen Soffit

cool brick kitchen backsplash and kitchen soffit ideas

This kitchen has shiny, grey-colored cupboards and drawers. We believe the soffit is located in one of the two nearby cupboards with cups on top.

The kitchen soffit has a simple knob that allows for easier opening and closing off. The kitchen soffit appears sleek because it is wrapped with the same material and design as the other cupboards.

Add A Second Row of Cabinets to Cover Kitchen Soffit

add second row of cabinets on kitchen soffit ideas

Consider adding a second row of cabinets if you don’t like the look of really tall ones (or your ceiling is so high that even the tallest will not be enough).

It is common for builders to install a row of cabinets that extends all the way up to the ceiling. However, placing two shorter rows above it and adding additional storage will almost always appear more proportional than one tall cabinet.

Add A Window In Kitchen Soffit

add a window on kitchen soffit ideas with sloping ceiling

For some kitchens, a window can fill the awkward gap between cabinets. This might not work for all styles of architecture or if you are unable to cut into the walls, but it brings light and life to an otherwise bland kitchen design.

Elegant Kitchen Soffit

elegant kitchen soffit ideas

These minimalist cabinets provide space and relief, thanks to the design. You can see that it is simple and sleek, fulfilling both segments of the kitchen.

Your kitchen’s “soffit” is comprised of drawers and cupboards. The position within one of these cupboards at the upper level will help keep your small children from using it, which helps maintain safety and tidiness.

Soffit Molding And Border Ideas

soffit molding and border ideas for kitchen soffit ideas

Add molding to your kitchen if you have large soffits. The best idea is to incorporate the molding throughout the space and not just in one section, which will add gracefulness to the entire space.

Molding in a kitchen can be done in different styles. But it is best to select colors that will complement your design style rather than opting for an overwhelming color like white with modern or contemporary designs.

Creating a border for the kitchen is imperative when you want to complete your design looks. This personalized touch will also help create an area that directs traffic and gives visitors a sense of where they are.

Grand Kitchen Soffit

ancient look kitchen island post and kitchen soffit ideas

The kitchen must have a large or grand supported soffit to accommodate the need for more cables or pipes. This concept makes sense considering a luxurious kitchen would utilize all possible rooms.

The kitchen soffit is placed in a secondary cupboard that lies across the kitchen island. The kitchen soffit occupies the small square cupboards under the kitchen table.

Ensure not to leave any parts of the kitchen soffit open when you’re cooking or in another room. It may lead children to poke their fingers into the gaps. This will cause severe injury and could require a surgical repair.

Use Kitchen Soffit for Storage

use it for storage on kitchen soffit ideas

If you’re not a big fan of that pesky old cabinet gap, embrace it and use the space for storage or art!

Fresh Kitchen Soffit

fresh and joyful kitchen soffit ideas

These last two options are both yellow and white in color. This offers a refreshing look that is simple and eye-catching, with the kitchen’s bar being placed behind some of the drawers, which are identical to those found on the top part of the counter.

Though isolated from the other cabinets and drawers, the kitchen soffit gets a fair amount of space tucked away. This positioning allows you easy access for checking if any wires or pipe cables are broken.

Be mindful of where you place your kitchen soffit when children are in the house. Lock them once they’re installed.

Paint Kitchen Soffit Same Color As The Cabinets

paint the wall the same color as the cabinets for kitchen soffit ideas

Painting the cabinets and wall behind them the same color will alleviate any space issues caused by their height. In this Oakland loft kitchen, a large gap between the cabinets and the ceiling is treated as an opportunity for a little expression.

Cozy Kitchen Soffit

juicy yellow backsplash and cozy kitchen soffit ideas

For this cozy and joyful kitchen, yellow and white work together. The soffits are wrapped in a white cabinet; this time around, the soffit is put inside the cabinet.

The kitchen soffit is unique in that it has a slim, soft design. It typically sits within one of the lower cabinets for easy access when opening and shutting.

Partly due to the kitchen’s soffit, a decorative box covering cables, and other unsightly elements in a room, the kitchen looks clean and modern.

