Your Guide To Understanding The Different Types Of Garage

Do you know what type of garage you should have? The garage is one of the most important parts of any house, especially if you own a car. With the right type of garage, your car is protected from elements that can cause cracks in windows and rusting throughout metal components.

However, a garage is more than just an area to store your car. It can serve as another workspace where you create and organize tools or have a clean space for other activities.

There are many different kinds of garages. While most people think of it as a 4-wall structure, other variations have different functions.

For example, there are many different types of garages, including detached, attached, workshop, apartment garages. Some others include carports and barns. The type of garage door also influences the category of the garage it falls under.

There are many factors to consider when determining the perfect garage for your needs. Some people might prefer a traditional or custom garage, while others may want a detached garage.

The magic of garage conversion is the best way to expand your home. But before you start sending builders around, read on for our guide to designing your perfect garage space.

Functions Of A Garage

modern cool garage design in minimalist green

Some people mistakenly assume that a garage is solely for storing and parking an automobile. But in fact, a well-designed, functioning garage can be as important as any other room in the home.

The garage is arguably one of the most multipurpose parts of a property. When deciding on the right garage for your residence, you must consider its purpose or function.

Instead of just throwing your underused items into a garage where they’re out of sight and buried, you can make an organized space with everything in view.

A good way to organize your garage is to line the insides with metal shelving and store all your sporting goods, camping gear, and miscellaneous items on them. Alternatively, you can install wooden walls and put bookshelves along with them.

A garage is an excellent location for a variety of different activities. Consider turning your garage into a space that’s suited to where you most need to be productive–an office, workshop, arts and crafts studio, or personal gym.

One way to make your garage into a family space is by adding carpeting or rugs to the floor, painting the walls, and installing windows where natural light can enter. Consider whether you want to include some furniture such as a pool table, foosball table, or bar if desired.

Types Of Garages

When you buy a home, many times, the garage is an included amenity. However, there are instances where homeowners can choose the type of garage that will go with their new home.

See below for nine options!

Single-bay Garage Parking Layout

types of single-bay garage parking layout

Choosing a garage size for your home can be challenging, especially if this is the first time you have had a garage. Single-wide garages are typically big enough to store cars and save space on the side but may not provide enough space for storing large items.

They don’t have much space to accommodate extra storage, so if storage is necessary or you want a workshop, it should be built on your property.

Despite their lack of space requirements, they have many advantages for owners with limited land because they take up a minimal amount of room.

Garage Apartment

types of garage apartment

If you don’t have living space in your home, it may be a good idea to build an apartment above the garage. The carriage house (a room usually above the garage) is another option for those who lack living space.

This type of garage is usually very efficient and cost-effective. It works well in inclement weather when you may not want to step outside your detached garage just to open the door into your home.

The addition on the top of your garage provides additional living space, which can include multiple beds. You can also rent this space out to make extra money when you’re not using it yourself.

A garage apartment style is a good option for homeowners who want to add a guest bedroom to their home but lacks space.

Detached Garages

types of detached garage ideas

As the name implies, detached garages are not attached to your home. They’re often placed behind a building and are only accessible off one side (in most cases) or via an alleyway. If you want to give the appearance of your garage a unique feel, consider this option.

It is a good idea to install a detached garage if your home does not have the space for an attached garage.

Unlike attached garages, detached garages can be built in an easily accessible location on your property. They can also be constructed at any time after your house has already been built.

Detached garages are often an excellent alternative to attached versions in smaller spaces. While they require more effort, security is never compromised as the homeowner has full access to their car regardless of the weather or time of day.

Detached garages are relatively simple to construct with the option to work with professional builders or prefabricated materials. You can also choose from a range of exterior materials, including siding, to match your house.

Attached Garages

types of attached garage ideas in grey color

As you might expect, an attached garage is connected to the house somehow, but a detached garage is not. The attached garages are the most popular type of garage in the US.

They are positioned on one side of the house and offer a seamless transition between the interior and garage space. They’re typically designed for storing vehicles but can also be used as workshops or storage spaces.

While many homeowners still opt for the traditional one- or two-car garages, there has been a trend recently enlarging those garages to three and, in some cases, four cars.

With a carport attached, you don’t have to go outside to access the contents of your garage. When connected or accessible through an opening from your home that connects them, there is typically a door with entry between both spaces.

