Shed Floor Ideas: Durable And Good Looking Flooring Options

You have designed and constructed the perfect storage shed from scratch. As it is set to be attached to your home, you want its flooring to look aesthetically pleasing while also functional.

You want your flooring to be durable enough to endure the punishment it is bound to receive. And you want this material to maintain a nice appearance still. These two qualities are difficult for any flooring option, so we looked at what’s available and what it will cost you if you choose that option!

What is Shed Flooring, and Why Do You Need It?

cozy shed with wooden flooring

The answer to this question seems obvious. You need a shed floor for safety when walking in the shed, and you need it so that you have more storage space due to your various items collected over time.

From that point of view, a shed floor can be functional. As long as you have a strong surface to stand or kneel on while working with your tools, your shed is functional.

The shed might be your favorite place to go. After finishing building it, you wanted the interior to feel inviting so that when you’re not using it as a workspace, it still feels like home.

When we think of the perfect shed, we typically desire it to be nice and cozy. The type of flooring chosen also impacts how comfortable your home will be. If you plan to store heavy equipment like a snowblower, motorcycle, or car in your shed, you need a durable floor for these items.

Durability is a top consideration, especially since the bag will be lugging around heavy loads. Avoiding stains makes it far easier to clean later on.

As long as you keep these factors in mind, let’s explore your flooring options.

Things To Consider When Choosing Shed Flooring

old pallet wood shed flooring ideas

How Durable Is It?

Sudden weather changes can cause wood to decay or stain quickly, so when choosing a material for your shed flooring, durability should be your number one priority.

You’ll need a surface strong enough to hold your heavy-duty items. A concrete floor, for example, is perfect because it can withstand weight and items being moved across it.

To avoid scratches and staining that could ruin your new floors, you may want to invest in rubber matting. Painting the floor with paints or epoxy will also help protect them from stains and damage.

The final measure to take when installing wood flooring it rots. Pressure-treated planks are the way to go and use a sealant and stain on top of that for protection from decay and damage.

Is It Easy And Fast To Install?

shed flooring instalation

Unless a professional does it for you, installing your shed flooring is usually a DIY project that requires skill or experience.

For instance, using epoxy paint can be a bit complicated to use and has the potential for a messy run-off. However, a simple sealant is often more efficient.

Installing wood floors could take a long time if you choose tongue and groove flooring. It may be easier to install plywood, or if you select tongue and groove flooring, it’s heavier and more challenging to maneuver.

How Much Does It Cost?

wood shed flooring ideas cost

The floor of your garden shed is not the first place you would look when building a budget. The material you choose can drive up prices quickly, so it’s important to consider what type of flooring will work best for you and your finances.

For example, tongue and groove flooring are on the pricier end of your options if you’re looking for wood floors. It’s more attractive than OSB or plywood, but that comes at a price. So, your best option might be to compromise with other parts of your shed.

When choosing a flooring surface, think about how much coverage you will need and determine whether your budget can accommodate the cost of the materials.

How Attractive Is It?

attractive shed flooring ideas

Your garden shed can be a compelling living space for guests or a place to escape the house, but it needs clever design. Consider the colors and interior elements that you want your shed to stand out.

Shed Flooring Choices And Ideas

The type of flooring you choose will depend on the purpose of your shed. For example, a backyard shed built to store gardening equipment should have concrete floors. In contrast, an entertainment shed would preferably have a wood subfloor for protecting carpet from ground saturation that is likely in wetter climates.

We will today be focusing on flooring choices for sheds that are not garden or tool sheds.

There are many options for shed flooring, but some installations can be quicker and easier than others. We give you some great ideas for improving your shed flooring and giving it a unique decorative style all its own.

Timber Tongue and Grooved Planks Shed Floor

timber tongue and grooved planks for shed flooring ideas

Compared to most options on this list, this flooring idea can be found inside people’s houses. People love having plank flooring still because its natural look is so beautiful.