Use Trim to Modified Kitchen Soffit

fill in the space with trim kitchen soffit ideas

If the space between your upper cabinets and ceiling is not extremely high, installing trim along the top of your cabinets will help you fill in this gap to give a more unified, built-in look.

Paint The Kitchen Soffits

paint kitchen soffit ideas

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to design kitchen soffits, painting them is your best option. For an updated yet natural look, paint the soffits with a color that will blend well with your cabinets. Choose earthy pastel colors so they won’t compete against the other colors in your kitchen. You want them to be visible and not feel out of place.

Select earth-tone colors for your soffits, and then you won’t get distracted when you first walk into the kitchen. You want them to be attractive and an integral part of your design.

Use The Furr Down In The Kitchen Soffit

fill in the space with a furr down for kitchen soffit ideas

What is a furr down? Furr downs are found in homes where the ceiling height has been lowered. Placing framing and drywall on top of pipes or ducts allows architects to conceal them entirely within the house.

Another possible design element for a furr down? An area above the kitchen cabinets. Depending on how it is executed, this can sometimes look overly cluttered, although there are also exquisite options to consider.

In this modern kitchen, a section of the wall between the cabinetry and the ceiling has been cut out to give the space an open, airy feel.

Add New Cabinets Onto Kitchen Soffits

add new cabinets onto kitchen soffit ideas

Installing new cabinets above the existing ones is a suitable approach. Reposition your upper cupboards so they touch the ceiling, and place your lower cabinet underneath them. Hiding the soffit behind them. The depth of these upper cabinets depends on how deep your soffit is.

If you are remodeling your kitchen from scratch, make sure the cabinets reach all the way to the ceiling. Hide soffits behind them, so nobody knows they exist.

Your big storage kitchen cabinet can cover ugly wires exposed when you open its doors. Cabinets are often placed at the ceiling, so wiring is not seen when you open those doors and does not draw attention. Most people secure their electrical by positioning the shelf beneath the soffit so that it will cover cables too high for use.

On the other hand, you will achieve a cleaner look and more storage with this design.

Soft Kitchen Soffit

pleasant kitchen cabinet color and kitchen soffit ideas

You can set aside a kitchen soffit in extra special storage like this example shows. The kitchen soffit takes place in the tall cupboard on the left side of the picture. The cupboard lies next to the countertop with beautiful ceramics.

The placement of the kitchen soffit enables easy inspection. You can easily open and close it in case there are any issues with wires or pipes. Lock the kitchen soffit to keep it safe from children’s hands.

The kitchen cabinet is painted in a soft green color, similar to other cabinets and drawers.

Using Trim In A Contrasting Color at Kitchen Soffit

fill the space with trim in a contrasting color for kitchen soffit ideas

Having an open space between the top of cabinets and the ceiling creates a design element for this Australian home. It also serves as storage, containing wine storage in one spot (for tall) and a cabinet above the refrigerator.

Beneficial Kitchen Soffit

neutral two toned kitchen cabinet and kitchen soffit ideas

This kitchen has a storage concept that fills up almost all of the available space. It is divided into two sections, with one being white and the other dark grey in color.

We assume the kitchen soffit is located above the countertop with a cookbook on it. There are wires, pipes, and other mechanical items hidden from view in one of the square cabinets. The kitchen soffit is painted white like other cupboards at the upper segment.

You may need to access the kitchen soffit area via a chair. Bring someone with you if possible in case technical failures occur during installation.

Cover Kitchen Soffits With Artwork

cover with artwork for kitchen soffit ideas

Why not fill the space with artwork? Place a favorite painting horizontally or vertically to make this space stand out. This is a great way to tell your guests about your artistic taste. Plus, you can also add style to the kitchen.

Get some really tall upper cabinets

tall upper kitchen cabinets for kitchen soffit ideas

There are no set guidelines on how far your cabinets should be from the countertop—so one solution to the cabinet gap issue is to raise your cabinets as high as possible until they reach the ceiling.