One advantage of staying indoors during inclement weather is the ability to easily get to your car without ever having to step outdoors.

One drawback to attached garages is that they give you less aesthetic flexibility. Since a garage connects to your house, it has to match. While you could choose different color or material for the exterior of your garage, it won’t look very appealing next to the front of your house.

Carport Garages

types of carport garages with wooden siding ideas

Of all the garage styles, the carport is the least expensive option. It can be thought of as an open style because it does not have any walls — just a roof that shields your vehicle from outside elements like rain and snow. Beams support the roof at each corner of the structure.

A carport can be an affordable alternative to an enclosed garage because it is not as expensive to construct and does not require doors or windows. It is also convenient, as you can pull in your car without fear of collision.

Though carports do not have walls, they protect from heat and cold. However, the lack of barriers may damage your vehicle due to extreme temperatures. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, then a carport is not recommended.

Portable Garage

types of outdoor portable garage ideas

A portable garage is a carport that protects your vehicle from the weather.

This garage is a great option for people who don’t want to have a permanent structure and would rather use that space for purposes other than parking their vehicles.

Portable garage owners typically choose fabrics and other durable materials that can withstand powerful winds and high heat.

When needed, a portable garage can be quickly assembled to shield your car and then easily folded up when you’re done. It’s perfect for keeping your car in good condition during the winter.

The convenience of these garages is that they are portable to make full use of your space. For instance, if you live in a rural area with limited parking, the garage can be modified for camping to provide a temporary garage that does not affect the appearance.


types of barn for garage ideas

Although they aren’t technically a garage, barns are often used as garages. A single-car garage is great if you’re looking for space and desire to keep your stored items private.

Barns include a large loft to store belongings, ensuring that there is space for some of your belongings without encroaching on the floor or wall space.

If your new home doesn’t include a garage, don’t fret. Consider turning an old barn into a functioning one—or custom-designing the barn in line with the style of your home. Arm yourself with the appropriate door as well!

These kinds of garage doors also provide the convenience of walk-in access, so you do not have to switch any gears to get inside.

Portico Or Breezeway Garages

types of breezeway garages ini bright color

A detached garage combines the utility of a regular one with that of an attached garage. This type is perfect for people who already have access to a property with a detached park but need more room.

A portico garage is a small addition, often made up of a breezeway or porch, connecting the detached garage to the home. These additions have many benefits for homeowners.

There are also several options for portico garages. You can enclose an entire garage or a side of it, which creates the same advantages as enclosing the entire garage but does not have the disadvantages of increased heat or electricity bills.

With this option, you can have the convenience of a traditional attached garage without actually attaching it to your home or building one with an existing detached structure.

Workshop Garages

types of workshop garages

Workshop garages are typically larger than traditional garages, providing more bays for family vehicles. In addition to cars and trucks, workshop garages provide a space for tables and other necessary equipment for working on those vehicles.

Residence-based workshops are ideal for homeowners who like to work on their cars or a mechanic that needs space in residential quarters. Bay garage doors can be rolled up and out of the way when necessary and doors on conventional entrances.

Types Of Garages By Size

You can categorize garages based on size to make the decision easier for you. For example, selecting the right size garage for your home is difficult when you have never owned one before.

A garage that’s too tight won’t allow you to park your car or pull back out of the space. The same is true for a garage that’s too big, which will make your home look uneven on one side or out of place.

Here are a few common garage door sizes that you may want to consider:

Single-car Garages

types of single car garage size in midcentury style

Despite the popularity, single-car garages only offer space for storing one car and a small number of items on the sides.

Single-car garages usually have the capacity of accommodating one car and provides just enough space for driver and passengers to get out. They typically are 14 square meters in the area or 150 square feet.

If your lot is small, you might consider installing a garage for storage purposes as they don’t require much space. If you only have one car or have limited storage space, a single-car garage won’t work for you.

If you want to use your garage as a workshop, you should look at bigger options.

Double Or Two-Car Garage

types of double or two car garage size

A double garage provides the space for two cars to be parked side-by-side. This is the most common type of garage and offers ample room for your car and some additional storage space.

Garages of this size typically have two separate doors or one double-wide door, which can fit two cars. With this space, there is plenty of room for maneuverability when parking vehicles.