Tongue and groove flooring are rough while it still provides the same classic look. Used in basements, sheds, or other locations with a rougher environment, it’s perfect for these spaces as well.

Installing this type of floor can be more difficult and time-consuming. Ensure the ground is level before you start by nailing wood across for which middle seam to provide support as glue dries.

Be aware that boards used in this shed can also be difficult to replace if broken. If you’re intending to turn your shed into a productive workspace, assume that this style of the floor will get damaged at some point – especially if heavy yard equipment is stored inside.

Wood planks, like many wood products, are vulnerable to water damage and insect damage.

Timber tongue and groove is one of the more expensive options out there, so plan accordingly.

Concrete Slab Flooring

concrete slab for shed flooring ideas

The most durable of shed flooring options, a concrete base will last against just about anything put in front of it. You don’t need to worry about water damage, wood-eating bugs, or rot coming from the ground below with this particular type. Of all the available types out there, it requires the least maintenance.

One characteristic of concrete includes being hard and not visually appealing.

If you plan to stand for long periods of time, working, or just hanging out in your shed for any length of time, then concrete will make you uncomfortable after a while. Concrete is freezing during the winter months, which can make it difficult to be outdoors.

Linoleum Flooring

linoleum shed flooring ideas

Linoleum flooring comes in both rolls and tiles, depending on the size of your space. If you have a small area, tiles are preferable since they take up less room than linoleum rolls. Linoleum is an inexpensive alternative for indoor or outdoor sheds as it is durable and simple to install.

Carpet Flooring

stripped carpet flooring ideas for shed flooring

When it comes to flooring, carpeting can be a unique answer. From patching together rug squares to installing them at your home, you’ll find there are many features of this option that make it one of the best choices.

There are many options for carpeting your backyard shed, but it is one of the best solutions to making your space cozy and livable.

Tile Flooring

shed flooring tile ideas

If you want a floor that withstands wear and cleans up easily, consider using tile outdoors. Not difficult to apply or cut, it is durable.

Cork Flooring

cork flooring ideas for shed

Cork flooring has several beautiful and environmental benefits. For instance, its elasticity will help to alleviate pressure on your joints as you walk or stand.

Cork, because it resists mold and mildew, is a wonderful choice for anyone with allergies.

Wood Flooring

rustic she shed interior with wooden flooring

Today you can find wood flooring in various styles, so it is certainly an attractive and cost-effective option.

There are numerous flooring options available that you can use in your shed. These include distressed wide-planked wood, reclaimed pine flooring with knots, maple plank floors, red oak planks, and even eucalyptus flooring.

The cheapest type of wood flooring that is still beautiful and durable is an engineered wood floor.

If you’d rather avoid the chore of cutting planks for your floors, consider parquet flooring tiles. They function much like engineered wood with a wood top layer attached to a backing layer.

Sealed Plywood Shed Flooring

sealed plywood shed flooring for for shed flooring ideas

Sheds used as entertainment centers usually have a plywood floor, making this solution an easy one for covering the shed’s floors.

Once your plywood floor is installed, decide whether to seal it with polyurethane or paint the sub-floor and use this as a permanent floor.

Plywood flooring offers a wide range of design possibilities that will really stand out when sealed with either a satin or semi-gloss polyurethane finish. Consider adding an opaque stain before sealing for added color and dimension to your plywood finished floors to get even more creative.

Marbleized Cement Flooring

marbleized cement for shed flooring ideas

A more time-intensive but highly unique material for your backyard shed floor would be marbleized cement. Here are the steps to create a satisfyingly textured concrete:

  • Clean your concrete floor well.
  • Paint your floor with a primer made of concrete using a paint roller. Make sure that you are thorough and consistent when applying the coating.
  • Give the primer ample time to dry.
  • You want to repaint the floor with your base color completely — use a roller for efficiency and let it dry before sealing.
  • When painting an accent wall, choose a color that will compliment your base wall color. Apply the two paint colors in different amounts to create an even more interesting design. Mix the two colors; do not allow the paint to dry, and continue mixing until you can see distinct streaks.
  • The third color should be a shade different from the other two, and it should still be wet when applied.
  • Use a flared paintbrush to brush back and forth across the flooring, giving it a feathered look.
  • Allow the floor to dry for at least 24 hours if it is exposed to wet weather.
  • After applying the polyurethane coat, wait it to dry before using. This can be followed up with another coat once the first has dried.