For a kitchen with limited storage, you can leave extra space between the countertop and the cabinets, add an open shelf below the cabinets as in this example from A Beautiful Mess, or opt for taller-than-average cabinets.

Build A Window On Kitchen Soffits

build window on kitchen soffit ideas

If you feel capable enough to remodel your kitchen, adding a window in the blank spaces would be great. Most windows are appropriate for height, and it’s specific to how it looks inside and what size is required.

Place Plants

place plant on kitchen soffit ideas

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate plants into your decor, but don’t have space for cabinets directly over the sink, consider installing soffits and hanging them with all sorts of plants.

Some people paint the pots they use in their kitchen any color they like, or it can be the same color as the soffit above them. Adding plants to your kitchen creates a beautiful natural look that is out of this world.

Glossy Kitchen Soffit

minimalist red kitchen backsplash and glossy kitchen soffit ideas

Typical kitchen with two sets of cupboards and drawers. One is at the bottom, where there may be a cabinet or shelf considered to be the kitchen, while the other set of cupboards and drawers are on top.

The kitchen soffit is made of the same material as the cabinet. Dressed in a sleek, minimalist design, it has a simple knob at hand’s reach for convenience. The kitchen soffit often resides above refrigerator shelves and beneath cabinets.

The kitchen soffit keeps the area neat and minimalist, too.

Paint the ceiling

yellow contrast paint ceiling in kitchen soffit ideas

This solution doesn’t even have to involve painting the soffit. Changing your ceiling color and keeping your kitchen cabinets in their original color will help make the soffit and cabinets blend more smoothly.

This approach is successful in the example above, but you don’t have to cover the soffit with beadboard for this idea to work.

Extend the soffit over the entire ceiling

extend the kitchen soffit ideas over the ceiling

If you live in a house with a flexible landlord, the soffit can be extended to cover the kitchen entirely. If you have high ceilings or an open plan and need a way to separate the kitchen from other areas in your home, this may be best for you. Even though you may not have high ceilings, the soffit can be wider than the cabinets and create an area for lights.

Galley Kitchen Soffit

antique touch in modern kitchen island and kitchen soffit ideas

Not all galley kitchens have to look like the ones with a lot of space and minimal decor. Take, for instance, this example, a complete galley kitchen that is rich and sturdy. It has plenty of cabinets and high-tech appliances in it and the necessary cables running through it.

The kitchen soffit typically exists in the cabinet above the sink, making it easier to track. It’s separated from other cabinets, which makes it more convenient as well.

The grey paint that coats the kitchen soffit also covers the other storage spaces.

Familiar Kitchen Soffit

soothing green kitchen backsplash and kitchen soffit ideas

A kitchen soffit usually fills up between the ceiling and upper segment of the cabinet. Most people allocate certain sub-cupboards or boxy structures to contain wire, pipe, and other mechanical items.

One idea is to put the kitchen soffit in a tall cupboard that’s above the freezer. You can still use your ceiling space because it doesn’t take up much floor space. This would require consulting with a home installer.

A kitchen soffit can rely on the technician’s assistance to produce a functional solution that keeps the area tidy.

Kitchen Soffit Ideas FAQs

What Is a Typical Dimension Of Kitchen Soffit?

Installing a kitchen soffit is typically measured at around 16 – 24 inches wide and 12 inches high.

What Is The Best Material For Soffit?

New soffits made out of vinyl or aluminum are popular today among contractors. These new materials offer more advantages over the traditional soffit, which is usually made out of wood.

As A Result,

To maximize your kitchen’s soffit, visit custom-designed showrooms for appliances, tiles, floors, cabinets, and more. Plus, choose from a wide variety of accessories and materials to customize the space in just about every way you can imagine.

You’ll get a sneak peek at what the market has to offer, and you can talk about your plans with employees who will have insight on whether or not the items they carry could potentially help you meet your goals.

With your goals, desired kitchen, and budget in mind, focus on all the different options you can include in your kitchen and choose which ones suit your desires.

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