Although some may find a two-vehicle garage with separate side doors to be aesthetically pleasing, this layout can make it difficult to pull out of and enter – especially if you have a larger vehicle.

When you own a van, large SUV, or truck, it’s best to opt for a double garage with one door. The total area of double garages is typically between 28 and 30 square meters (320 square feet).

When considering this type of garage, verify that the space is large enough to house your desired workshop (if you want one) and also consider overhead storage for those items you can always never locate a place for.

Three-Car Garage

types of three car garage size

Many assume that a triple-wide garage can house three vehicles, but this is not always the case. The garage is actually an affordable way to add additional storage space to your property or create a home workshop.

If you own a riding lawn mower or many tools, it is best to have your garage also serve as an area for storage.

Likely, you won’t need to store your cars in the garage when three doors and space can be utilized however desired. Three-car garages come with three layouts: one single door, two doors, or three doors.

Choose the option that best suits you and your storage requirements.

Four-Car Garage

types of for car garage size

A four-car garage is perfect for households with lots of cars. In addition to storing automobiles, garages may offer amenities such as a full bathroom, an office space, and workshops.

You will find these giant garages in a few different layouts: four individual garage bays, two double bays, or two tandem bays. Larger garages can also be custom-built to house your boat, trailer, pop-up camper.

Tandem Garages

types of tandem garages

Tandem garages are a variation of double garages. Parking cars side-by-side in tandem garages takes up less space and allows more storage than if the two vehicles were parked nose to tail, which requires few parking spaces overall.

There are 2 types of garages. One features a door for each exit, while the other has only one door for both vehicles to enter and exit.

Although one of the disadvantages to tandem garages is that you’ll constantly be having to swap cars around to get out, they can also be good for small-space lots who still want the option of storing more than one car.

Types Of Garage Doors

The garage door is an integral aspect of the overall structure, as it frames the space. Many argue that the front door is more important than a garage, but consider how much larger a garage door spans when compared to just a front entrance.

When you have an attached garage, and the door is visible from the street, all people will see when they look are your garage doors.

To maximize the appeal of your home, you need to choose a garage door that best complements the style of your property. There are many different types of doors, so deciding which one is right for your needs will require some thought.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

types of roll up wooden garage doors

While commercial applications may more often use this garage door style compared to residential, a roll-up garage door is great for homes with limited ceiling space.

It is characterized by two- to three-inch slats, which are typically made out of steel. The top and bottom sections covering the door opening can be moved up or down using a drum positioned above the door opening.

This garage door, also called coiling doors, is designed to withstand heavy usage and can be high-performance without springs or enclosed to reduce the risk of freezing, corrosion, and rust.

Roll-up doors are more expensive than sectional doors since their heavy-duty nature makes them more difficult to install.

Sectional Garage Doors

types of sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are the most common type of door found in America. Each section consists of panels attached by hinges to form a continuous loop. During use, wheels on the edges of each panel roll along tracks that fit into grooves at the top and bottom of the doorway opening.

The two panels attach to the track with hinges that hinge on a curve, which keeps one panel parallel against the ceiling while fully open and allows them to sit flush against the wall when closed.

One thing that prevents a door from accidentally falling to the ground is the set of high-tension springs above it.

These doors are typically made of steel and have low maintenance. They can be customized with hardware, colors, textures, and window inserts. Additionally, they come in both insulating and non-insulating kinds (more on these below).

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

types of side hinged garage doors

Another option in older-style garage doors is the side-hinged style, which operates by lifting and lowering each side’s hinge. This type leaves you with fewer options for insulation, such as wood panels or even woven materials that can be made to look like veneer.

However, heavy-duty commercial options are also available. They’re made from galvanized steel and come in many shapes and sizes.

In recent years, more people have been demanding side-hinged garage doors because of space constraints and obstructions. If you are tired of traditional top-hinged garage doors, look for pre-hung steel frames or figures to custom fit them in your opening. You may also upgrade your door with an automated system using specified conversion arms.

Side To Side Garage Doors

types of side to side garage garage doors

Side to side or sliding garage doors is operated in a side-to-side motion. One of the two halves of the door is bent and will rest against the wall parallel with it. Side swinging garage doors were among the first designs and typically used for garages that had limited headroom.