You can enjoy your original work of art as the flooring to your backyard shed.

Plastic Flooring

plastic materials for shed flooring ideas

Many plastic sheds come with a plastic floor. Plastic has several advantages, including being impervious to water damage and resistance to staining. However, it is not recommended for people who want to store heavy equipment in their shed.

A plastic floor may not provide adequate support for such items as a riding lawnmower. You do not want to risk breaking through the floor of your shed, so you should consider using a different material for your flooring. Wood is also susceptible to gouging from heavy equipment, but either way is better than no protection at all.

Pavers Flooring

pavers shed flooring ideas

Concrete slabs are often used on patios for decoration, but they offer a harsh and cold surface to walk or kneel. If you want a more inviting surface, opt for pavers instead.

Pavers offer similar strength qualities as concrete slabs with an added luxurious appearance.

The installation of pavers is more precarious than concrete, for if you plan on moving heavy pieces of equipment across the floor. They are also easier to damage than concrete floors; they may chip, crack or become stained due to your level of carelessness in maintenance.

Old Carpet Shed Floor

bohemian style she shed with old carpet flooring ideas

One of the best advantages to old carpet is its cost; it’s free! If you aren’t using your shed as a typical shed and would rather not invest in flooring for this utilitarian structure, consider repurposing some old carpet.

A shed is an important tool for storing outdoor outdoors. It doesn’t help with the look of your floor, but it does offer some protection.

The old carpet can also act as a cushion for your aging body parts. And, if it gets ruined from spills, you don’t mind too much. It’s an old rug! One thing to keep in mind is water.

Old carpet can absorb moisture, leading to mold, mildew, and a smelly garage that you want nothing to do with.

Rubber Mat SHed Flooring

rubber mat flooring ideas for shed

Rubber mats have traditionally been used in industry and retail to address the pain when standing for long periods of time. Wood floors are soft, and carpets can be cushy, but nothing relieves the discomfort like a good rubber mat.

Rubber mats are more durable and cheaper than other types of flooring, and they’re also easy to clean. But it’s worth noting that the best quality rubber mats can be expensive.

Painting Shed Floor

painting shed flooring ideas

While most shed flooring ideas may require specialized installations and tools, this chore is too easy to carry out with supplies you likely already possess.

Painting a shed floor is an inexpensive way to improve its look, but it can be a labor-intensive project. Before you start, repair any cracks with concrete filler and clean the floor thoroughly.

Be sure to prime and paint with a material that has been designed for use on floors. Paint is the least durable of all flooring choices, so it may need to be replaced in approximately three years.

Epoxy Shed Flooring

epoxy shed flooring ideas

Like painting with latex, applying epoxy color achieves the same result; first, a border needs to be patched and cleaned before etching is applied.

You combine epoxy paint and hardener and then apply it to the shed floor to create a durable surface. Scattering color chips across the bottom and sealing them with a clear coat will make for an even stronger surface that resists oil stains.

Concrete Staining For Shed Floor

concrete staining for shed floor ideas

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your shed flooring is by using concrete stain. Unlike paint and epoxy, you can apply a thin coat that lets the old floor show through. This will produce watercolor blotches or natural stone colors in a random pattern on your floor.

When your floor is splattered, it can be difficult to clean off because these stains will show through. Paint generally comes off much easier than stain, so you may want to consider how durable the paint in question is.

Shed Ideas With Rubber Floor Tiles

rubber tile for shed flooring ideas

Made from durable vinyl or rubber, these brightly colored squares fit together to provide stability rather than sticking to the floor. They’re great for hiding cracks in a concrete floor but work best when combined with an even surface.

