YWCA Young Women and Money Conference

This past December I had the honor to speak at YWCA’s Young Women and Money Conference in Oakland, California.  If there’s one thing I love talking more about than women and motivation, it’s money, so you can guess this event was like opening Christmas gifts early!


Confidence in your financial situation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  In this workshop I lead about 50 participants in helping them become clearer on their goals, and then going over my personal money system to save for those goals.







For all of you who weren’t able to be there, here are two resources I sent to all the ladies following the event that all of you may enjoy!

The first is a Goal Setting Sheet.  Use this to get clear on what your want 2015 to look like:


click to access

The second is a Money Planning Sheet.  Use this to get clear on where you’re money is going and find out your “play money” amount:


click to access

A huge thank you to the Berkeley / Oakland YWCA for inviting me to speak.  I had such a great time working with all the women and hope to be able to return next year!


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