They work with lower trolleys that still work well on even minor slopes in the ceiling or floor. Side to side garage doors do not have balancing springs and include a built-in retractable motor for automatic operation without having a ceiling-mounted operator.

Tilt-Up Garage Doors

types of tilt up garage doors

Tilt-up garage doors differ from roll-up and side-hinged doors in that they are made of one solid piece. There are two primary types: tilt-up canopy doors (similar to a roller door) and tilt-down retractable doors.

Tilt-up canopy doors are built to include a pivoting hinge mechanism that moves the door so it rests parallel to the garage’s ceiling when closed and extends past the front of the home when open.

In contrast, the tilt-up retractable garage door suspends independently from its frame. As a result, it does not extend past the front exterior of the house, unlike traditional tilt-up canopy doors.

This type of garage door needs more space than the canopy variety. While retractable doors may seem more appealing due to their lower cost and ease of use, they are difficult to operate and need even more space.

Insulated Garage Doors

types of insulated garage doors

In certain parts of the country, insulated garage doors are a necessity. If you live in an area that experiences cold weather, rain, snow, or many different humidity levels regularly, then it is also required for you to use insulated garage doors.

These doors have weather stripping on the bottom and top of the door frame, providing ample protection for cold weather conditions. They are available in either insulated or non-insulated models.

Carriage-House Style Garage Doors

types of carriage house style garage doors

The carriage-house-style garage door can provide a more classy, elegant feel that will appeal to many homeowners. This type of door is most commonly chosen by those who live in rural areas or would like to incorporate a traditional country-style look into their home.

It is common to find carriage house-style doors constructed from wood and reminiscent of the days when carriages drive through doorways. Currently, this style can also be found in steel or aluminum construction.

Carriage-house-style garage doors are durable and offer a range of add-ons to make them look the way you want. They tend to be more expensive than other varieties, but they’re worth the investment for buyers.

Smart Garage Doors

types of smart garage doors

Garage doors with “smart” technology are prevalent in today’s market. With this type of garage door, you can control the door from afar by simply logging onto your phone.

You can monitor when a garage door is opened and closed, as well as the number of times it has occurred. Sensors are also typically placed on these types of doors to sense whether or not a car enters or exits so that the garage automatically opens or closes accordingly.

Type Of Garage Flooring Materials

When it comes to the flooring in your garage, you want something to protect the concrete and extend its life. The following are some of the most popular coverings for a garage floor.


types of painted garage flooring

One way to beautify your garage flooring is through paint. Although this option is one of the most cost-effective with myriad options for colors and durability, beware that this will not last as long as other flooring solutions because it’s not actually a flooring material.

To protect the paint job, we recommend using epoxy. This will help protect the flooring against chemicals that may come off of your vehicle.


types of garage tiles flooring

Although the use of tiles in garages is new, using these for your flooring can be a great choice. You can choose from numerous materials, including plastic, vinyl, and porcelain, to find something that complements both your wallet and aesthetics.


types of epoxy garage flooring

Although installing epoxy may take a lot of time, the results are unmatched. Adding chips or another small decor to your garage floor will create a unique decorative effect to match any personality.

Epoxy is very resilient, and you can expect it to last up to 20 years before another coat needs attending to.

Epoxy flooring can be easily cleaned and will not stain when exposed to chemicals. This type of flooring is arguably one of the greatest design decisions you could make for your garage.


types of mat garage flooring

Floor mats can help you keep your garage floor clean of dirt, debris, and water. They are comfortable to walk on and relatively easy to install. Floor mats come in a range of styles with peel-and-stick options available or interlocking models for more stability.

If there are any gaps in the floor, a garage mat can cover them and make the room appear freshly renovated without installing new materials.


types of carpet for garage flooring

Many love the look of carpets in their garage, but there are several downsides to consider. Keeping it clean and dry is tough with all the salt, and other items tracked to it, not to mention coming out when you vacuum.

Carpeting your garage floor may result in mold growth, which you’ll need to clean and repair regularly.

Carpeting is generally a good idea if you are trying to showcase vintage cars. Otherwise, indoor/outdoor carpeting and professional installation are suggested for long-lasting results.