You can create a variety of patterns and borders by using different colors in peel-and-stick tiles.

Rolled Rubber Shed Flooring Ideas

rolled rubber for shed flooring ideas

Roll-out flooring can be the best shed flooring idea because it is easy to install and hides many sins (holes, cracks). All you have to do is unroll the material on your shed floor–cutting off any excess pieces–and your work is finished.

Although easy to install, it’s more difficult to repair than a tile floor, which features cutting out and replacing damaged sections. It also doesn’t lend itself as well as other materials to creating custom patterns.

Vinyl Shed Flooring Tiles

vinyl shed flooring tiles ideas

You can cover yourself by installing vinyl tiles to a dry, level floor without severe cracks or height imbalances. These tiles are made of heavy-duty vinyl with a grid-like pattern. They’re easy to cut and quick to install, and you can customize the appearance by combining different colors.

Clean and dry the floor before laying your tiles.

Interlocking Tiles Shed Flooring

interlocking tiles shed flooring ideas

For garages, laundry rooms, or sheds, easy-to-install flooring solutions are plentiful. One such solution is interlocking tiles.

Don’t have a lot of time for tiling or flooring? Want to avoid painting and sealing the mess?

Still looking for a flooring material that you can put anywhere? No products found. It might be the one for you.

These tiles, made from durable copolymer and designed to resist grease and chemicals, snap together to create an attractive floor for your shed. They are tough enough that you can clean them easily with soap and water.

These floor tiles not only come in 11 different colors, but they can also support an SUV’s weight while still allowing water and air to reach the ground.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Shed Flooring

oriented strand board shed flooring ideas

One of the most budget-friendly options, OSB (oriented strand board), provides a substantial and durable floor surface. This option is similar to plywood but offers more stability as there are no voids or split layers in the thickness of the material.

OSB boards will not absorb any moisture, which makes them less susceptible to mold and rot. Plywood is also susceptible to breaking from exposure to moisture, but OSB boards won’t have that problem.

One of the main reasons for OSB’s popularity is its low price and durability.

There are certain downsides to choosing OSB for your shed floor. If you desire the aesthetics of a more beautiful wood plank, like cedar, this material will disappoint. Your shed floor will look no different from any regular shed, and you cannot paint it to make it more inviting looking.

This product does contain formaldehyde. Some research shows that OSB can release harmful gases from this chemical which is a concern in a small space such as a shed. And although OSB is less water-absorbent, water can cause the ends to swell.

Shed Floor Ideas FAQs

shed flooring ideas for modern shed design

Does A Shed Floor Need To Be Treated?

The floors of your wooden shed need to be treated, so they don’t become damaged and rot. However, you can get pressure-treated timber which means you do not have to treat it yourself. For garden sheds, pressure-treated plywood is the most popular option for flooring.

How To Keep My Shed Floor From Rotting?

To keep your shed floor from rotting, use treated lumber like plywood. Build a well-ventilated frame with plenty of natural sunlight or artificial lights. You also should regularly apply a water-repellent sealant to the wood, so it doesn’t rot away completely.

Can I Use 2/4 Inch Plywood For Shed Floor?

If you only intend to have lightweight (such as tools) in your shed, it may be sufficient to use up two-by-fours covered with plywood. If you need more support for heavy tools during your work, such as a workshop or bulky storage space of any size, consider using ¾ inch floor material instead.

Can I Put Lino On A Shed Floor?

Linoleum and vinyl are great flooring options for sheds in a wet climate since they offer good waterproofing and mud protection.

What Is Best For Shed Flooring?

For flooring, pressure-treated plywood is best because it resists rot and moisture.

In Conclusion,

If you plan to use your shed for gardening, tinkering with engines, or storing DIY projects, improving the flooring can dramatically improve its usefulness.

No one wants to be in a dark, dingy space that is intolerable. Acquiring new flooring can help you keep the investment and create an inviting workspace.

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