Although the carpet will reduce noise and provide comfortable walking space in a garage, it is still highly susceptible to splitting.


types of garage flooring with sealers

Covering your garage floor with a sealant is an excellent way to keep the concrete from drying out while protecting it from unwanted substances.

A sealant applied to a garage floor will make it durable and easy to clean. It’s not as durable or impervious as epoxy but is the best solution for most garages or workshops that don’t store chemicals.

Type Of Garage Siding Materials

Garage siding, or more specifically the material you use for your garage siding, can make or break the appearance of your house. Below are some popular options:


types of polyethylene garage siding materials

The most common material used for outdoor equipment, and portable garages in general, is polyethylene. A steel frame on these cannot be made without the fabric being covered with polyethylene layers to hold it in place.

This fabric is designed to withstand wind and stormy weather. The seams of this fabric are heat-welded, so it is unlikely for an occasional tear to occur if strong winds or storms arise during our voyage.

Vinyl Plastic Resin

types of vinyl plastic resin garage siding materials

If you want your garage to endure for years, the vinyl plastic resin may be the perfect option. It’s very durable and not subject to plant or insect damage, so your storage is safe.

For more thorough cleaning, these garages are easy to clean with some mild household cleaner and a hose. You can find this siding in lots of colors so it’ll fit the appearance of your home.

Stainless Steel

types of stainless steel garage siding materials

Stainless steel siding is a relatively lightweight option compared to other types of garage siding, and they are easy to install. It’s not usually the most durable option, but homeowners often choose stainless steel since it is inexpensive and lightweight.

Unlike another metal siding, stainless steel is not susceptible to weather or changes in temperature. If you’ve ever had to paint your garage decking due to fading or the wood being damaged by microbial activity from the soil, then this might be the perfect solution for you.

Stainless steel is a great, durable option for garage siding. Though it scratches easily and can rust if not repaired promptly after an incident, you can occasionally prevent these side effects by retouching the stain.

Woodtypes of garage siding materials with wood

Wood is one of the most common materials for garages because it has such a distinct style and looks great with nearly any home. However, wood garages typically won’t stand up to repeated use over extended periods of time.

Wood garages are susceptible to rot, insects, and warping that can affect their appearance. Regular upkeep is necessary to keep your garage looking good for years to come to protect them from these damages.

Though wood is old material, it still helps make informal buildings like sheds seem more stylish. It also works with both traditional and contemporary homes. Many people choose to paint their wooden structures instead of painting the entire house for a streamlined look on their home’s exterior.

Type Of Garage Roof Materials

In addition to choosing a siding for your garage, you should also consider the roof material. Good quality roofing protects the contents of your garage from harsh weather conditions like rain or snow that could threaten them. The material you choose can also make it easier to achieve the look or feel you want in an unattractive space.

Shingle Garage Roof

types of shingle garage roof materials

When attached, a shingle roof is often the choice for a garage because it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home. Those who want to keep their detached garage and their house looking cohesive may wish to go with shingles instead.

Not only does a roof’s shingles look nice, but they can also be long-lasting if they are regularly maintained.

Garage Roof With Metal

types of metal garage roof materials

Metal roofing is perfect for detached garages and carports. Metal roofs are typically used on modern or contemporary buildings and look beautiful in other home styles.

Metal roofs are appealing for their long lifespan and resistance to elements. Metal doesn’t rot like wood, so leaks or water damage is less of a concern even when your garage is built entirely out of metal.

This benefit is especially appealing for people who store expensive vehicles or lawn equipment in the garage and don’t want them to become damaged by the elements.

Types Of Garage Storage Solutions

There are several options for those interested in transforming their garage into a fully functioning workshop or storage area with space to keep things organized.


types of garage storage solutions with shelves

Shelves are the perfect choice for storing your goods in the garage, especially if you lack floor space. You can mount them on a wall and still have room to park your cars.


types of garage storage solutions with cabinets

The cabinets in the garage can be customized to fit your space, with a variety of colors and sizes available.

Pegboards Wall Organizations

types of garage storage solutions with pegboards

Pegboards are popular because they can help you save floor space. Pegboard organizers allow you to place your tools and other flat items on the wall instead of taking up floor space.

To Wrap It All Up,

You can see there are lots of garage types available for everyone regardless of what design they are looking for or how much space is needed. There is no shame in starting small if that’s all you need or going big if your car collection has gotten too large!

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